Places in Florida Military Families Love

Being a member of a military family always means being surrounded by love and brave hearts. This means these households are always warm, welcoming, and filled with hope. Finding a perfect home that military families love can be tricky sometimes but completely possible if you know what exactly to look for. The main focus is usually on bigger houses, front yards, and peaceful neighborhoods. So if you are looking for a home that your brave family will love, here is the list of places in Florida military families love!

Before we dive into more details, let’s see what are some steps to follow at the very beginning. This includes focusing on the right area by following your priorities at the same time. You should also think about the new community as it will be good to have at least one military family close to you. These friendships are known to last forever and you will have so many topics in common. If you do your research right you will be more than ready once the residential movers Florida arrive.

mom and daughter enjoying the sunset
Looking for places in Florida military families love is an experience of a lifetime!

Best places in Florida military families love

When the time comes for you to choose your dream home, make sure you have plenty of time before the final decision is made. Moving to another place is not an easy thing to do, and you should be more than precise. You also have an entire household to move and getting this right becomes even more important. If you are coming from a different state, interstate movers Florida can help you do this right. Since moving to another state can be pretty stressful, you will receive professional guidelines and will arrive safe and on time!

So what exactly should this place have? If you explore the experiences of some other military families, you will find your answer pretty soon. The place should be suitable for raising a family and have enough peace and different activities to do. When a family member is away from home because of military service, it is good to have something to be occupied with. Your new place should also have a certain number of other military families as well. Sharing similar experiences and lifestyles is always good. Add your own priorities and wishes to this, and the category for your dream home already exists!

Aventura, Florida

This beautiful, suburban city is one of those places military families love and often move to. It is unique in many ways but mostly for being right in the middle of two Florida giants, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The architecture here is beautiful and you can choose between row houses or single-family homes. Your entire family will love the place and moving companies Aventura will help you move fast! Get ready for some of the best shopping experiences in your life as well! Aventura has the third-largest shopping mall in the USA and will quickly become your favorite stop!

Since you must focus on pretty much everything this place has to offer, you will love the education system here. Aventura has some of the best schools in the state that are public and private. If your kids decide to pursue further education somewhere else, they can choose between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They will be close to you but far enough to start their own life. Prices are affordable and the real-estate market always offers amazing homes.

mother and father playing football with their son
The place you are looking for should be quiet and full of different activities!

Cutler Bay, Florida

Although this town is much smaller than the first one, it is equally beautiful! Cutler Bay is extremely close to Miami but far enough for you to have a peaceful afternoon in your front yard. The weather is awesome most of the year and people in the community are very close with each other. Your kids will have lots of fun as Cutler Bay has some of the best schools in the area! If you think that this town may be on your personal list of places in Florida military families love, then movers Cutler Bay FL will help you out. Once you arrive you can introduce your family to new neighbors! They will love showing you around and directing you to everything you need to know!

If you love spending time at the open you are going to get plenty of it in Cutler Bay. After residential movers FL carry out relocation, make sure to start exploring hidden gems around your neighborhood. One of the main reasons this is the place military families love is because of all the parks and hiking trails. Your kids will always have a chance to spend some quality time outside with their new friends. Schools in Cutler Bay often organize trips and summer camps that will give them a chance to bond faster with new surroundings.

Loxahatchee, Florida

This lovely community in Palm Beach County is perfect for every military family! Landscapes in Loxahatchee are beautiful and you will have all the time in the world to explore all of them. It is a place of the slow pace and you will enjoy every minute you spend with people dear to you. Loxahatchee is extremely safe and you will know for sure that your kids will have a childhood to remember. When it comes to moving there, movers Loxahatchee FL will carry the relocation for you. This will give you enough space for exploring and getting to know this magical place.

a group of friends having dinner at the big table
If you find a place that suits your family’s lifestyle you will blend in much faster!

Since the crime rate is so low here, it is a perfect place for raising a family. School transportation operates constantly and their new teachers will make sure to help them adjust faster. You, on the other hand, will enjoy the new community. There are a lot of activities here for military families like clubs, festivals, and welcoming parties. If you decide that Loxahatchee is a place for you, try to visit it in advance. Even if you change your mind about moving here for some reason, you will take only the best memories with you. 

Riviera Beach, Florida

If you have small kids, Riviera Beach is definitely for you! It is among the best places in Florida for military families for many reasons but mostly because all the things you need are close to you. Shopping malls, lovely bakeries, different institutions, and many others are just a couple of miles away from every neighborhood you choose. Since military families simply adore places like this, make all the necessary arrangements with movers Riviera Beach FL on time!

Although this place is sometimes a hot spot for tourists, this rarely affects the residents in a negative way. There is no traffic jam, no long lines in front of shops and living here is pretty normal. Even if things get busy during the summer, residents often participate in events and festivals. You may expect a couple of concerts during the summer and since the organization is always good, try not to miss them out. If you ever wish for more rush in your life, Miami is pretty close and you will be there in no time.

parents playing with their child after choosing among best places in Florida military families love
Your family deserves the best so make sure to explore every option!

Juno Beach, Florida

Another small and hidden gem in Florida is definitely Juno Beach. Known as the nesting ground for sea turtles this town provides the best lifestyle to its residents. It is calm and safe and the weather is amazing most of the year. There are enough tourists to keep the place even more exotic during the season. Both private and public schools are amazing and you will love the communities here! Movers Juno Beach FL will help you out with moving and your items will arrive in time. Sounds like a perfect start!

Apart from the sea turtles, Juno Beach offers a couple of more miracles to its residents. You are going to love the architecture here, as houses here have beautiful yards and driveways. The price may seem a little bit high to you at first, but living with your family in a quiet and safe place really is priceless. There are also some areas in Juno Beach where you can find a nice row house if you think that suits you better. If your previous household was bigger than the new one, storage units FL can be a solution. 

Other things you should know

If it happens that your partner is absent because of military duties, rely on your moving company to carry out the relocation. The rest of the family will need you since moving is a big change no matter where you go. Even if you are coming to Florida from another state, things are not so scary at all. Interstate movers FL will take care of the entire move so there will be nothing to worry about. Once the relocation starts, you and your kids can go and get the new place ready. This will be an amazing opportunity for bonding and having new adventures together.

Upon arriving, don’t forget to take a good and long rest. Especially if you chose a good season for moving and the weather is still nice. Your main goal should be to get to know the new place and embrace everything it has to offer. This is the moment when you can meet other people around you and make new friendships that will last forever!

three women talking in the gaden
Try to get in touch with your future neighbors as they may provide more information about the place!

Keep exploring the best places in Florida military families love

Since this is one of the most important decisions in your life, take your time. Look at all the interesting facts and don’t forget to check out some reviews. These are usually extremely useful and can help you get a better picture! Getting information first-hand is also a good idea! You can use social media for reaching the residents of the place you chose and simply ask them everything you want to know. There is a chance you will come across some military families as well, and that will be a jackpot!  Local moving companies Miami FL will answer all of your additional questions and will help you choose the best services for moving.

If this is your first relocation, packing services FL may be the best option for you. Especially if your kids are young and you don’t have enough time to focus on packing. Packing is infamous for being extremely time-consuming and complicated so it is good to know that you have a solution for that as well. You can invite your friends to help you out while packing and finish it faster. For even better results, simply leave the packing to movers and focus on your family. Always think of your priorities and don’t forget to have a good time! 

In conclusion

Finally, don’t forget that making decisions like this always takes time. It is completely normal that you can’t choose at first, or like multiple places at once. As time goes by you will slowly narrow down your choices. If one of the family members is often absent due to military service, find the best time to start the relocation. Teamwork is proven to be the best method for reaching good results and you should never be afraid to dive into it. The closer your relocation comes, the more ready you and your family will be! 

parents walking with their kids down the path
Your main goal is to find the most suitable place all family members will love!

Keep in mind that exploring Florida always comes with some pleasant surprises! As you search for the best places in Florida military families love make sure to think of everyone’s wishes and needs! This will tighten the bond in your family and moving to another place won’t be stressful! If relocation gets too complicated or you just get tired, professionals will take it from there. Look forward to sunny weather and embrace the new change!

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