Best Places to Live in Palm Beach County – 2020 edition

Palm Beach is one of the most enthralling cities to move to in Florida. Placed just north of Miami, it is on an island detached from West Palm Beach and other nearby towns by the Inter-coastal Waterway. This small town consists of approximately 11,000 wealthy residents. If you can afford the lifestyle here, you’ll have a great quality of life. Some of the best places to live in Palm Beach County experienced a low crime rate, lots of amenities, excellent schools, and good employment opportunities. And our Get Moved Today professionals are here to give you a top 10 list of those beautiful and highly coveted locations.

ocean water
It’s so exquisite that the ocean in most of Palm Beach is always turquoise and crystalline, even when the sun is setting.

First, a little about Palm Beach

Palm Beach has a plentitude of impressive, unique shops and great places to dine. Many rich and famous people live here. The population tends to multiply during the winter months to around 400%. Although some of the best places to live in Palm Beach County can be an expensive place to purchase a home, don’t worry. You can still find affordable options and hire one of the top moving companies Palm Beach County can offer. There are start condos for around $200,000 and single-family homes for less than $500,000. Additionally, rentals start under $1,500 per month.

However, just like with everything else, Palm Beach has its negatives points too. Because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, some of the best places to live in Palm Beach County come with a high risk of damage from hurricanes, sea-level rise, and flooding. It has a higher probability of evacuation than other cities in Florida. Still, these factors seem to not be able to deter its residents from living here.

The best places to live in Palm Beach County in 2020 ranked

10. Riviera Beach

  • Pro: Although this rough-looking beach burg doesn’t look much at first glance — it’s more famous for its tiki hut at the marina. Riviera Beach is also a literary landmark. American novelist Frederick Exley has immortalized this location in his 1968 novel “A Fan’s Notes”.
  • Con: Complaints about political corruption are constantly rolling in. Additionally, the juxtaposition between the wealthy who live on Singer Island and the poor areas is sort of heartbreaking.

9. Boynton Beach

  • Pro: This municipality offers a bit of everything. On the east, there’s a beachfront with an inlet. In its center, is more of a blue-collar area. On Congress Avenue, you’ll find a mall and a SuperTarget. Finally, if your local movers Boca Raton move you to the west, you’ll find a lot of big gated communities.
  • Con: If you’re into the whole peace-and-quiet thing, then there are no cons for you here!

8. Jupiter Inlet Colony

  • Pro: Jupiter Inlet Colony is a town of fewer than 400 residents. Also, every home here is a stone’s throw from the beach!
  • Con: There is no diversity. The whole population consists of 90 percent of white people. So this place can feel like a brochure from the ’80s.

7. Why is Ocean Ridge one the best places to live in Palm Beach County?

  • Pros: Ocean Ridge is a community dotted with beachside mansions that look a lot like palaces.
  • Cons: No criticism here, except for maybe, again, the lack of diversity.
Food in one of the Best Places to Live in Palm Beach County
Prepare some great food and hit a happening beach and you’ve got one hell of a place to live here.

6. Palm Beach

  • Pro: Somewhere in all the private beaches and gated palaces are spots where nonmillionaires can enjoy. For instance, there is the public bike path, the famed surf break at Reef Road, or shopping location Worth Avenue. Just brace yourself, since you might not be able to afford a lot of things.
  • Con: There’s a good chance that while enjoying the enchanting flavor of this elegant beachside town, you’ll run into more than several older gentlemen looking for young female companions.

5. Royal Palm Beach

  • Pro: If you decide to move to one of the best places to live in Palm Beach County, you’ll be able to enjoy 20 public parks. This municipality has set a standard of ten acres of parkland per 1,000 residents. Which is why it carries the title of the Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Add some top-notch schools and it’s hard not to wish to raise your family here.
  • Con: Parks aside, Royal Palm Beach also lacks diversity and is a bit vanilla. If you are looking for a little more attitude, you won’t find it here.

4. Boca Raton

  • Pro: Boca usually finds itself on the end of many punch lines about South Florida’s elitism. But it offers a lot of options. The food is delicious, the music is great, from Mizner Park to Sunset Cove, move to Boca Raton, because it’s got it all.
  • Con: While Boca certainly has expanded, there are still not enough parking spots for all those luxury cars.

3. West Palm Beach

  • Pro: Lately, there has been a new flow of fresh air that transformed the former retiree sanctuary into a city for the young as well as the old.
  • Con: Even though West Palm Beach now has a vibrant scene, but not outside the confines of Clematis. After that, you will just find yourself driving past retirement complex after retirement complex.

2. Why is Lake Worth one of the best places to live in Palm Beach County?

  • Pro: First of all, it is probably the epicenter of Palm Beach County’s arts scene. This quirky town is drawing in the artists and musicians of Palm Beach County. Additionally, thanks to a locale like Propaganda, you can enjoy live music just about every day of the week.
  • Con: Unfortunately, some of the local businesses that made Lake Worth so unique have been disappearing lately. This situation where the local talent keeps evaporating is troubling.
Dog on a beach
The top spot on our list of the best places to live in Palm Beach County goes to a once-shady beach town that has gotten a face-lift – Delray Beach!

1. Delray Beach is officially the best place to live in Palm Beach County!

  • Pro: Every night of the week, the downtown strip is buzzing with unique restaurants, a lively arts scene, trendy bars, and gorgeous people.
  • Con: There is a major case of gentrification here.

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