Tips for decluttering your office before relocation to Miami

Moving to Miami requires proper planning and research. That process is even more demanding when you’re doing a commercial relocation. However, you can make that process go from very hard to mildly annoying by implementing certain steps. One of the most important tasks is decluttering your office before relocation to Miami. Having a lot to carry with you will only be a burden to you and Florida movers. So, to make the relocation go smoothly, here are some tips that might help you out.

When decluttering your office before relocation to Miami, start on time!

We can’t but not be persistent on this. Decluttering your office before moving can take a lot of time, sometimes up to two or three weeks. The main reason why this can last so long is that while you’re decluttering your office, the company still has to be functional. The employees have to have access to the required equipment and documents to do their job. You can progressively store your biggest items in the best storage Miami. This process needs to be slow and gradual and, of course, it needs to begin a lot before the moving date.

Get in touch with your employees

Moving an office to Florida isn’t a one-man job. Everyone – you, managers, and employees – needs to chip in and do their bit of work. Only then will you be successful in decluttering your office before relocation to Miami. A great way to do this is to organize a short meeting, preferably near the end of the day, and to discuss the process of relocation with the employees. Ask them about any unnecessary pieces of equipment they might have around that is ready for thrash. Corporate relocation companies Florida will do their job faster if you have fewer items to move. Also, asked them to get their paperwork in check.

A meeting in an office is a great way to start decluttering your office before relocation to Miami
Help the employees decide on what items to relocate

Another thing you can do at this meeting is to inquire about any unneeded furniture in your office. This involves:

  • Whiteboards
  • Computer desks
  • Drawers
  • Swivel Chairs
  • File cabinets

Finding out which of these are essential and which can be donated or thrown away is crucial. It will make the relocation simpler to do.

When decluttering, give paperwork priority

While it’s getting more common for companies to have their paperwork in digital format, many offices still use paper. And, when talking about commercial relocation, paperwork is of the highest importance for the company. Just before starting the process of removing unnecessary items from your working place, deal with the paperwork. Go through all documents and divide what you’re going to carry with you and what you’re going to discard. You should get rid of unneeded paperwork, preferably by shredding. This way you’ll stop any misuse of information that might cause harm to your company. As for the documentation you will be bringing to Miami, set them aside carefully and mark them.

A stack of papers
Dealing with paperwork is a priority when decluttering your office before relocation to Miami

When dealing with desk items, use the tabula rasa method

Chances are great that your desk is overflowing with items. And chances are even greater that you don’t need half of that. When decluttering your office before relocation, you should use the ‘tabula rasa’ method. This involves removing everything from your desk. And we mean everything; papers, folders, pens, pencils, photos, and all other things. Then, after your desk is blank, slowly start adding items that you can’t see yourself working without. This will help you decide which items you’re bringing to Miami and which you can leave behind. Another advantage to this trick is that you can classify your desk items into categories:

  • Essential
  • Commonly used
  • Rarely used
  • Useless – ready for thrash

Declutter and sort cables

When decluttering your Miami office, a lot of people are afraid of this step. The task of untangling and decluttering the pile of cables that was there when you first came into the office can seem daunting. Of course, the amount of cables and other electrical equipment varies from office to office. However, there are almost certainly some cables that require you to use some elbow grease and get rid of them. Even worse, a lot of offices decide to store all machines in one room, making the yarn of cables even more menacing. However, tackling this problem in time will help your company relocate smoothly and quickly continue with work. Office movers Fort Lauderdale will then easily transport all the machines and their electrical equipment, ensuring a quick relocation.

When decluttering, organize by priority

When doing a commercial relocation, chances are that you can’t take everything with you. So, when you set aside everything that you deem worthy of relocation, check if there’s enough room for it in your new office in Miami. If you need to decrease the number of your items even more, then you should organize all your items by priority. This will help you decide what to carry and what to discard.

Know when to stop decluttering

While this might seem counter-productive, becoming obsessive with decluttering can be time-consuming. When trying to make and maintain a clear and organized working space, you can end up investing more time in removing the junk that actually doing your job. Know when to stop. This will help you stay relaxed and focused on work.

A woman holding her head
Be careful! Decluttering can easily turn into an obsession

Commercial relocation is exciting, especially when you’re moving to a terrific place, like Miami. However, moving an office is also a daunting task, which involves many time-consuming steps. Decluttering your office before relocation to Miami is the best way to ensure a smooth transition. We hope our list of tips has been of help.

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