Best Central Florida Places for Families

Raising a family today can be pretty challenging. Naturally, we are trying always to find the best for our family. We are always searching for a better school, a better job, and a safer neighborhood. When you are moving to Florida, there are a lot of places that fulfill the criteria that need to be met when you are moving with your family. So, shell we discover the best Central Florida places for families? If you stay with our City Movers, you will realize that Central Florida has a lot of advantages and it can offer you a lot of things to families that other parts of the US can not. So, ready to make the right decision about where you should relocate? Together we will explore ideal places in Central Florida and help you prepare to relocate with your family. Let’s start this undertaking now!

What are the best Central Florida places for families?

Well, first of all, we need to clarify what exactly belongs to Central Florida. Once you finish your search, you will know which cities and towns you can consider. For instance, maybe you need to move to this part of the state for your future job, or education or to get closer to your family members or relatives. After you find an ideal location and home there, you can simply search for movers near me and relocate very fast and easily. But before that, let’s get back to the region you are looking into.

University of Tampa, Florida
The University of Tampa is one of the top-notch educational institutions in this region.

When we say Central Florida a lot of people think of Orlando and Tampa only. But actually, all of the following cities and towns (and many more) are also included in Central Florida:

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Lakeland
  • Auburndale
  • Davenport
  • Ormond Beach
  • Haines City
  • Ocala
  • Largo
  • Maitland
  • Oviedo
  • Clearwater
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Winter Garden
  • Homeland
  • Kissimmee

The list is pretty long, isn’t it? But Central Florida is home to many more cities and towns. And we must say that all of these mentioned places have a lot to offer when it comes to raising a family in this part of the Sunshine State. Some have great schools, others are very safe and family-friendly. And some have so many amenities, that it is very interesting living there with children. So, now let’s help you decide which one of these cities should become your choice!

What are the criteria for finding the best Central Florida places for families?

Our next task is to find out which cities are the best fit for families looking to relocate. So, we will get to know some of the listed cities better and that way help you get your answers. Well, some of the main criteria that your new home needs to meet are:

  • safety,
  • crime rates,
  • quality of a school system,
  • cost of living and overall affordability
  • and amenities and lifestyle.

Generally, Florida is a great state to live in because the cost of living is rather low. And Central Florida can offer a lot of different fun, family activities, and excellent education. For example, this part of the state is the home of Disney World, one more big plus on the list. Also, there are a lot of vacation places that you can visit with your family, and they are not very expensive. So, we are sure that you will find the perfect Central Florida place for your family.

A person holding a ticket for Universal Studio located in one of the Best Central Florida Places for families
Undeniably, Central Florida has a lot to offer to everyone, especially families.

Orlando – the family hub of Central Florida

Orlando, often dubbed the “City Beautiful,” sits at the heart of Central Florida. Geographically, it’s a city that’s easily accessible from all corners of the state. Now, when we delve into its demographics, the numbers are compelling. Boasting a diverse population size of over 302,968 residents, it’s a melting pot of cultures, truly embodying the American spirit. Naturally, such diversity brings a vibrant community vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere.

But what about the job scene? Well, Orlando doesn’t disappoint. Beyond the glitz of its theme parks and tourist attractions, the city presents a plethora of job opportunities. Major industries here span from hospitality to aerospace, with technology and healthcare sectors also making significant strides. These industries not only offer a wide range of jobs but also contribute immensely to the city’s robust economy.

People walking near buildings in Orlando
Move with your family to one of the most incredible cities in Sunshine State.

Yet, for many families, affordability is the linchpin. Fortunately, Orlando shines bright in this aspect too. Compared to many other American metropolitan areas, the cost of living here is relatively moderate. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a home, choices are diverse, and prices are often more palatable. Furthermore, when talking about safety, recent statistics depict a steady improvement. Local authorities work tirelessly to ensure residents feel secure and content. This concerted effort has led to Orlando being perceived as a city where the quality of life is high.

Lastly, if you’re contemplating a move here, there are plenty of professional movers in Orlando FL ready to assist. In essence, for those yearning for a blend of opportunities, culture, and affordability, Orlando beckons as an ideal family hub.

Deciphering the cost of living in Orlando

Relocating your family to Orlando? It’s vital to grasp the city’s cost of living to budget wisely. Orlando, while a hotspot for tourists, is more than just theme parks and attractions. When it comes to living expenses, the city offers a mixed bag. Housing costs in Orlando, although on the rise, generally hover around or slightly below the national average, making it an appealing choice for families. Renting a home or apartment here can be more economical than in several other U.S. metropolitan areas. Once you find a home in Orlando, rely on professionals to help you relocate. Many families have trusted residential movers Orlando offers, ensuring a smooth transition to this dynamic city.

A person paying bills in one of the best Central Florida places for families
Prepare your budget for relocation to some of the best Central Florida places for families.

Transportation, an essential aspect of daily life, varies based on one’s proximity to work or school. While owning a car is common, it’s beneficial to note that public transportation is also an affordable option, with costs mirroring or even undercutting the national average. Utilities, comprising water, electricity, and gas, trend towards the U.S. median. However, with Orlando’s warm climate, it’s worth factoring in potentially higher electricity bills during peak summer months. For families mulling over a move to this vibrant city, relocation services Florida offers can provide detailed insights and assistance. These services often furnish a more granular breakdown, ensuring families make an informed decision about their next chapter in Orlando.

Tampa – where coastal charm meets family-friendly vibes

Nestled on Florida’s sun-drenched Gulf Coast, Tampa is a city on the rise. Starting with its demographics, Tampa proudly houses a burgeoning population of over 400,000 residents. Interestingly, recent years have witnessed an upward growth trend here, as more families and professionals make Tampa their home. Such a population boom is hardly surprising. After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by azure waters and a laid-back coastal ambiance?

Diving deeper, Tampa’s economic landscape is as promising as its picturesque views. The city thrives on a diversified job market. Key players in Tampa’s economy range from finance and healthcare to tourism and technology. These industries are not merely present; they’re booming, offering myriad job opportunities for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike.

Sulphur Springs Water Tower - a landmark of Tampa
Tourism is amon main industries in Tampa.

However, work prospects are just one part of the equation. Tampa’s allure also lies in its affordability. Despite its coastal charm, living in Tampa doesn’t break the bank. Housing, in particular, often comes with a price tag that’s lower than the national average. This affordability extends to everyday expenses too, making it easier for families to manage their budgets. Now, when it comes to safety, Tampa has made commendable strides. Various safety measures and community programs are in place, ensuring residents’ well-being. All these factors culminate in a quality of life that’s both fulfilling and balanced.

For those considering a relocation to this vibrant city, professional movers in Tampa FL stand ready to make your journey seamless. So, as Tampa seamlessly melds its coastal charm with family-friendly vibes, it’s clear – this city is more than just a pretty face.

Cost of living in Tampa

For families eyeing Tampa, one of the top Central Florida cities for families, understanding the cost of living is crucial. At its core, Tampa provides a coastal allure without the exorbitant price tag often associated with beach cities. When dissecting living expenses, the median income in Tampa stands at $43,740. While this figure is slightly below the national average, it’s pivotal to consider the city’s living expenses in relation. Housing remains a significant chunk of the monthly budget. With the average home price tagged at $381,000, Tampa’s real estate is somewhat higher than the national average. However, the city offers diverse housing options, allowing families to find homes that fit their financial brackets.

Concrete buildings in Tampa
Tampa abound with family-friendly housing options.

Transportation in Tampa, whether it’s public transit or personal vehicles, generally aligns with the national average, making daily commutes economical. As for utilities, Tampa residents often face costs comparable to the U.S. median. However, given Tampa’s temperate climate, air conditioning usage during warmer months might slightly inflate electricity bills. In essence, Tampa’s living costs, when juxtaposed with its coastal charm and amenities, showcase its viability as an enticing option for families on the move. And, for families relocating from afar, relying on long distance movers Tampa provides can be the key to a hassle-free move.

Economic horizons – job and industry landscape in Orlando and Tampa

When evaluating the Central Florida economic landscape, Orlando and Tampa undoubtedly emerge as powerhouses. Both cities, in their unique ways, have charted a dynamic course, driven by key industries that define their economic personas. Orlando, historically rooted in tourism due to its iconic theme parks, isn’t merely a vacationer’s paradise. Beyond the glitz, it’s a technology hub, with a burgeoning IT and simulation sector. Moreover, the healthcare industry has seen a meteoric rise, bringing numerous job prospects. Aerospace, too, marks its strong presence, bolstered by the city’s proximity to the Space Coast. All these sectors collectively shape Orlando’s vibrant job market.

On the other hand, Tampa, with its coastal positioning, enjoys an economic edge. The maritime industry flourishes, given the Port of Tampa’s significance. Alongside, the finance and healthcare sectors have expanded dramatically, offering a plethora of job opportunities for a wide skill set. In recent times, technology and green energy have also sprouted as emerging sectors, promising a brighter economic future.

A boat near a residential area, Tampa Riverwalk
Tampa is among the best Central Florida places for families.

For families eyeing these cities, there’s no dearth of career options. Be it a tech enthusiast contemplating a move to Orlando or a finance professional setting sights on Tampa, opportunities are rife. Furthermore, with new sectors emerging, job diversity and availability are only poised to grow.

Planning such a move? Relying on the local movers Florida residents trust can ensure a seamless transition. In essence, whether it’s Orlando’s tech-driven allure or Tampa’s diverse economic tapestry, both cities beckon with promise and potential.

Education spotlight – crafting futures in Tampa and Orlando

In Tampa, the University of South Florida stands as a beacon for higher education, known for its research programs and diverse academic offerings. Parents seeking quality primary and secondary education can look towards Tampa Preparatory School and Plant High School, both consistently recognized for their exemplary curricula and student achievements. Additionally, Tampa boasts a plethora of extracurricular programs, catering to sports, arts, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Orlando, on the other hand, is home to the renowned University of Central Florida, one of the nation’s largest universities, celebrated for its engineering and IT programs. When it comes to foundational education, institutions like Dr. Phillips High School and Blankner School are frequently lauded. Beyond conventional academics, Orlando offers a multitude of specialized extracurricular programs, particularly highlighting its cultural arts scene and tech-driven workshops for young minds.

What can parents expect? Both cities promise not only academic rigor but also holistic development. The top-performing institutions here emphasize not just rote learning, but critical thinking, creativity, and real-world applications. They’re environments where students don’t just memorize – they understand, innovate, and grow. Overall, Tampa and Orlando aren’t just destinations for professional growth, but they’re cities where young minds are molded, and futures crafted with precision and vision.

Events and activities – family fun in Central Florida

Central Florida’s vibrancy isn’t just tied to its economic potential or educational prowess; it’s also a hub for recreational and family-centric activities. Here’s a snapshot of what families can immerse themselves in:

  • Theme parks and attractions: From the magical realms of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando to the exhilarating rides at Busch Gardens in Tampa, there’s no end to imaginative fun.
  • Festivals and local celebrations: Central Florida teems with cultural events. Experience the vibrant Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa or the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando for a splash of local flavor.
  • Natural parks and recreational areas: The region is blessed with natural beauty. Families can explore the serene Hillsborough River State Park or Orlando’s picturesque Lake Eola Park for picnics, boat rides, and nature trails.

Maitland as one of the best Central Florida places for families – a top pick for raising children

In recent years, Maitland was voted as one of the most family-friendly cities in Florida. It is a rather nice and very interesting place for families. Maitland is close to Orlando, just a little bit north of Disney World. it is surrounded by lakes and gardens, so you can always have a fun family day outside. It has a great school system and it is easy to find a job here. You should know that they have five very great and interesting museums.

Four kids playing in the backyard
Your kids will love Maitland.

Also, they have four large family-friendly parks. Besides the great elementary and high school system, here you can find two great universities – Everglades University and the University of Phoenix-Orlando. They are very close. So, if you are already considering whether should you move to Maitland, and thinking about how you will move with your baby here – be sure to know that motto of Maitland is – “Community for life”.

Kissimmee – one of the best Central Florida places for families

Kissimmee is close to Orlando, and it is one of the best cities for families with kids. This city is home to nearly 77,189 residents. The percentage of households with kids here is about 40%, and we are sure that you will fit right in. Their motto is “A Community of Neighborhoods for Families!” and they are doing everything they can to justify it. Kissimmee is located in Osceola County and they are a very diverse community. They have a low crime rate and a very good school system. The median household income is close to $35,452 while the average home price here is about $346,300.

A happy father hugging his two sons
Kissimmee is home to many happy families.

Besides that, they are home to a lot of companies and therefore they are offering a lot of opportunities for job seekers. So, call your experts from packing services Florida based to help you and relocate here as soon as possible. The great thing about this city is that they have ten parks and 32 miles of bike trails. And above all that – they are located near Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World, and Disney World. So, we are sure that you and your family will enjoy and easily have fun.

Lakeland – a serene backdrop for family growth

Tucked away in Central Florida lies Lakeland, a city where natural splendor meets community warmth. Home to just over 110,000 residents, Lakeland exudes a small-town charm while offering the amenities of a larger city. Its sparkling lakes, shaded parks, and gentle hills offer a scenic retreat for families seeking tranquility. Moreover, the city’s safety record is commendable, with continuous efforts by local authorities ensuring a secure environment for all.

A trailer parked in the backyard, Lakeland
Lakeland has a unique vibe, indeed.

Adding to its allure, Lakeland boasts an affordable ratio that’s enticing; families find here a cost of living that’s both reasonable and conducive to growth. The city thrives on a community-driven atmosphere where neighbors know each other, and communal events are a regular affair. In essence, Lakeland stands as a serene backdrop, ideal for families looking to grow amidst nature and nurture.

Winter Park – one of the best Central Florida places for families

Despite its name, this is quite a sunny town. In Winter Park, there are more than 238 sunny days during the year. So, if you and your family love to spend time outside – this is the place for you! You can pack all those fun toys your kid has and relocate here and enjoy it! Winter Park is located in Orange County. It is surrounded by water, with great shopping and art galleries. Besides that, there are a lot of parks, museums, and best of all a lot of beaches in the surroundings. Also, Winter Park has a blue ribbon when it comes to elementary schools and six colleges that are very near. So, you can rest assured that your kid will have a great education and a lot of life opportunities.

Although it is a part of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a good place for families

Although some research shows Fort Lauderdale as a city that is not welcoming to families – that is not entirely true. Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer and it is a very kid-friendly city. The only bad thing about this place is the traffic jams. But you can always ask your movers in Fort Lauderdale for advice on the shortest route and the fastest way to move around the city. Our movers are at your disposal once you decide to leave the city and move to one of Central Florida’s cities. What Fort Lauderdale can offer are great places for kids to have fun and learn something new. It will create unique memories and your kid will have a very happy childhood. 

Haines City – a hidden gem for family life in Central Florida

Haines City, often overshadowed by its more popular neighbors, quietly flourishes as a haven for families. This Central Florida city boasts an affordability that’s a breath of fresh air for newcomers, ensuring a lifestyle that doesn’t strain the purse. Parents find solace in the city’s commendable schools, each striving for academic and extracurricular excellence. Beyond classrooms, Haines City shines with community activities — from weekend farmers’ markets to family-friendly festivals. The city’s charm lies in its blend of small-town warmth and modern amenities, creating an inviting space for families to thrive. In Haines City, the essence of family life is beautifully redefined.

Three people attending family even in one of the best Central Florida places for families
In Haines City, you can enjoy many family-friendly events throughout the year.

Making Central Florida your family’s next chapter

Central Florida beckons with diverse cities, each offering unique tapestries of experiences for families. From Orlando’s bustling vibrancy to Tampa’s coastal charm, and from Lakeland’s serene backdrop to Haines City’s hidden allure — there’s a slice of paradise for every family. Embracing Central Florida means unlocking a myriad of opportunities, be it in education, employment, or entertainment. Considering a move to one of the best Central Florida places for families? Be free to dive into this vibrant region and pick the perfect place for your family’s next delightful chapter.

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