Best small cities in Florida for aspiring artists

Florida is an amazing place. People love to come here and they usually relocate here. There are many attractions here. There are big cities like Miami and some small cities in Florida for aspiring artists. Artists are looking for something new and something inspiring to make their life better! We will discuss a lot about these places and where you can find what you need. But, before you make a move and decide to relocate, learn about these places and what you can find here. Also, the best solution for your relocation is always to hire professionals. Why bother with all that when you can let professionals do that? City Movers is what you need.

Why are people choosing Florida?

The main reason is that Florida is an economically developed state, and has nice weather, beautiful beaches, and a lot of other interesting things. People are inspired when they come here. It is also a good thing that people here are friendly and know how to enjoy life. Aspiring artists have a lot of things to do here. Whatever city you decide to live in, you won’t make a mistake. It all depends on what you want and what you like. And money also plays a big role when choosing between small cities in Florida for aspiring artists.

Man taking a picture of a sea turtle in the sea
Scuba diving is something that you should try

Dania Beach

Who likes the beach? Almost everybody. Some people don’t like sand between their toes, but when they get there they change their minds. Dania Beach is an award-winning of  “Blue Wave Beaches”. That means that the beach is phenomenal! How is this good for aspiring artists? Well, artists who like to paint and draw can be seen here. They enjoy it here and paint what they see. This is an astonishing place. It is not so big. In this place live about 35,000 people. There are some good apartments and houses that you can rent or buy. And the fact that it is good weather almost all year attracts people even more. To get here, movers Dania Beach FL is there to help you with everything you need.

Homestead is one of the small cities in Florida for aspiring artists

This is a great place for people who want to start a family. Homestead is the site of the unusual Coral Castle, hand-carved from coral rock by one man. It is a great place not far from downtown and it also offers peace. Homestead is primarily a Miami suburb. If you are inspired by wild Miami and still want some privacy and quiet, this is a place for you. Also, Miami offers a lot of interesting places to see and visit and places to work in. Miami is a well-developed city. If you want to enjoy Homestead and don’t worry about relocation, movers Homestead FL will easily do that.

Cooper City

This is a place where you can see a lot of amazing things. It is also well-known for hosting many sports parks and arenas. It is a small place with 28,500 residents. Some say that is the best place and one of the best small cities in Florida for aspiring artists. It is also a great place with great schools. So, we can say that it is also a good place for raising children. You need to choose your priorities in life and decide what is the best option for you. Also, prioritize in your life to avoid stress. Moving can be stressful! You can avoid that by hiring movers Cooper City.


Living in Plantation offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel. Most of the residents own their homes. It is a city with 91,750 residents. It can be hard for people to find a house or an apartmeapartment because they love this place and to rent or move. But, with the right real estate agent, everything is possible. If you don’t know the right real estate agent, movers Plantation can help. They are well-connected with people in real estate. It doesn’t cost to ask!

Happy family of four
Consider the wishes of your family when relocating

Finding the right place for you

Florida is full of small cities where you can live, work and start a family. Deciding where can be sometimes hard. There are a lot of different things to consider! Here are some of the most important things to consider:

  • Money – money is important when choosing the right place. Make a budget and see where you stand.
  • Your family – You should also consider the wishes of your kids and spouse
  • Opportunities to earn money – You need to work to get money. Artists have a lot of ways to earn money here in Florida
  • If you don’t like hot weather this is not for you
  • Do you like peace or fast life – In Florida you can find both

Put everything on a piece of paper. First, make a budget, then start searching.

Movers? Yes or no?

The simple answer is yes. It costs money, but, your mental health is important. After relocating on their own, most people end up with anxiety for days. It is hard to organize everything, especially a long-distance relocation. That is why you need to educate yourself and find the right one. The best option is to read reviews online. People who are satisfied with moving will always write good stuff about movers. There are also independent sites where movers don’t have any influence and where you can be sure that everything is true.

Cutler Bay

This cute city is one of the small cities in Florida for aspiring artists is phenomenal. It is a little expensive. More expensive than the others. Housing costs in Cutler Bay are among some of the highest in the USA. That is because this place is wonderful! Houses here are amazing and beautiful. Some have exits to the water. This is something to think about, but you need money for this. Again, make a budget and start from there. If you are coming here, that means that you won’t have a problem with hiring movers and letting them do all the work. Movers Cutler Bay FL will help with everything.

Juno Beach

It is a dog-friendly beach, which is not that common,  with serene blue waters and a pier that attracts fishermen to fish and people to watch the sunset. Long walks on the beach will make everybody’s mind relaxes and inspire them to do great things. Artists will get their inspiration for everything that they are doing. There are great apartments with a view of a beach. This could be the right place for you and your family. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. this part of Florida is always busy and a lot of people are on the streets. When hiring movers Juno Beach FL, arrange hours when there are not so many people on the streets.

There are a lot of good restaurants in this small cities in Florida for aspiring artists
Restaurants and bars in Juno Beach are amazing!


It feels like living in North Carolina. There’s plenty of nature to see and visit here. If you are a nature lover and are inspired by nature, this is the place where you should live. Loxahatchee is an unincorporated community which means that this is a region that is not governed by a local municipal corporation. The houses are far enough apart that. You know you have neighbors, but they aren’t right there when you open your window or door. It is a truly inspiring place to live in. Movers Loxahatchee FL will guide you threw your move here and they can explain the good things about this place.

Safety Harbor

Safety Harbor is full of small-town charm. Houses here are awesome. It is still close to a larger city if you ever need something from there. The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is one of the best things in this lovely city. It is the main attraction. This is one of the good small cities in Florida for aspiring artists that offers comfort for people. Relaxes life is something that you can get here and people are great. All members of this community are working together to make this small town great.

Couple happy on the beach after deciding which of small cities in Florida for aspiring artists they are going to live in
You will be happy here!

Crystal River

If you like sea animals, this is the place for you. Did you ever want to swim with a manatee? Head to Christal River when you relocate here or come here. Its crystal-clear waters are ideal for sightings of the famous creatures called sea cows. This is inspiring to see. Its clear waters are inspiring!

Jupiter is one of the best places in Florida for artists

Climb to the top of the adorable Jupiter Lighthouse for the best and most memorable views in Florida. You can see a lot of people making photos, and drawings and making fun. Also, visit mansions othe f Jupiter Island. Dubois Park offers a protected inlet for kids to play and run. There are a lot of sections for people who have dogs. This is a pet-friendly place.

Winter Park

Winter Park is the perfect place to, visit museums, play a round of golf, or take in a show. The city is known for its arts and culture. The impressive Charles Hosmer Morse Museum is a showplace for legendary American art. Here you can also see an impressive collection of Tiffany stained glass. Artists who like this kind of stuff will enjoy it here. Also, make sure to visit the Saturday farmers market.

A museum
Visit museum when you get here!

Islamorada – a group of islands for wealthier people

We won’t lie and say this is a great place for everybody. It is a great place, but to be honest, you need money here. Everything is more expensive so you have to watch your budget and what can you afford. We highly recommend visiting this place whenever you can. You can swim with dolphins at The Theater of the Sea. Islamorada is composed of five islands and offers some of the best water sports in Florida. This place is pure fun!

Coral Springs

This is a place for people who are inspired by nature, sports, the ocean, parks, and natural areas. Here you can find all that! It is good for business because here you have a lot of successful startups and here are top-rated schools. Here you have everything you need for relaxed life! Everything around here is green and smells of nature. Consider this place when relocating.


Shark Tooth Capital of the World! Venice has a rich and colorful history. Archeologists here found a lot of fossils. Caspersen Beach is well known for successful fossil finds. Venice also provides first-class golfing. If you are an artist and someone who likes to collect things like shark teeth and rare fossils, this is the place to come.


This place is a village if it doesn’t look like a regular village. It is a home of 6,500 people. The word stands for the old American tribe. It is a part of the Miami metropolitan area. People here are generous and like to taand lk and it is easy to make friends with them. It can be a good idea to relocate here and have everything you ever wanted. Call movers Tequesta FL if you decide for this place.

Tequesta tribe playing their songs
Ancestors of Tequesta tribe live in this area

When to avoid Florida and its lovely cities?

Florida is an amazing place, that is for sure. But some problems are really big for some people and usually, people have issues coping with them. For example, heat and humidity in the air. The summers are really hot and sunny. And in some parts of the year, the humidity can make your life miserable. Usually, people get used to this over time. But, if you are coming from far away state in the North where the climate is different it is harder. The hurricanes in south Florida are particularly dangerous and some people have issues with that.

To Sum Up

As we mentioned already, Florida is an amazing place. There are a lot of small cities in Florida for aspiring artists. Inspired people make great things. Artists need their muse and we are sure that they can find it here. Consider everything when relocating and think about movers to do the job.

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