Margate vs. Parkland – where to move this year?

There is no deficit of things to do in Florida – indoors or outdoors. Professional and college sports are all the rage. There is a good mixture of museums and performing arts offerings. Air traffic is first-class everywhere, especially to international destinations. The cost of living index is high and growing, particularly as real estate prices rise, but varies substantially by location within the area. Margate and Parkland are vibrant Florida gems, each attracting a myriad of relocators annually. In the quest for the ideal Florida haven, the debate of Margate vs. Parkland often arises. Both cities, steeped in charm and opportunities, present unique offerings. However, pinpointing which suits you best requires a deep dive into their individual allure. And City Movers experts are here to help you decide what Florida city to make your next home – Margate or Parkland? Check out our list of pros and cons!

Margate vs. Parkland – Key differences under the microscope

Firstly, let’s start with geography. A mere drive separates Margate and Parkland, making them close neighbors. The distance between these two places is 8 miles. However, their similarities often end there. In Margate, amenities such as the Margate Sports Complex, Calypso Cove, and the popular Margate Community Center are regular crowd-pullers. On the other hand, Parkland boasts of the Equestrian Center, Pine Trails Park, and the luxurious Parkland Golf & Country Club.

A person in a water park in Florida trying to compare- Margate vs. Parkland
Stay with us and pick an ideal city that suits your needs and lifestyle. Let’s compare Margate vs. Parkland, FL.

Regarding population, Margate exhibits a denser demographic, reflecting its bustling urban nature. Parkland, conversely, offers a more serene environment, indicated by its sparser population. Such differences also bring demographic variations, with Margate having a mix of younger families and working professionals and Parkland leaning towards established professionals and retirees. So, make sure to find out which city suits you better according to your age and preferences.

Affordability, job market, and locations compared

Affordability is another consideration. Margate generally offers more budget-friendly housing options, with median home prices hovering around $240,000. In contrast, Parkland’s upscale neighborhoods push its median home prices to a higher $550,000 bracket.

Diving into employment, Margate’s industries revolve around retail, health care, and education, supported by institutions like Broward College’s North Campus. In case you are looking for a job in one of the mentioned fields, consider Margate as a place to move to. In Parkland, the tech, finance, and healthcare sectors dominate, aided by its proximity to renowned universities. Transportation in Margate is predominantly road-centric, with major highways facilitating commutes. Meanwhile, Parkland, while still reliant on roads, offers more public transport options.

A man driving a car
Average commute times are the worst in Florida – 33 minutes. It slightly varies by the city you pick.

Lastly, weighing locations, Margate’s urban setting provides the buzz of city life, packed with events and nightlife. Parkland, however, offers a tranquil retreat, emphasizing community and nature. In wrapping up, if you’re considering a move to either city, don’t forget about essential services. Specifically, rely on relocation services Florida residents trust. Their helping hand can be invaluable, ensuring a smooth transition no matter your choice.

Margate vs. Parkland, but let’s start with Margate, shall we?

Our movers Margate FL are here to share some facts with you. Our livability score can help you find your perfect place to live. So we’re not going to cut any corners when it comes to helping you decide whether or not moving to Margate, FL is the right choice for you.

Margate is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale with a population of nearly 58,331. Living in this part of Broward County offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel. A very positive factor here is that most residents own their homes. Plus, there are a lot of parks that you can enjoy after long distance movers Florida based, help you relocate here. If you are a young professional or are looking to retiree, there are both those communities living in Margate. When it comes to voting, residents tend to be liberal. Finally, the public schools in Margate are above average.

Exploring the charm of Margate – top reasons to live here

Whisked away by Margate’s allure? You’re not alone. This city exudes a magnetic blend of contemporary vibes and nostalgic charm, offering a cozy yet buzzing atmosphere. With landmarks like the Margate Water Tower greeting visitors, the city sets a tone of familiarity and warmth. Venture deeper, and Margate unveils its treasures. For instance, the Margate Sports Complex isn’t just a park but a hub of community activity. Similarly, Calypso Cove promises aquatic adventures for those sultry summer days.

Events? Margate doesn’t disappoint. The annual Margate Under the Moon series, with its eclectic mix of music, food, and art, paints the town with festivity. And as winter graces Florida, the Winter Festival lights up the streets, turning them into a spectacle of joy and community bonding.

A beige house with a garage, in Florida
Margate has a unique charm, indeed.

Outdoor enthusiasts take note. From paddleboarding in its serene lakes to hiking the verdant trails, the city beckons. The movers Broward County based will help you conduct your move quickly and enjoy plenty of activities. Also, they recommend often rave about Margate’s green pockets, perfect for picnics, jogs, or leisurely strolls. In essence, Margate’s unique blend of urban hustle and serene spots crafts its irrefutable charm, beckoning many to call it home.

Here are the main highlights for Margate

  • Firstly, let’s start with the basics: Margate, FL is placed in Broward County and has a diverse population.
  • Secondly, we should say something about the cost of living in Florida? Namely, the average income in Margate, FL is $42,599 and the average family houses cost $300,200.
  • Thirdly, the unemployment rate in Margate is 5.5% (U.S. avg. is 6.0%), however, right now job growth is positive. Margate jobs have increased by 1.9%.
  • Next, in comparison to the rest of the country, Margate’s cost of living is higher than in many other the U.S. average.
  • The months of December, March, and February are the most comfortable months in Margate vs. Parkland, while August and July are the least pleasurable months.
  • Broward County voted Democratic in the former five Presidential elections.
  • The usual commute time is 28.2 minutes. The National Average is 26.4 minutes.
  • Margate public schools expend $9,109 on each student. The usual school expenditure in the States is $12,383. There are approximately 17.3 students per teacher in Margate.

Margate vs. Parkland, but now it’s time for discovering Parkland

Are you leaning more towards moving to Parkland, FL? We’ve got everything you want to know about the key factors that could help you choose between Margate and Parkland tip over to this choice. Parkland is a diverse town with 33,772 residents, providing a variety of services for these citizens. Furthermore, it is a tranquil city snuggled in a serene, wooded environment. Let our movers Parkland FL move you to this charming place in Northwest Broward County, Florida. City leaders are using a conservative plan for growth to maintain a small-town, park-like flair. The characteristics are predominantly residential, but small portions have been zoned for commercial and industrial development.

Luxury living room interior, Parkland
Parkland offers numerous outstanding real estate.

Highlights of the Parkland lifestyle

  • Let’s start from the top: Parkland, FL is in Broward County. It has a population of just over 27,000 people and is a pretty diverse little town.
  • Now let’s look at the cost of living in Parkland, FL. Firstly, the average income is just over $130,000 and the median home value is approx $480,000. These numbers should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.
  • The unemployment score in Parkland is 2.6% (U.S. avg. is 3.9%). plus, job growth is positive, increasing by 1.9% in recent years.
  • December, March, and February are the best months in Parkland weather-wise. On the other hand, August and July are the least comfortable months.
  • Broward County voted Democratic in the last five Presidential elections.
  • Parkland’s population has increased by 28.8% since 2010, to 28,901 people.
  • Commute time on a regular day is 27.7 minutes. Not that different from the national average, which is 26.4 minutes.
  • The average home cost in Parkland is $613,400, with home appreciation maintaining a steady 7.3% in the last 10 years.
  • Parkland public schools expend $9,109 per student. The usual school spendings in the U.S. averages at about $12,383.
A man walking down the sidewalk and thinking what should he choose - Parkland vs. Margate
Parkland has 8 miles of trails, bike paths, and sidewalks, including a huge park with sports field lighting and a 7.5-acre Equestrian Center.

If you thinking about relocating to Margate or Parkland, Florida you’re not alone. With their country setting, beautiful nature, and charming homes, many people love these cities. You will be happy with the wonderful school systems and low crime rates. Booking our services will ensure that you have a seamless moving experience and get the best possible rates as well. Contacting a professional Florida Moving Company with years of experience will make your move a breeze, we promise!

Why Parkland stands out – a look at its allure

Nestled in the heart of Florida, Parkland radiates a distinct charm. It’s a blend of tranquility and vibrant community life that draws many. Imagine tree-lined streets, welcoming neighborhoods, and a palpable sense of serenity – that’s Parkland for you. Among its star attractions, Pine Trails Park stands tall. Not just a green space, it’s where memories form, from weekend picnics to playful afternoons. Then, there’s the Equestrian Center, a testament to Parkland’s affinity for nature and a nod to its equestrian roots.

When it comes to events, Parkland shines. Annual gatherings like the Farmers’ Market not only bring fresh produce but also weave the community closer. The Music & Arts Festival, meanwhile, fills the air with melodies and artistic flair, reflecting the city’s cultural pulse. Outdoor lovers, rejoice. Parkland’s recreational offerings, from hiking trails to serene lakes ideal for kayaking, are aplenty. Every corner seems to invite exploration, be it for a calming walk or an adrenaline-packed adventure. In a nutshell, Parkland is more than a city. It’s an experience, a feeling of belonging, and a treasure trove of outdoor delights.

Climate and weather conditions in the area

Only Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach present a higher hurricane risk as the surrounding countryside is flat and sparsely wooded with areas of water and swampland as one approaches the Everglades to the west. The climate in Florida is subtropical marine with long, warm, humid summers, so it is not a factor when deciding where to move, Margate versus Parkland. And whether or not you need climate-controlled storage. It’s abundant rainfall everywhere, accompanied by mild, dry winters. Sea breezes from the east and southeast create year-round temperature variations of 15 degrees or more from an inland point. Freezing conditions sometimes happen in the western suburbs.

Waterfront homes in Florida are surrounded by greenery.
In the competition Margate vs. Parkland, climate can’t decide the winner.

Real estate in focus: Trends in 2023 for Margate and Parkland

Navigating the housing arena in 2023 requires clarity, and our team at Florida Movers has dissected the market intricacies for you. Firstly, focusing on Margate, this city showcases an attractive housing scene. Current statistics reveal a median home price of around $300,200. Thanks to its urban charm, prices have seen a steady 4% annual increase. Shifting our gaze to Parkland, details curated by the local movers Florida offers provide a different narrative. Parkland, with its luxurious vibe, stands at a higher median home price of $1,014,200. Its upscale neighborhoods, abundant amenities, and serene environment have contributed to a 6% annual increase in home values.

Peeking into the future, projections for both cities indicate growth. Margate’s affordability and city buzz could propel prices by another 5% by year’s end. On the other hand, Parkland’s tranquillity and community-centric ethos might push its growth to a promising 6.5%. Lastly, an undeniable factor influencing these numbers is location. Margate’s urban atmosphere, brimming with activities and events, naturally attracts a younger crowd, pushing demand and, subsequently, prices. Conversely, Parkland, with its sprawling landscapes and sense of community, appeals to a demographic seeking peace and luxury. This pull, in turn, sets its real estate prices on the higher end. All in all, whether you lean towards the vibrant Margate or the serene Parkland, staying updated on real estate trends ensures you make an informed investment.

Choosing your Florida haven

In our exploration of Margate vs. Parkland, we’ve journeyed through unique landscapes, amenities, and vibes. From Margate’s urban allure and affordability to Parkland’s tranquil luxury and recreational richness, both cities promise a distinct Floridian experience. While data and insights guide our understanding, the ultimate choice rests upon individual preferences and needs. Are you seeking a vibrant city buzz or a serene retreat? Before finalizing your move, weigh the nuances of Margate against Parkland’s charm. Remember, it’s not just about relocating. It’s about finding a place that resonates with your soul. Your ideal Florida haven awaits!

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