How to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale

Moving is a difficult job for many people. Things can get worse if your moving company fails to fulfill your expectations. Most customers complain about their items being damaged or lost. Moreover, other complaints are about companies arriving late, and charging for unfinished jobs. As Fort Lauderdale is a vast area, it is not surprising that there are as many reckless movers as there are good ones. As a result, most people are not sure how to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale, so they seek help from local companies. The last thing you need on your moving day is to have broken items or a bill that will break your bank. But don’t worry! We have prepared some tips on how to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale.

Make sure a moving company has the proper license and insurance

There are many moving companies in Fort Lauderdale. All of them provide different moving services, and it is hard to tell which one is better. When you start looking for a reliable mover, the first thing to check is whether the mover has a proper job license. The government’s job is to issue a license to any moving company in the area, whether it is a local or a long-distance one. In case your mover refuses to provide insurance or a license, you have the right to complain to the local authorities. If you are moving out of state, pay special attention to every detail. Your company should provide the best moving services Fort Lauderdale offers. Having a reliable mover is of utmost importance for your long-distance relocation.

Two movers carrying boxes inside the house
Make sure to hire only licensed and insured moving company

If you want to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale, beware of red flags

This is another very important thing to pay attention to when looking for the best local movers Fort Lauderdale recommends. Most reputable moving companies will not require a cash deposit before you move. If the mover seems to be desperate for money the moment you enter their office, their business may not be legitimate. They may be scammers looking for profit only. Moreover, take note of how professional the mover is during the meeting. In case they are late, unsure about their abilities, or cannot answer your questions, you have all the right not to sign a deal. Furthermore, beware of movers who arrive in a rented moving van. A professional business will always have its equipment.

Don’t sign the contract with the first company you find

If you are new in the moving industry, maybe you don’t know the rule of three. This means that you should find at least three moving companies and ask them to provide a free moving estimate. Don’t settle for the first offer you get. Instead, you may want to explore different options, talk to the company’s representatives, and ask some questions. If you sign the contract with the first moving company you find, you may miss some nice opportunities. Moreover, you will not have time to see which long distance moving companies Fort Lauderdale recommends are reliable. As a result, you may end up with hidden costs or rude movers, and you don’t want this to happen on your moving day.

Two women talking about how to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale
You do not have to accept the offer from the first company you find. Take your time to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale and do more research

Your mover should have the necessary moving equipment

If your mover tells you that you should buy moving boxes, then you are dealing with an unreliable moving company. You are not obliged to buy materials on your own, because companies charge for them anyway. It is the job of every mover to have all the necessary equipment for the move. If your company doesn’t offer the best moving supplies Fort Lauderdale suggests, you may want to keep on looking. A reliable company possesses cardboard boxes in all sizes, containers, storage units, markers, bubble wrap, and a moving blanket, among other things. Moreover, your movers should perform a thorough inspection of your home before providing a free moving estimate. This means they should have the proper equipment for estimating your belongings.

A reliable mover will always provide a free estimate

Every moving company in Fort Lauderdale is obliged to provide a free moving estimate. In case your mover doesn’t give you your estimate, maybe you should not sign a contract with them. The first step in the process is to give a written estimate before inspecting a place in person. As you have the right to know your costs, getting a free moving estimate is very important. It might be a good idea to take at least three moving estimates and compare them. Many moving companies offer affordable packages and discounts if you use their services. Moreover, reliable movers will have an online moving calculator that allows you to see how much your relocation will cost. If they don’t have an official website, maybe you should not proceed with this mover.

A man and a woman having a conversation
A reliable mover will always provide a free estimate and explain all the possible options for you

Take your time to find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale

Moving with a reliable company like City Movers can eliminate stress and anxiety during the process of relocation. Therefore, this should be the first thing on your moving checklist. Following our useful tips can help you find reliable movers in Fort Lauderdale in no time. Asking for a free moving estimate and doing thorough research on the companies is a must in order to ensure you are hiring the best moving team. Moreover, always ask movers for their licenses, and beware of red flags. Use your intuition and knowledge, because you deserve to get the best services. With so many companies on the market, it is hard to find the right one without proper assistance. Therefore, use all the help you can get and enjoy your relocation.


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