Moving to a small apartment – what to do with your stuff?

Downsizing to a smaller home has multiple time and cost-saving benefits. However, moving to a small apartment also means less space to fit your belongings in. Therefore, the process of transferring your treasures from a larger house into your new abode may leave you baffled. So, what to do with your stuff and how to optimize your new, smaller living space? City Movers will not only help you transfer your inventory with ease, but our moving specialists will also share some pro tips on how to organize your relocation, and deal with your possessions in the most effective way. Thus, you’ll be able to figure the ideal solutions on how to keep your stuff without having to part with more than you need to. All the while, you’ll be able to maximize your living space and get the most out of your decision to move to a flatette.

A small apartment - moving to a small apartment
Moving to a small apartment and turning it into a comfortable space is viable with a good space utilization strategy

The essential guidelines for moving to a small apartment

Every person has a different reason for moving to a new place. When it comes to changing houses, in particular, most of us will do it at least once in a lifetime. Besides, downsizing and transferring to a smaller living space is a trend on the rise in recent times. Also, in case you’re planning to move to Miami, it’s highly likely that your new home will be a small apartment or condo in one of the many slick high-rises that make up the city’s landscape.

Withal, you need to prepare well ahead before the actual move and work out a plan for organizing your possessions. This is necessary if you want to prevent stress and anxiety come moving day and feelings of discontentment upon settling in your new place. Thus, here are a few points that will help you tackle your project of moving to a condo and finding a suitable place for your possessions.

  • Declutter your current home
  • Work out your new layout
  • Sort out the logistics
  • Maximize the space when moving to a small apartment

Get ready for moving and organize your possessions

Of course, in the age of consumerism, we are all guilty of having more items than we actually need. And not just that, but our living spaces tend to get smaller in size, making it tricky to keep everything in our abodes. So, transferring to a tiny apartment definitely means that you should secure a safe place for keeping your possessions. And if it’s worth keeping, it’s worth the best protection it can get. Thus, find the best storage Miami has available. Do this with time to spare, as you’d like to avoid feeling rushed when it comes to sorting out your possessions. 

A hand drawing up a floor plan
An inventory list and a floor plan will help you figure the new layout of your small flat, and what storage solutions will benefit you most

Moving to a small home calls for your due diligence. Hence, be proactive, and make an inventory list. Know what is in your possession, and what do you actually need to keep. The price of your move is determined by the distance, but in a large measure also by the size and weight of the inventory you are transporting. So, don’t waste money moving along with things you don’t need, and moreover, you don’t have the space to keep. Organize a decluttering action, and sell and donate things you don’t need, but deserve to get a second life. Toss or recycle what has expired, and place your valued possessions in the best storage unit in Miami you can find. With these guidelines, you’ll make moving to a smaller condo a lot easier and less stressful for yourself.

Draw up a floor plan when moving to a small apartment

A small apartment can be turned into a cozy nest that you wouldn’t trade for a mansion if you could. But this is only if you invest yourself in the task and use the space available to make your small space comfortable. An essential step to ensure that you’ll tackle this task with ease is to set the grounds first. Therefore, before transferring to your flatette, work out an effective floor plan. Use tape to take measures, and figure out if the furniture you own is a good fit for your new place. Besides, this will help you plan the moving part itself as well. You’ll know what can fit through the door, and what needs disassembling. Thus, you’ll streamline the communication with your movers as well, and you’ll encounter fewer stumbling blocks on the way to your new apartment.

Enlist experienced movers

No matter if you are moving into a 10-bedroom house or into a small apartment, you’ll need steady pro help to pull your relocation project through with success. Hence, research dependable residential moving services from reputable companies. You’d like to look into well-established movers with ample practical experience. Moving to a small flat and fitting your stuff in should be done correctly right from the get-go. Apartment buildings tend to have set rules for moving in and out, policies on using the elevators or the stairs, and so on. Besides, dragging bulky items through narrow hallways isn’t the best way to leave a good first impression on your new neighbors. So, secure your dependable pro mover, and move into your small flat in an optimal fashion.

Wicker baskets
Consider creative storage solutions to keep your stuff neatly organized in your small living space

Put your creativity to work when moving to a small apartment

When downsizing to a small home, you’ll inevitably face the dilemma of what to do with your stuff. On a good balance, your ideal solution is securing a storage unit long-term. Along with the logistics part, our specialists are happy to assist you with the safekeeping of your possessions as well. But, to get the best out of your living space, you’ll also need to get creative. While there are countless great tips and advice on how to organize a small flat, here are the most practical tips to give you the lead on how to deal with your possessions in the most effective way.

  • Tap into vertical space. Consider installing vertical shelves to maximize your small living space. These are great for stashing in small storage containers filled with stuff while keeping your room free of visual clutter. Corner shelves are also a great idea.
  • Opt for multifunctional furniture. When moving to a small apartment, you’ll need to utilize every square foot in a thoughtful way. Sofa beds, transforming tables and double-duty items with storage space will allow you to deal with your stuff in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Make decluttering a habit. The smaller your living space, the easier it is to accumulate clutter. Hence, harmonize your small flat and do regular decluttering. Don’t hold to stuff that has no real purpose in your daily life. Therefore, put as much as you can off your way. And for your optimal content, make the best out of your storage unit.

In conclusion, moving to a small apartment doesn’t have to be a challenge. The aforementioned tips will give you an idea of what to do with your stuff, and how to optimize your small living space for daily comfort.

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