Benefits of Living in Miami Beach

Living in Miami Beach is almost unbearably wonderful and this is something that most people would like to experience in their lifetime. Even those living in New York would easily decide to change the scenery for Miami. Not to mention people from all around the globe who are coming to this vibrant metro area every day. And not only as tourists. Statistics show that a great number of  Americans see moving to Miami as the top destination for starting anew.  If you have decided to move hire, then hire the best movers in Florida to make this relocation as easy as possible for you. People call it the Magic City for a good reason. This is the second largest city on the East Coast. Also, read this guide to discover all the benefits of living in Miami Beach.

Great weather is what makes living in Miami Beach so special

Entire Florida is the state with the sunniest days throughout the whole year. That means that whoever comes to live here, will experience an endless summer. Miami has almost 300 sunny days a year.

sunset on the beach
Miami Beach has great living conditions

Add to it the number of sandy beaches where you can spend your days and evenings, and you will hit bingo. Contact one of the moving companies Miami Beach and start your relocation process as soon as possible. Yes, traffic is not popular here and can give you headaches. You will easily forget about this once you experience the lovely sunny beaches of Miami. If you have any worries regarding winter, you should know that the temperature here is mid-70s degrees Fahrenheit. Also, summers are not too hot as well. The average summer temperature is 80’s degrees Fahrenheit.

Popular costs of living

We cannot say that Miami Beach is cheap. If you compare it to Los Angeles, the costs of living are higher than the national average. But if you compare it to the rest of Florida, the costs of living are much lower. Everything is less expensive, starting from renting or buying a real estate property. Also, Miami moving services are more affordable than in Fort Lauderdale for example. If you lived in New York, but have a baby on the way, in Miami Beach you can get a bigger apartment for the same money. Only think about buying a condo with a view of the water on the bay. It is a pretty attractive idea, especially for those who spent years and years surrounded by concrete only. You can afford a 4-bedroom apartment in a new building just next to the ocean.

No income tax

Another popular fact about Miami Beach and Florida, in general, is that its residents do not pay income taxes. This is one of the nine US states that do not have a state income tax.

a dollar bill and taxes lattes
You will not pay taxes when living in Miami Beach

The state earns money on property and sales taxes. Buying a property to rent in Miami is one of the best investments that you can have. If you think ‘How fast can movers near me get me to Miami’ the answer is as soon as. However, do not forget that you need to book your movers way in advance since people like to move here and movers are pretty busy. Going back to taxes, the state takes 6% sales tax, income tax, and also investment tax. Another great reason for living in Miami Beach is that you will not pay the inheritance tax. Only the federal taxes, and still save a lot of money.

Miami is an open community

Another great fact about Miami Beach is its residents. Unlike some other continental cities, Floridians are very friendly. Also, the fact that the city has hundreds of newcomers every day, provides them a great welcome. People say that here you can make friends with different generations of people in only 10 minutes. In addition, friendships here are not just a shiny blink of a moment. You can make long-lasting friendships here. As soon as residential movers Florida get you here, go and introduce yourself to your neighbors. They would probably be warm and welcoming and offer you some help with unpacking. You will not see the ‘too busy’ way of living here. Quite the contrary, people are easy-going and they know how to enjoy the day. The atmosphere is open and people like to introduce themselves and their friends to people.

Living in Miami Beach gives the feeling of Latin America

If you find yourself in Miami Beach then you will definitely experience the vibe of Latin America. The fact that Mexico is close to Florida contributes to this feeling. Miami definitely is a melting pot of different nations and ages living here. The moment you enter the city, the feeling and taste of Latin America will lead you.

two people dancing and living in Miami Beach
You will experience here a great Latin American culture

People living here call the city ‘the capital of Latin America.’ The majority of Miami residents are Cuban, Mexican, Colombians, Brazilians, or Venezuelans. Long distance movers Florida also move here to other nations. But around 75% some from the Latin part. Living here means knowing how to speak Spanish. Of course, English is the official language of the state. However, it would be much easier to navigate through different parts of the city knowing how to speak the language. This will also allow you to get to know this diverse culture.

Vibrant Miamian culture

Due to the effects of the Caribbean and Latin American impact, just as it is a melting pot city, its culture is very diverse. The city offers great entertainment and nightlife. However, it is not all about party, party, party. The residents of Miami can enjoy a great number of museums, festivals, and theaters. Among the most popular festivals are the Miami International Film Festival, Carnival Miami, and The Calle Ocho Festival. If you like to watch movies, tell your Miami movers to transport your goods as soon as possible so you can shortly visit some. Coral Gables Art Cinema and O Cinema Miami Beach are among the most popular for visitors. Living in Miami Beach will also give you a chance to enjoy the Florida Grand Opera. The city also has numerous orchestras, symphonies, and performing-arts festivals. Your kids can go to the Frost School of Music.

Job options in Miami Beach

The employment rate in Miami Beach is 4%. It is around the national average. The greatest industry many people work in is the tourism industry. Miami has one of the busiest passenger ports in the world and that is The Port of Miami. Of course, that does not mean that people here work only in hospitality or tourism. You can find here some of the most popular jobs for working in world-class companies. Cisco Systems and Caterpillar Americas Services are just some of the companies you can work in.

buildings from the beach
You will have plenty of job options here

In addition, another popular branch of the industry is fashion. There is a Miami Design District The entire district dedicates its attention to innovating fashion. Therefore, there are many popular shopping centers around here. This fact does not only provide the option to just go shopping around Miami. There is plenty of job opportunities for working in the sales industry.

Transportation options when living in Miami Beach

Busy traffic in Florida may come as an understatement for many. The average commute time in Miami-Dade County is 30 minutes each way. Unfortunately, there is no exception to that. However, Miami has great public transportation since there is a lot of commuting. In addition, owning a car is obligatory. Especially for those living in some of the best suburbs surrounding Miami. However, commuters have the following transportation options. Starting from Metrobus which has more than 100 routes. It serves South Florida from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach. The trolley is a free service that commuters can use starting at 6:30 A.M. until 11 P.M. The great thing is that you can easily track the trolley online and know exactly where it is at any point. If traveling around the downtown area, then going by Metromover would be the right choice for you.

You will find some of the best beaches here

Entire Florida is popular for its beautiful weather and sunny, sandy beaches. You can find here some of the best beaches in the world. Even greater fact is that most of these beaches are open to the public.

buildings seen from the ocean
Some of the most beautiful beaches are here

You can either spend a day at the resort or go to some more private beach space. If you like busy places, you will find plenty of busy tourist beaches around here. Some of the most popular ones are Surfside, North Beach Oceanside Park, and South Beach. Among the best places to buy a vacation home in Florida is certainly Miami Beach. In addition, staying on the beaches will provide you with great sun protection from palm trees. Also, almost every beach has lifeguards and you will have the option to safely enjoy your day at the beach, having fun with water sports.

The great nightlife scene in Miami

Apart from having great daytime activities both indoors and outdoors, the city offers great nightlife too. You can find in a situation not knowing whether to choose Miami sandwiches or nightlife first. You will have the opportunity to party here until the early morning.

city at night
Miami Beach has a famous nightlife

And then just grab a quick nap before you get up for work. And after a busy day at work, you will go home to quickly change your clothes and go party again. But do not worry since Miami is also suitable for families with teenagers. The oceanfront clubs are certainly among the most popular ones where you can try cocktails from all parts of the world. In addition, there are popular rooftop parties where you can dance salsa until the early morning hours. You will be late for work the next day since there is not such a thing in Miami.

Recreation to enjoy when living in Miami Beach

When it comes to recreation in Miami, you cannot but think about going to the beach. Even beach parties people here consider a part of recreation routine. Also, swimming, surfing, and playing beach volleyball are among the most popular Floridian pastime. Apart from the beach, you will find many other outdoor community activities to enjoy. Some of the most popular leisure options are dining, shopping, or going to some gigs and concerts. However, this is just a tiny portion of why people move to Miami. If you like deep sea fishing, then you can rent a boat and try this interesting sport. In addition, you can catch up with some popular and professional sports such as basketball, football, rugby, etc. If you happen to be a fan of marine sports, you can certainly enjoy these in Miami Beach.

Other reasons for living in Miami Beach

Miami benefits from a tropical climate so here you can find some of the most exotic animal and plant species. If you like wildlife, then you will not have a problem facing the alligator in some more quiet places in Miami.

people watching sunset on the beach
You will see here many exotic things

Among the most popular exotic species are the turtles that you can see by the shore. Also, there are different bird endangered species and you cannot hunt them here. Wildlife protection is very important in this area. Diving and snorkeling will give you a chance to discover diverse fish of multi colors which you will not find anywhere else. What people like to explore here are Southern Florida waters and see different creatures. In addition, in more than 800 parks around the city, you can have great leisure time.

Living in Miami Beach is one of the greatest desires of many people from all over the world. In addition, a part of the great American dream is to come and at least visit this great Floridian city. In addition, Florida and Miami are not just sun and fun. There are plenty more activities that you can experience living here. Starting from great living and working conditions, the quality of life here is among the most popular. Therefore, grab your suitcases and moving boxes and come to live here as soon as possible.


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