10 reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale in 2022

When you think about moving, there are tons of reasons why you should choose one certain place. Thinking about the purpose of your move you will be closer to your decision. If one of the places you have chosen is Fort Lauderdale, you will be happy to hear that this place has so much to offer. That is why we have decided to write you a list of reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale this year. And if you want your relocation to go stress-free and smoothly, choose one of the most reliable moving companies, City Movers. Having the right help and the job done by the professionals is priceless. That is why you should not hesitate when hiring this moving company with some exceptional references.

About Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is best known as a place that has a great network of waterfront canals. Besides this, there are miles of white sand beaches. But among this beautiful outdoor stuff, there are tons of shoppers, restaurants, and galleries. In Fort Lauderdale lives about 190,000 people and most of them are actually owners. There are over 230 sunny days, which is perfect for people who like to spend time outside. It is located in Broward County where the employment market is strong. In this County, you can find the best moving services Fort Lauderdale that will help you relocate without any problems.

Fort Lauderdale sign
There are plenty of reasons to move to Florida.

List of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale

If you want to relocate to Fort Lauderdale with help from some of the best moving companies Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you need to know what makes this place so special. There are numerous reasons why is this place good for your business, family, or if you have decided to retire.

Plenty of beaches

There are numerous white-sand beaches that are touching the Atlantic. From some research from 2019. the Fort Lauderdale Public Beach is in 9th place on the list of the best beach in the US. Besides this beach, there are tons of others, also famous ones. The one that everyone recommends visiting is Deerfield Public Beach. Even local movers Fort Lauderdale has that you have hired to relocate will give you a piece of advice to see and enjoy your time on this beach. So if you love spending time near the water and in the warm sun, Fort Lauderdale is definitely a place for you.

One of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale is that this place is perfect for the elderly

This place is voted to be the best one for people who are retiring. It is in 7th place on the list of the best places to retire in Florida. That is why if you are looking to spend your days meeting new people your age and not worrying about your job anymore, you will relocate to the right place. If you have enough savings, you can even buy a home here. Just imagine having your grandkids over for a weekend or the whole summer. You will enjoy seeing their hay faces while they are spending time on the beach.

Strong employment market

For people who are looking to expand or start a new business, this place in Florida is a great opportunity. One of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale is that here you can really make your business flow. So if you have thought about having a fresh start when it comes to your career, make sure you hire commercial movers Fort Lauderdale has. If you want to relocate your office, these professionals will give their best to transport your office equipment to a new destination with minimum or zero damage. But even if you are moving just to find some better job opportunities, picking up this place is a great opportunity. The unemployment rate is only 2.5 percent.

Raising a family – reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale with kids

When moving with your family and kids, you cannot just think about your needs. Everyone’s needs must be taken into consideration. That is why if you want your kids to have the best education, you must find a place that can offer them that. Fort Lauderdale has some of the best both public and private schools, famous Universities, and colleges. Your kid will be able to choose where he wants to study and make friends.

The educational system is not the only reason to move to Fort Lauderdale with family. There are over 60 neighborhoods that are known to be the most polite and quiet places. You can choose the community that suits you the most. Knowing that your kids are safe even during the night is priceless. And since we have said that here most people are owners, you can relax knowing that the neighbors your kids will meet will not change a lot.

Be yourself!

The diversity is on a high level here and Fort Lauderdale is known to be a place where everyone is welcome. That is why if you are looking for a fresh start or you just want to be yourself, living here will give you a chance to feel free. Maybe it will be more expensive for you to live here on your own. But being able to be yourself does not have a price. That is why looking for a fresh start is one of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale. And if you have any doubts about how will you relocate on your own, you should not worry about them. Finding a reliable company means that you can get moving supplies Fort Lauderdale provides you within its companies. So you will be ready for the relocation in no time.

Healthcare and hospitals are some of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale

This area has a few top-rated hospitals. One of them is Cleveland Clinic Florida which has been voted to be in the 6th place of best hospitals in whole Florida. Knowing that you will have great healthcare means that this place is suitable for everyone. It will not matter if you have decided to move because of the job opportunities, for raising your kids in the safest place or if you are looking for a fresh start. Being able to stay healthy in some of the best systems in Florida means a lot. That is why moving here will not be a mistake.

great operation room in hospital as one of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale
The healthcare here is on a high level.

Loving being among tourists and not paying state income tax?

As a resident of Florida, you will not have to pay for the state income tax. The state of Florida makes its annual revenues from the tons of tourists that visit this place throughout the whole year. So when you declare Fort Lauderdale as your permanent resident, you will give more respect to the tourist who is paying your share of the taxes in the state.

Fort Lauderdale is a top-rated real estate market

Not paying these taxes we have talked about above gives you a chance to own a residence. That and the fact that Fort Lauderdale has a home price of around $450,500. That is why this place has become more and more popular among people who are looking for buying a property or a house here. If you are lucky enough, you will find a perfect place in the perfect neighborhood at a reasonable price and live the life you have always dreamed of.

People’s favorite reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale are a bunch of playgrounds, outdoor activities, and numerous restaurants and cuisine options

As we said, there are over 240 sunny days in Fort Lauderdale. That gives you a perfect chance to spend almost the whole year outside of the house. So if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can find so many activities here. Being a top-rated destination in Florida for watersport activities, Fort Lauderdale is a blast. You can paddle boarding through the canals such as Whiskey Creek, Middle River, or Olas Isles. There are activities like paragliding and parasailing whichever family member will enjoy. But there is more than watersports. You can take a walk on some of the numerous trails and parks and explore the greatest wildlife in the whole of Florida.

When it comes to the events you can explore here, there are numerous music festivals, film festivals, boat shows, etc. Everyone you meet here will have a favorite event, so by making friends, you can explore something new and maybe have a new hobby together.

And speaking of cuisine options, there is a wide variety of restaurants. You can find a place with your favorite food, even it is an international meal. Find your favorite taste and make some new routines, such as eating Italian food on Tuesdays with your new friends. There are even pet-friendly restaurants, so you will not have to leave your little furry friend at home you can enjoy the food together.

cake on a plate
One of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale is that here you can find numerous international restaurants.

Finding the right reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale in 2022 is easy because this place has so much to offer. Choose the right community, meet new friends. And of course, get help from the moving companies that are professionals, and live the life you have always dreamed of. It will be easy because Fort Lauderdale welcomes all and the moment you step into your new house, it will feel like home.

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