Who should you inform about your commercial relocation in Florida

When it comes to moving your business, there are many more things to consider in comparison to the other types of relocation. After all, you want to keep your clients, get new ones and continue developing your business. All this together with the organization of a successful relocation seems so stressful and demanding. However, careful preparation and the best Florida movers are your means to achieve meticulous relocation. Among so many things to think about, one thing is especially important, and you mustn’t forget to do it. Who will you inform about your commercial relocation in Florida? We believe this list is quite long. Hence, think of it in advance, make a list and start calling. 

Think well about who to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida and make a list

Well, the list of people you are to tell about the commercial relocation in Florida should be thorough. Make sure no one is left out so that you can inform about your commercial relocation in Florida everyone on that list before you start moving preparations with local movers Florida has to offer. To help you out we have prepared certain suggestions on who you should inform about your upcoming commercial relocation.

  • employees
  • clients
  • contacts
  • suppliers
  • vendors
  • business partners
  • landlords
  • advertisers
  • bank
  • insurance company
  • utility companies
  • credit card companies 

Of course, you can prolong this list when moving from Florida to California. It all depends on the type of your business. Maybe you can include some local agencies involved with corporate taxation. Whatever you do, make sure to include everyone affected by your relocation.

How to inform is a fundamental question too

Basically, you are to create a business relocation announcement. The notice itself should be clear and concise. Tailor it according to those you are sending it to. Different recipients should receive a slightly different business announcement. For instance, letters to vendors should have certain information related to scheduled delivery dates. Moreover, you may include new drop-off points. On the other hand, a letter to the customers should have a more friendly tone and it shouldn’t be too long. Most importantly write it with the assurance that potential disruptions will be kept to a minimum. After all, with the assistance of corporate relocation companies Florida offers, be sure that your move will be impeccable.

a silver keyboard and a hand on a mouse ready to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida
Write carefully your notice and include all the necessary information. Choose the adequate form!

Also, create it long before the actual move and provide enough information.  With this in mind, make your announcement or a business letter, as many call it, at least 6 weeks prior to your move. The minimum deadline would be 3 months. Still, the earlier the better. After all, this letter should reach everyone on time.

Where to place your announcement?

Place your notice on the website in a visible place. In case you are running a company newsletter, you can publish it there as well. As a matter of fact, this is an essential part of the companies that sell their products and services through the internet. Why is that so? Well, it’s cheap, easy, and takes a few minutes to do. As a result, most of your clients will be informed within days. On the other hand, you can email your letters to certain people, even to your clients. As for the employees, there’s a variety of ways to let them know about your commercial move in Florida. For instance, use face-to-face meetings, video messages, emails, or letters.

Furthermore, remember to update the new address on your Google listing, office stationery, email footers, as well as your website.  You can also distribute flyers and change of address cards. After all, effective communication is essential in order for the project of your commercial relocation to become a success.

Get your employees involved in the process

Among so many things to do, you must take into consideration your employees, their feelings, and their needs. After all, this isn’t just stressful for you but them as well. Moving from Florida to New York is quite a challenge for everyone. Therefore, what you should do is inform your employees about your business relocation in Florida on time. Get them involved in the process as much as you can. They can be of great help. Especially, with the packing process and organization of the move. Also, be available for all sorts of questions. Explain the benefits of the relocation. Most importantly, stay positive. As for the way you plan to inform them, create a communication plan and an office relocation announcement.

a man packing things in his office
Allow your employees to help you as much as they can

Creating a communication plan is an important part of your office relocation

This type of plan is essential in setting out timelines and responsibilities in order to make sure all sorts of messages are communicated in the best way possible. Some of the main parts of the plan are the following:

  • Set out a timeline when planning to send messages.
  • Determine who are the people responsible for creating messages.
  • Decide which channels you will use to send messages through.
  • What about the manner you plan to invite and answer the questions of your employees?

When to create your office relocation announcement?

As for the exact time when to make your office relocation announcement there are certain points to consider. Actually, the size of your business should influence your decision on when to make it. For instance, if your business has hundreds or thousands of employees, and a large amount of office equipment you need to move or keep in storage units Boca Raton has to offer maybe you should start even a year before the actual relocation. On the contrary, if you are a smaller team of people, 3-6 months will be quite enough to create an announcement and notify your employees about your commercial relocation in Florida.

The form of your announcement about the upcoming relocation is fundamental just like its main points

To start with, you must decide on the form of your announcement about the upcoming commercial move. To tell you the truth, probably the best strategy would be a face-to-face meeting. However, if this isn’t possible a senior manager can create a video message. Or else, it could be in a form of a letter.

employees sitting in an office during a meeting discussing who to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida
Who to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida if not your faithful employees? If possible, gather them and explain all the details in person

As for the main parts this announcement should include, we consider the following ones are truly relevant.

  • First of all, provide the date of the relocation if you have already arranged it with your cross country movers Florida.
  • Include the details of the place you are moving to.
  • Give reasons for the relocation. For instance, more or less space cheaper deals, or better connections.
  • Point out the benefits of the relocation for all the employees. Maybe they will have better facilities, more flexible office space, and bigger social areas.
  • Present a clear timeline that should relate to what to pack and when. Also, determine what to do with things you no longer want. Moreover, one of the important things is to let your employees know when the operations at the new location are to start.
  • Make sure your employees realize the significance of the relocation. They could get better parking, access to public transport, and other facilities.

Your clients and contacts deserve a well-prepared announcement

Just like your employees, your clients, and contacts need an office relocation announcement. Nevertheless, unlike that of your employees, this one doesn’t need to be so complex and thorough. Still, there are things they must include. Thus, informing your clients about your Florida commercial relocation should include certain main points.

  • your new address
  • your contact details
  • main reasons for the move
  • reassurance that your business will continue as usual
  • information about someone your clients and contacts may contact when looking for more information

What matters is that this letter should be positive, reassuring, enthusiastic, informative, encouraging, and supportive. Your clients shouldn’t feel any kind of disadvantage.

What are the expectations of your vendors and suppliers?

Unlike your employees and customers, your vendors and suppliers expect to receive a notification on your move but for entirely different reasons. They are eager to know your new address so that future deliveries are made to the right place. As for your business partners, they want your new address since they want to follow your future growth and changes in your business. Hence, what they need is to provide them with a few basic information.

Remember to inform your landlords about your move

In case you are renting an office space then it is inevitable to inform your landlords that you plan to relocate your business in Florida. Make sure to check the local law and your lease agreement. In most cases, you should inform your landlord at least 30 days before the date of the lease termination.

a new office with modern furniture
Finding a new office space is one of the main parts of the relocation

Before writing a letter informing people and organizations about the move, is there something you must do?

You may be eager to write your business relocation letter but still, you mustn’t forget that there is something you must think of beforehand. There are certain steps to undertake.

Work on your plan

First of all, realize that you are a business owner, and you must be organized. The well-being of everyone depends on you and your ability to keep up with the demands of commercial relocation. Certainly, you have realized that hiring long distance movers Florida is an excellent decision. After all, there are numerous things you must prepare and organize until you reach the moment to write your business letter.

Make a list of people and organizations who you need to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida

Depending on your business when moving to a new office space you must be in need to communicate with a variety of people and organizations in order to keep your business running successfully. Thus, make a list or multiple lists to know who your recipients will be. This is necessary since you may want to create different letters for your target audience.

Decide how to send your letter

As we mentioned earlier, there are different letters you can send to your audience. Likewise, there are different means to send your letter. In most cases, this can be done by mail. Still, updating the information on the website and social media channels is absolutely obligatory. Therefore, plan well ahead what means you will use to send your notification.

a mail on the phone
Use various means of communicating messages. Mail is just one of them. But quite worthy of your attention!

Assemble all the information

Both your current and future information is important in order to write the letter. Thus, we can suggest certain information you need when you are ready to inform about your commercial relocation in Florida.

  • your street address
  • mailing address in case a PO Box is different from your street address
  • your phone number
  • your fax number
  • email address
  • website URL
  • social media accounts

Now you are ready to start writing a letter. As you can see, there are a lot of things you must do before writing a business relocation letter.

Changing your address is imperative

Surely, you are too busy coordinating your Miami office relocation but this is one thing you mustn’t overlook. Change your address with your U.S Post Office. Moreover, you can do this online and save yourself both time and trouble. Hence, after changing your address you are ready to do everything else.

a man working in the office
Don’t forget to change your address with your U.S. Post Office!

Communicate smartly and achieve success

Altogether, there are many people and organizations you should inform about your commercial relocation in Florida. In order to avoid mistakes, first, make a list of those recipients. Determine the form of the announcement and start writing it on time. Then, start informing your employees, clients, vendors, and many others who will be affected by the relocation. Thus, you have a lot on your mind besides packing and handling all sorts of documentation. With this in mind, think about the importance of relying on true professional movers. Only then you will have more time to devote to other affairs such as writing a business relocation letter.


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