When should you start packing for relocation?

If you are planning a relocation you will need to start packing on time. You must have heard from your friends who recently moved “I wish I had more time to pack everything and to plan everything“.  However, there is an ongoing debate about the right time to start packing, and we all have a different perception of time. For that reason, our moving company prepared this article on when should you get packing for relocation. If you follow our guide you will have easy relocation and you will finish your packing on time.

When should you start packing for relocation?

The perfect time to start packing for relocation is right after you decide to move. You can still be searching for a new apartment but that does not mean you should not pack clothes you are not wearing that season.  For example, if you are moving in wintertime you should start packing your summer wardrobe while you are searching for a new apartment and vice versa. That will only give you more time to pack when you have your new home selected. Keep in mind that you need to finish packing before your Pompano Beach movers arrive. Timing is everything when it comes to relocation. Therefore make sure that you have enough time for everything.

Yet another thing, if you are packing the night before relocation chances are bigger that you will forget to pack something. Moreover, if you rush with your relocation you won’t be able to have a stress-free moving process. In order to have smooth relocation, you should make a plan and follow it till the last step and that would be unpacking. The first thing you will need to do is organizing a garage sale. A week before your moving day is the perfect time to declutter before moving from Florida to California. That way you will not only declutter your home form items you are not planning to use; you will also increase your moving budget. You can also donate clothes to people in need. That way you will not only declutter your closet you will also help your community.

A man on a yard sale
Sell or donate all items you are not planning to use.

How to pack like a pro

If you have never packed in your life these tips will come in handy to you. The first thing you need to have is packing supplies. You can easily find them online or you can buy them from a neighborhood department store. However, if you are moving on a budget you might consider second-hand moving boxes. Here are some of the best packing tips you need yo know:

  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Not only that they will take less space to pack it will be easier to pack them. All you need to do it to take a few t-shirts put them on top of the other and roll them up. That way you can easily fill space between your suitcase metal frame.
  • Use plastic bags to cover your suits, jackets, dresses, and cotes. By simply putting plastic bad over your hangers you will protect your clothes from dust. Moreover, you will not forget your hangers.
  • Use old shoe boxes. You can use them to pack smaller items. Also, you can put your shoes in a plastic bag and fill the space next to them with your socks. That way you will have your socks next to your shoes and you won’t forget to pack them.
  • Protect your fragile items. Moving fragile items always comes with the risk. All you can do is hope you protected them well while packing them. Keep in mind that id you have fragile items you might consider moving insurance.
  • Label your boxes. This step is super important in the moving process. Your City Movers will have an easier job relocating you if they know which are the boxes with fragile items inside them. Moreover, labels will help you unpack faster.

Ask for help when you start packing for relocation

If you are not sure should you ask your friends to help you move or pack, we advise you to do that. Packing with your friends can be a fun bonding experience. Moreover, it will take less time if you have a helping hand. The good thing about asking them to help you is that you can easily pay them by ordering some pizza and preparing refreshments. You can also give them away from some items you were planning on selling or donating. However, if you and your friend are not having the same point of view when it comes to packing you should not consider this option.

A man and a woman packing
Ask your friends to help you pack for the move on time

Therefore you should maybe consider hiring professional packers. Contact some of the best movers Highland Beach FL has to offer and ask them if they are offering packing service. With a professional packer by your side, you will be able to pack everything in less than a day. Furthermore, you will learn some of the best packing tips and tricks from professional packers. You will soon realize that hiring them is worth every cent.

Some other things you should do before your movers arrive

There are some other things you should do before your movers arrive. For example, you should prepare your furniture for relocation. There are some pieces of furniture you should disassemble before the movers arrive. Furniture items like beds and tables are much easier to move if you disassemble them. Your movers will be grateful for that. However, keep in mind to put all screws and smaller parts in labeled ziplock bags or smaller boxes. Also, you should make sure that your phone is charged especially if you have your moving checklist on your phone.

screws on a magnet
Use a magnet to make sure you have collected all of the screws for your disassembled furniture

Yet another thing, the sooner you start packing for relocation, the more time you will have to finish everything. Keep in mind that you need to be fully packed before the moving truck arrives. Therefore, this will conclude our article on when should you start packing for a move.  For more information feel free to contact us or your moving company. We wish you a stress-free move.

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