How to move from Doral to South Miami on a limited budget

With all the hustle, bustle, and people involved in a move, moving can be quite expensive and daunting. But there are ways you can save some money during your moving process. Moving is generally considered one of the most stressful times in our lives. No matter if you’re doing everything by yourself, or you’re asking City Movers for help, there are certain ways to create a less costly moving process. This is the time to reinvent yourself, change your life how you’d like in a new environment, and start from scratch! With a little planning, all this and more is right at your fingertips. Let’s get into how to move from Doral to South Miami on a limited budget!

Declutter your home

Generally when it comes to moving, no matter the distance and location, all the top moving companies in Miami suggest decluttering. While you’re packing, or just walking around your house think to yourself what are some of the items you don’t need anymore. Sometimes people realize they’ve had the same couch for 15 years and they feel like a change is in order. Sometimes people have outgrown a certain aesthetic and want to remove decorations in that aesthetic. Consider how valuable these items you don’t need anymore are. A good idea to lessen the cost of moving is to sell some of the items you don’t need. You can do so on Craigslists, Facebook Marketplace, or host a yard sale in your neighborhood.

A row of trucks

Definitely try to sell everything that’s functioning but you don’t use it ever. Speakers you don’t use and won’t use due to neighbors, or a gaming console no one enjoys anymore are good items to sell. But, if you’re thinking of selling your childhood possession like a guitar or piano that you learned to play – reconsider it. It’s true that this instrument may be happier in a home where it will be put to use. But, this item carries incredible sentimental value. So, always think things through and make the right decision!

Donate what can’t be sold

Before your movers South Miami start relocating your items from one place to the other, be sure to donate what you didn’t sell. You could always just throw things away if they don’t sell. But, we would urge you to try and find someone less fortunate who will value your item instead of just adding to the waste. If you have something that you don’t want anymore but it’s in really bad shape and no one can use it anymore – recycle it! Even when something is completely falling apart, you can always go and recycle it.

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First, sell what you can. But, whatever doesn’t sell be sure to donate it!

Get cheap or free packing materials

You can’t conduct a moving process without some packing supplies. Your movers Doral FL are bound to offer some kind of packing services that could help you out incredibly. If you were to opt for hiring packing services, they would provide everything from the materials to the unpacking. But, this option goes into the more costly roster.

If you wish to spare some money on packing materials, the good news is you absolutely can! Getting free boxes from supermarkets or local stores is pretty easy and can be done whenever you have free time. These shops don’t need the boxes after they’ve put everything up and will likely throw them away. So, isn’t it much better if these boxes come your way?

Additionally, search for websites where you can get all of the supplies secondhand for a low price or even free. Local bargain groups on social media websites are also an amazing place to look. Also, see if you have any supplies at home! It’s not uncommon that people have some packing tape or duct tape and scissors at home. Food containers can be reused to store tiny items or breakable items. Be sure to keep your mind open and think of creative ways to make your packing easier.

Time your move perfectly

For a move from Doral to South Miami on a limited budget, be sure to time it correctly. Avoid moving during the moving season, warmer months, and weekends. These are the most popular times to move and are usually costlier. You could ask for a lot of different moving companies Miami prices and compare them with each other. Once you arrive at the lowest possible number (while still looking out for unreasonably low prices i.e. scammers), you can start calculating how much it costs to conduct a DIY move.

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Booking your move out of moving season can make it up to 30% cheaper than usual.

Calculate how much gas you will need, and how many trips to and from. Maybe the most affordable option is renting a moving truck and moving everything by yourself in it? Be sure to check out the prices of renting a truck, renting dollies, renting packing and moving supplies, etc. If you’re in a situation where a completely cost-free move is out of the question, the next best thing is to go around and rent everything you need. Also, keep in mind, that the lowest moving prices are usually between October and April!

Shut off utilities sooner rather than later

Say you’re moving on the 15th but your utilities are prorated at the end of each month. This leaves half a month of time you are paying for this service for no reason. Even at the cost of losing your cable for 2 weeks, make sure you cancel your utilities on time. Chances are you will have to buy new ones in your new apartment, and you can save some money by canceling the utilities you’re using in advance!

If your utilities can be transferred from Doral to South Miami then you’re in luck! No need to cancel if they can just continue working as before in your new home.

We hope your move from Doral to South Miami on a limited budget will be a huge success.

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