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City Movers: Moving Services in Miami and Los Angeles You Need to Know About

Call City Movers today to learn about the services that exist, including local and long distance moving in Miami, Los Angeles, and more.

Local Moving and Long Distance Moving

Local and long distance moving are our specialties at City Movers. Whether you are moving from Miami, Los Angeles, or anywhere else, we are here for you. Our goal is to provide you with all of the services you need. There’s no reason to do any of it yourself. We are local and long distance movers and there’s never any hidden fees in our moving quotes!

Local Moving

Choose movers you can count on for your local move in Miami or Los Angeles. We help with packing, assembly and disassemble to make your life easier. We have years of experience to provide you with local moving services and we are licensed and insured. Our movers are friendly and can work hard to move everything to your new place.

Our professional movers will take care of loading all of your furniture and belongings into our truck. We will pack everything so that it is safe as we drive locally. Once we arrive at your new home, whether it’s a home, condo, or apartment, we will unpack the truck and place everything into your home. Tell us where everything goes so there’s no need for you to move any of it once we leave. It’s the local moving services you can rely on.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving is never easy. There’s so much to get done and you may have a considerable amount of stuff. At City Movers, will be your long distance movers in Miami and Los Angeles. This allows you to move from coast to coast and ensure that everything will arrive in the same condition it left your home in.

Our drivers are friendly and know how to load everything in your truck for a long distance move. This includes boxes, furniture, mirrors, and various breakables. It may take several days for us to reach your new location and we will be in constant communication with you so you know when we will arrive with all of your belongings. We will bring everything along and unpack into the various rooms of your home, making it easier for you to settle in without having to re-move everything.

Plus, there’s never any added charges for heavy objects, or stairs.


Do you hate to pack? Are you finding it hard to find the time to get all of your packing done? The good news is that at City Movers, we can do all of the packing for you. We will show up to your home with boxes and all of the packing material to pack everything. You don’t even have to be home when we are there, allowing you to get more things done before you move locally or even move long distance.

We will pack dishes, china cabinets, drawers in your office, clothes, and everything else. We will methodically move from room to room and pack everything. Labeling is part of what we do and this will make it easier for you to unpack once all of the boxes arrive at your new place. It’s a great way to prevent things from breaking when you have our expert packers do all of the work. If you don’t want to unpack, either, let us know and we will be happy to do this with no extra charge.

At City Movers, we’re committed to making a move easier for you.


When there’s not enough room at your new home for certain items, we offer storage options at City Movers. We will be able to move furniture and other items directly into a storage facility for you. Whether you are moving locally or moving long distance, we are here to help. You can rely on us to find you a storage unit in Miami, Los Angeles, or anywhere else.

Instead of filling up your garage or getting rid of something you love, storage can be the best solution. Especially when you have a temporary move, a storage unit can make the most sense. It can sit in storage until you find the room or you move into your permanent home. Whether you require a short-term or long-term rental, we will assist with finding the unit and moving you in. When you’re ready for the items in storage to be delivered to you, we can help with this aspect as well.

Contact us at City Movers today to learn more about local moving in Miami and Los Angeles, long distance moving, packing, and storage. We are dedicated to helping our customers with a successful move, and have the needed services to help you every step of the way.

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