Health hazards lurking in your storage

In today’s day and age, you either know a hoarder or you are one. This is a simple fact. We live in a time of uncertainty and stress. While no civilization on planet Earth lived as comfortably as we do now, and while we can recognize the simple truth that our overall well-being has never been as optimal as it is today… It’s also a fact that we don’t know the story that tomorrow brings. It could be one of sorrow and pain, or it could be one of joy and happiness. For that reason, people tend to hoard. People hoard because they believe that an item will be useful in the future. This can be taken to such an extreme level that hoarding can become dangerous. Wonder how? Let these Florida Movers show you all the health hazards lurking in your storage.

What are the worst health hazards lurking in your storage?

There are plenty of health hazards that can lurk in your storage. Granted, everyone’s home is different. That’s why we cannot give you an in-depth number of potential threats that your basement has. However, what we can give you is an overview of the most common and most dangerous substances you need to get rid of today. That is if you want a healthy basement. So, if you are relocating and are looking to declutter some of your belongings your basement is the perfect place. Or, even if you are not hiring moving companies Boca Raton FL and not relocating we still think it would be worth it to check exactly what you can or cannot have in your basement. You’ll thank us later.

1. Mould

Most storages (i.e. basements) are filled with mould. Why? Well, because most basements are quite damp. And mould loves moist environments. Okay, but why should I care about whether or not I have mould in my storage? Well, for several reasons. But most importantly, because mould can negatively affect your respiratory system. Research has shown that mould can cause a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. And if you have allergies than we have bad news for you. Mould and dampness have shown to have a terrible effect on the respiratory system. In combination with the widely spread Covid-19 virus, you might want to think twice about cleaning out the mould from your storage.

Mould thrives in dampness. That’s why storage units if kept untidy, are the perfect haven for mould.
  • How to clean mould: Use vinegar. If the mould doesn’t come off then use a combination of vinegar and bleach. That should definitely do the trick. However, we also recommend that you upgrade your storage so mould doesn’t appear again. We recommend using dehumidifiers, sealing any cracks in the foundation, and changing the carpentry.

2. Carbon monoxide

Everyone has heard about carbon monoxide poisoning, right? It’s quite the buzz word in movies, newspapers, and games. And for good reason too. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odourless and invisible. That’s why most people don’t know they are being poisoned by it until it’s too late. Thankfully, there are easy ways to prevent that from happening.

Carbon monoxide can be quite poisonous if left unchecked.
  • How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning: If you have a furnace (that is not electrical) in your basement or storage unit, make sure to have it inspected regularly. However, the surest way of mitigating carbon monoxide poisoning is to have a detector installed.  Trust us, while it might be a few extra dollars spend, it’s a few dollars well-spent.

3. Solvents

Solvents can be extremely poisonous is left unchecked. In other words, if your varnish, paint, or adhesive is left half-opened or the cans crack and spill the volatile organic compounds can be extremely volatile to you and everyone who visits the storage.

Paint in a bucket.
Remember to clean up after using solvents.
  • How to prevent volatile organic compounds from spilling: We recommend that you frequently inspect whether all the solvents are closed tight and that no spillage or draining occurred. Also, be organized and hygienic. Make sure that all the cans are washed thoroughly from the outside and that you’ve removed any of the excess solvents from the outside of the can!

4. Radon

The decay of uranium forms radon gas. This gas is present in things you see every day – rocks and soil. That’s why it’s so important that you are well aware of the surroundings of your storage unit. For example, if it’s close to a high-risk radon area you might want to get yourself one of those radon detectors that way if you get a reading about anything out of the ordinary, all you need to do is call a radon mitigation expert.

What can you do about health hazards lurking in your storage?

Hopefully, by now you’ve learned all about what types of health hazards lurk in your storage. By eliminating them you are not just learning how to protect your delicate electronics in storage, but also how to keep your storage overall healthy. However, as you might imagine, having a healthy and organized storage unit is no menial task. You have to do your due diligence and have it cleaned and inspected for any health hazards on a quarterly basis. However, most people don’t do that. They just put all the belongings into their basements and forget about it.

Get a good, spacious storage unit

Although, it doesn’t need to be like that. You can hire one of the storage units Boca Raton. These are high-quality radon, mould, and carbon monoxide-free storages. You won’t have to worry about any health hazards in these units. On top of all that, these storage units have climate-controlled and security 24/7. Oh, and did we mention that these storage units have CCTV? Some are even vehicles accessible. So, if that sounds like something that interests you, give us a call and we’ll set you up with your brand own storage unit.

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