What you should know before moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay, FL

You have decided it is time for a change of scenery. You are moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay and as you know, there is a lot to do before you can relax and settle in. One must organize the packing process, search for Florida movers, appoint the right budget, and cover legalities. But more importantly, you must know what awaits you there. So, today we will explain what to expect when moving to Cutler Bay. Let’s dive right in.

Organize and find reliable movers for moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay

You must obtain all the basic information about the place you are moving to. Preferably, it would be ok if you can spare time and learn more about history and customs as well. Also, you should check out the latest trends, the real estate market, and the cost of living. But at the same time, you must prepare for the relocation and find one of the best movers Miami to assist you. So, while browsing the internet and searching for the general info about Cutler Bay, we recommend searching for a moving company as well. Check out the moving services, and prices, and read feedback. You will find the best previous moving experience on social networks. Join one of the moving-related groups and you’ll find everything you need about a specific company.

a woman creating a plan for moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay
Find movers, appoint the moving budget, and create a good moving plan.

But before you hire a licensed and reputable moving company, you should prepare your moving checklist. Your movers Cutler Bay FL need those details to organize better and create a safe relocation plan. Therefore, inspect your home, furniture, and other items you possess. Make sure your home is safe to work in as well as note all robust furniture. This way you will know if movers must bring special tools and equipment to handle those items. Lastly, you will know how many materials to purchase for packing. So, inspect and measure everything and list it in your moving checklist. Moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay will be much easier if you have your checklist with you.

Housing opportunities in Cutler Bay

If you look at the real estate market in the Miami area and surrounding neighborhoods, we can say it is a favorable one. Especially in Cutler Bay. The median home price is $215k which is around 15% higher than the US average. When you draw the line you will realize it is not so much higher considering that Cuttler Bay is one of the more prestigious towns in Dade County. So, you should start searching for a property well in advance. You never know when the right deal will pop up on the market. But do not shy away from renting as well. It can be a fine investment while you are searching for a more permanent solution.

Moreover, if you are moving into a smaller place, consider renting one of the best storage Miami units and keep the excess items there. Once you relocate to a bigger place you can take it all back or decide to keep your unit for future use.

You must know all about the cost of living before moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay

Yes, housing is a bit more expensive but job opportunities are more than favorable. You will be glad to hear that in Cutler Bay unemployment rate is 20% lower than the US average. Median household income is 20% higher as well. This means you can still afford to purchase or rent a nice property while at the same time you’ll have enough to support all your daily routines and maintain the quality of life you got used to. Or even improve it. It all depends on what kind of job you are looking for. Hence, secure a steady income before moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay and call your movers Aventura FL as soon as you are ready. Cutler Bay awaits!

a person holding dollar bills
You will easily appoint the right budget. The living cost is pretty favorable in Cutler Bay.

The overall quality of life

When we combine the situation in the real estate market and the yearly income you’ll receive, you will realize that you’ll be able to have a decent life in Cutler Bay. Next to those two topics, we have already covered, you must know that this is a perfect place to raise a family. Even though schools in this town are only 4% higher on the grading ladder, the test scores are a whopping 35% higher than the US average. This means schools in the area have one of the best teachers employed. The over schooling system is extremely favorable. As for the environment, your kids will never run out of playgrounds, green areas, parks, shopping places, diners, etc. And neither will you.

How to have fun in Cutler Bay?

In the end, you probably want to know if this place is boring or if it has a lot of potential for fun activities. We can happily say that this place has more to offer than you expected. Depending on what you like, there are a few things we can recommend. Let us begin with a shopping spree and the famous Southland Mall. Under one roof you’ll find entertainment, shopping, the finest restaurants, and movies. Then, make your way toward the Zoo Miami which is more than just a zoo. Many people do not know it is a botanical garden as well. There you’ll find more than 100 exhibits and vast indoor and outdoor areas with amazing and unique specimens. This one is perfect for a visit with the entire family.

Miami Beach FL
If you ever get bored, the beach is just a few steps away!

Also, Miami Children’s Museum is a place to visit with your family. Your kids will love it! They will have fun and at the same time learn much about history, botany, wildlife, animals, art, and much more. Of course, not all attractions are indoor. You have amazing outdoor places all over the Miami area. Check out Biscayne National Park, Fruit and Spice Park, and Larry and Penny Thompson Park. Your kids will love the great outdoors. And you will as well.

Now you are ready for moving from Aventura to Cutler Bay. More importantly, you know what to expect from your new neighborhood. Just make sure you find a good job, set aside an appropriate budget, and find reliable movers to relocate you safely. The rest will be easy once you settle in and adapt. Good luck.

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