Best Florida cities for businesses

When you think about Florida, the first picture that you probably get is palm trees, Disney World, and beaches. And, yes, all of those things we usually connect with Florida. But, Florida is much more than that. Florida’s economy is very diverse. And small businesses are thriving here. So, if you Are thinking about relocating your business – Florida might be the ideal place. We will provide you with a list of Florida cities for businesses and all you need to do is to find reliable office movers FL that will assist you! 

Maitland is one of the best Florida cities for businesses

First of all, you should know that Maitland is the northern Orlando suburb. The average revenue per business is around $4.5 million. Because of its proximity to Orlando, it is a very desirable location for many business owners. Here you will find the National Entrepreneur Center, which offers a lot of different activities to help you with your business. Starting with free business coaching, seminars. You can easily move your business without the fear to lose productivity since here you can find a lot of workshops and courses that will help you to upgrade your business. Maitland is one of the top Florida cities for businesses, and there is a good reason or it!

money in a suticase that marks Florida cities for businesses
Maitland has the highest revenue

Doral is a great option for growing your business

Doral is near Miami, only 15 miles away. It is close to Miami port. Because of that proximity, it is ideal for tourism, finance, logistics. Doral offers different opportunities, and if you are looking for ways to grow your business you can do it at Florida Small Business Development Center at Florida International University for free. They offer free consultations, and if you ever feel like you need help – here you will get it for sure.

Naples is always an option

If you are looking for a fresh start, Naples might be a good option for you. Here, you will find white beaches, golf courses, and lovely shopping streets. This means that the economy is mostly based on tourism. So, if your dream was to start your own restaurant or a retail store- this is the place! This is not just one of the best Florida cities for businesses, but also in the whole US. You can get a Florida storage unit, store all of your old office papers and equipment, and start your new adventure in Naples!

golf ball
Naples is home to a lot of golf courses

Palatka can be a great option if you are looking for best yet affordable Florida cities for businesses

You should know that Palatka is a small town between Jacksonville and Orlando. Palatka is on our list of Florida cities for business because it is a rather affordable town. The median housing cost is rather low, and it makes it a desirable place to live. The best thing is that The Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida has an office in Palatka. And they offer free advising for local businesses. So, if you need some additional information on how to move your business – this is the place! they can offer you great advice!

Sunrise FL is always an option

Sunrise Florida is often called a city for today and tomorrow. A lot of big companies have their offices here. So, if you are considering moving your business to Sunrise – we can freely say that might be a good choice. The city is working on its image and it is trying to be attractive for business owners. So, if you are considering this as an option, you should know that you can easily find movers Sunrise FL that will help you with the whole relocation process. 

Coral Gables is one of the largest and the best Florida cities for businesses

Coral Gables is near Miami, and it is one of the largest cities. Also, Coral Gables is the home of the University of Miami. This simply means that it can be easy to find workers since a lot of educated and smart people are right here – in Coral Gables! Also, one of the perks of relocating your business here is that this is a planned community with great architecture. Besides a great workforce, Coral Gables offers great restaurants, shops, and boutiques. So, if you are considering relocating your business and your whole family here – that is a wise and a good choice!

view of Coral Gables
Coral Gables is home to the University of Miami that provides great workforce

If you are into agriculture – Sebring should be your choice

Sebring is a city in Central Florida, located on Lake Jackson. The main business here is agriculture. A lot of people decide to move here because of that. They are ready to leave all of their office equipment and start a citrus farm. Citrus farming is one of the most popular activities here in Sebring. Also, if you have any doubts you will find free advice in the Small Business Development Center at South Florida State College. Even if this is a new chapter for you –  this will help you to get started!

Orange City is a popular business town

As you probably know, Orange City is the home to the annual Daytona 500 NASCAR race. It attracts a lot of tourists, and it makes it one of the best Florida cities for business. The interesting thing about Orange City is that the 1876 Heritage Inn is the city’s oldest business. It is still working rather successfully.  Also, you should know that Orange City is a popular retirement community.  Moving your business or starting a brand new one in Orange City might be one fo the best decisions you ever made!

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