How to declutter before moving from Florida to California

People who have been moving frequently over the years have mastered the art of decluttering, and you should too. City Movers brings you an article that will teach you why and how you should stick to a minimalist approach to your home organizing, especially now that you are relocating. A minimalist routine makes life easier with less mess to worry about. So, without further ado, here’s how you can declutter before moving from Florida to California.

The main benefits of decluttering before moving

It won’t be until you move into the next home that you will really see why you need an effort to and declutter before moving from Florida to California. However, we know that we are talking about an overwhelming task. It takes a lot to organize this minimalist approach and dedicate yourself to sorting through all your stuff and declutter. But it will be completely worth it in the long run. You can complete this process in several different ways – while you’re packing, cleaning, or after your move. Just keep in mind that hauling more stuff will cost you more! So definitely declutter before your move, and even the unpacking will be easier.

person under a pile of clothes
When you find the amount of stuff you own overwhelming, it usually a good sign you’re ready to start making a change.

Learning how to properly declutter before moving from Florida to California

Besides all the benefits of saving money, as you declutter before moving from Florida to California, you will also be decluttering your life as a result. Talk about a win-win situation. Plus, all of this organizing, cleaning, decision making, and packing doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be. Like we’ve said, there are many benefits to the minimalist approach:

  1. You will have less to clean. Cleaning is already enough of an undertaking, especially if you have a large home. Add to it the questionable chore of cleaning around things you have zero emotional attachment to makes keeping the house pristine much more stressful.
  2. There will be less to organize and finding what you need at the moment will suddenly be a bit easier. Things won’t mysteriously disappear anymore.
  3. Feel the stress leaving your body. Looking around at a very messy and cluttered house is an anxiety-inducing sight. After you declutter before moving from Florida to California, it will be so nice to walk freely around and see a home you love, wouldn’t it?
  4. You’ll avoid additional debt. Spending on knick-knacks and clothes just add to the clutter. But if you stay disciplined and cut these costs, it means your budget remains intact. Therefore, your credit card score will improve, and, finally, your home won’t get stuffy with expensive items you don’t need.

Will owning less make your home look empty or boring?

This is a fallacy because owning less stuff won’t make your house look simple all of a sudden. Moreover, simply doesn’t equal sparse or boring. Quite the opposite, your home will become more peaceful. Finally, serenity can enter your life and you can view your home as a wonderful and welcoming space for rest and comfort. Plus, since you will be regaining your financial freedom, your house will feel even more zen! Did you know that almost 60% of American households live paycheck to paycheck, and many of them are in serious credit card debt? So declutter before your move and leave all these worries behind as well.


girl carrying boxes in a messy room trying to declutter before moving from Florida to California
You can get rid of the clutter in your home on your own.

Where to start now that you have decided to declutter before moving from Florida to California?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some help in the decluttering department, creating a very simple moving checklist is a fairly nifty way to keep track of all you need to do. Having a checklist will help you get started and you can even get your stuff on the road. Here are the most essential tips to get you started on your upcoming decluttering process:

  • Start clearing out your house every day, but use just little windows of time. You’ll be checking things off more and more as you go, but you won’t even feel it on a daily basis!
  • Try to donate one item every day, even when you’re not moving. This means you’ll be removing 365 items just in the first year. Then you can additionally increase this to 2 items per day, or more if this process somehow becomes too easy.
  • Donate garments you never wear or have even forgotten you owned. Turn it into a game: Sort through your wardrobe as fast as possible and try to fill a trash bag (or as many as you can) with old clothes. Do it quickly – don’t hesitate. You can donate anything you haven’t worn more than a year at Goodwill.
  • There is also the 10-10-10 challenge you can try. Find 10 items that you can toss out immediately, 10 to donate, and 10 to pack up and move with you. You can change this number as you see fit.

Try to look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time

Go outside, close your eyes and concentrate, then go into your home as if you’re visiting an unknown house for the first time. Next, take some before and after photos any portion of any room you choose. For example, it can be your kitchen island. Promptly put away the miscellaneous items laying around and take another photo. Once you realize how pristine and magazine ready your home could be, it becomes less emotional to declutter prior to moving from Florida to California.

Book called Chaos on a persons head
Decluttering, along with a minimalistic lifestyle, will help you build up savings you can put towards unexpected emergencies.

How can I declutter quickly? Can it be done in a day?

The short answer is no, it is not possible to declutter before moving from Florida to California that quickly. When you begin with removing clutter from your life, don’t rush and try to do it in a single day. It’s something that you can do overtime and even long before you need to relocate. Contact us to relocate you and you will have more energy for your greatest passions because of delegating hard labor. By reducing debt, winning back your financial freedom, you can now focus your energy on enjoying your clean home and the things you love instead of worrying about your upcoming relocation. Leave that to us.

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