Moving to Miami with toddlers- What you should know

When you decide to move, most of the time you expect to go through a really stressful process. You probably think of packing, all that inventory, and moving to another place. And while this can be a stressful event indeed, most of the time it is because you are not prepared. Every relocation is different which means your preparation will be unique as well. Luckily, there are many general tips and tricks that will make this entire thing easier and more pleasant. For those who decided to move to Florida’s most famous city, there will be a lot of tasks in front of you. Especially if you are moving with your kids, get ready for some multitasking! Here is everything you should know about moving to Miami with toddlers!

Welcome to Miami!

Moving here means you made some huge changes in your life. As one of the most recognizable cities in the world, it welcomes countless new residents annually. It counts more than 461,080 people living there, divided into different neighborhoods and areas. The main reason people decide to move here with the City Movers is the different and unique lifestyle. Miami offers more business opportunities and better education than smaller cities and people are usually drawn to it fast. Since tourism is so strong here, it is a perfect place for starting your small business. If you are creative and talented your products and services will definitely find the right customers.

seaside city
Miami will open countless new opportunities for your entire family

Even though Miami is famous for its nightlife and endless parties it is actually a wonderful place for kids. Some areas are filled with parents who decided to move there for many reasons. High-quality schools, amusement parks, and much more make it a wonderful place for raising your children. Most of the time people are only focused on areas covered by social media and young people simply having fun.

How to organize moving to Miami with toddlers

Making a decision is easy, but preparation is something a little bit different. Depending on where you currently live, you can end up spending a lot of time preparing for it. The best thing you can do is simply start on time. You will need movers by your side, as moving with kids can be more stressful than moving on your own. Many Miami movers can take care of a really big part of your relocation so keep that in mind at all times. Thanks to them you will have enough time to focus on your kids. This is important due to their safety mostly but many other things as well. While they deal with your relocation you can finish other tasks or simply spend time with your kids.

Toddlers can become nervous very quickly when things around them are changing and when they see that something unusual is going on. What you need to do is make sure they are not stressing out at all. Once the movers arrive, you can let them spend time in their room or take them for a walk. Professional movers can proceed to work, and your toddlers will have fun.

mom and daughter holding a suitcase
Hire professionals to help you with the move

Packing essentials is key

No far how far from Miami you are, you must start packing on time. Your kids probably have a lot of items, including clothes, toys, and other essentials. The thing about packing their items is that you will need the majority of them right upon arriving. And that wouldn’t be a problem if they don’t need those things right before you get going. If you choose Miami moving services carefully you will have more time to organize your items. As soon as you finish with the organization it is time to actually start packing. 

If your toddlers share the room, this process will be much easier. Moving to Miami with toddlers requires you to be strategic so focus on their space in time. Start by packing those items they use the least. These could be items from the top shelves or toys they don’t use anymore. Don’t forget their old clothes as you are probably not ready to give them up yet. 

When you get to those items, they use daily, organize them first. If your moving day is yet to come, you don’t have to put them into boxes yet. Your kids will probably need them more and you end up switching between the boxes and their room. However, don’t leave too many items out. This will help your kids get used to a certain number of them and won’t ask for the rest. If you begin to struggle with packing your home, you should opt for packing services Miami. This will unfold much faster and you can take over their room only. 

parents having fun after moving to Miami with toddlers
This relocation represents a new chapter in your life and stress shouldn’t be allowed

Don’t forget the first-night kit!

And while you will be busy packing your current home, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget. The first-night kit is something you should have no matter where and with who you are moving. Even with professional movers by your side, you will be tired once you get to your new place in Miami. The first night should be only for getting a good night’s sleep and preparing for the tasks in your new home. And to achieve that, you should have your kit close to you. It should have all the necessary things for your family. Here are some of the things you should include:

  • Clean bedsheets, pajamas, and the rest of the bedroom essentials
  • Food, snacks, and drinks
  • Toiletries
  • Your devices and chargers

Since no one knows your household better than you, you can easily add more items to your first-night kit. Just make sure everything is there and that all these things will be useful. The good thing is that every neighborhood in Miami, Florida has a couple of stores that work 24/7 so you can even get some hot meals upon arriving. 

Moving to Miami with toddlers- the aftermath

Soon enough you will find yourself in beautiful Miami. There will be countless wonderful things waiting for you and exploring it will be an adventure on its own. When you decide to move to Miami, you are opening countless possibilities and a wonderful future for your children. After some time, you will know the most important locations and the ones that will be your favorite. Of course, it will take some time until you fully adapt but there is always some trick to speed up the process. The better neighborhood you choose, the better you will feel upon arriving.

mother playing with her baby
Many great things are waiting for you in Miami

Since Miami has many neighborhoods suitable for raising kids, you will have a lot of options in front of you. Some of the neighborhoods that could suit you include:

  • Coral Gables
  • Coconut Groove
  • Pinecrest
  • Kendall
  • Key Biscayne

These places are famous for being peaceful and cozy, with an extremely low crime rate. Apart from being suitable for these matters, they also have amazing schools. You can choose between private and public ones and a good education is guaranteed.

Adapting to the new surroundings

Adapting to new surroundings will probably be much easier for your kids. The younger they are, the less stressful it will be. You, on the other hand, will have to go through the entire process. Luckily, your new neighborhood and community will help you out. Whatever neighborhood you choose you will be greeted by people getting ready to show you around. Feel free to communicate with people in your new area as they will gladly lead you through this process. Don’t forget that you should opt for relocation services Florida. This way you will have enough time to get to know your neighbors while professionals are unpacking your items.

Chances are huge that your neighborhood will have a lot of cool locations and attractions, as most of Miami has. Expect to spend a wonderful time in green parks, where parents usually spend time with their kids. Apart from that, many amusement parks will be extremely close to you. Slowly start introducing them to your kids no matter how young they are. Creating core memories is always the best thing to do.

luna park at night to visit after moving to Miami with toddlers
There will be countless attractions you and your family can enjoy in Miami

Things to see and do

Not every location in Miami will be suitable for toddlers and you should be aware of that right away. Being this popular, this city is one of the hot points for parties and young people looking for fun. Until you learn what these locations are it is best you stick to those suitable for kids. Otherwise, the loud noise, live performances, and the crowd may be too much for them and you as well. In this city, there are many places where parents can come and have fun with their children. This includes parks, playgrounds, and performances made especially for kids. Coconut Groove has most of them, so make sure you search these locations before you move.

Focus on your new home after moving to Miami with toddlers

There will be a lot of tasks waiting for you upon arriving. You will have to prepare your home and set everything up as soon as possible. Your kids will soon become impatient, and you must have primary rooms set up. This includes the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Keep in mind that if you need more time and space to set everything up, try looking for the best storage Miami. You will feel much better knowing that your inventory is safe for as long as you need.

Since the real estates in Miami include wonderful homes, there is a chance that yours will have a beautiful garden. Get the best of it as the weather in Miami is amazing throughout the year. You can set everything up and add some garden furniture. If you wish to go even bigger, you can set up a pool your kids can enjoy. 

Things to avoid when relocating with kids

Your residential movers Florida should know what items will be included in your inventory for moving. This will make things much faster and will speed up your relocation. Knowing how time is important for your move, avoid wasting it in vain. If you make a plan on time, there will be no need for postponing things. One of the most important things to avoid is making last-minute changes. Doing it will probably cost you more and you will be anxious due to a change of plans. But, even if you must make them, inform movers on time. With all that experience they will know exactly what to do and how to help you avoid penalties.

Apart from that, you must be aware of the weather conditions. Temperatures in Miami can be high and if you are coming from cooler places, you will need some time to get used to them. Avoid starting your relocation during summer as you will find it much harder to carry out the process. Your toddlers may become nervous once you start getting closer to Miami and you will just fish to get it over with. The best period for arriving in Miami would be late spring or fall. 

And finally, avoid forcing the relocation. If you think that your family is not ready for this step, it is much better to wait a little bit longer. Once everyone is onboard, there will be more energy for moving tasks in general. Keep in mind that this is a huge change, and you should be smart about it.

kids running in the field
After moving to Miami with toddlers you will all need some time to adjust so make sure to have it

Moving with kids can be simple

Moving to Miami with toddlers only sounds like a difficult thing to do. As soon as the process begins you will see that you and your kids will only be creating new memories that will last forever. If you feel like it is time to change some things in your life, start looking for movers near me. With a little bit of professional help, you will soon be enjoying your new neighborhood with your kids. Let Miami enchant you and you will be proud to call it your home! 


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