Reasons to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach

You have decided to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach. This is a great choice, but the results may vary depending on the nature of your business. Before you start working on your relocation plans and contact one of the moving companies in North Palm Beach let us provide a few bits of information. Let us compare the two locations and realize the real benefits of your decision. Maybe you can do something differently or change your mind completely. All in order to keep your business stable, safe, and prosperous. Let’s dive right in.

Living cost is the reason to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach

People earn $5k more on average in North Palm Beach. This means there will be more spending on services and products across the board. And while both places have almost the same prices for groceries and bills, the housing market is a bit different. North Palm Beach is around 5% more expensive when you want to buy a property. But up to 10% cheaper when you want to rent one. And for running a successful business, you do not need to own the property. But simply to rent and maintain it.

a man holding money knows how to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach
Paying less for groceries, bills, and rent is always good

The prices are higher to purchase a property only because there are only a few of them listed per year. Obviously, it is a smaller place with fewer properties in general. But when it comes to renting, you’ll find quite a few to choose from. So, figure this one out before you start working with movers Plantation and dedicate a budget for this endeavor.

The community is much smaller in North Palm Beach

It is easier to manipulate the market, launch a product, or provide services in a smaller environment. Of course, if you have something viable to offer and a bit of money to invest. And here in North Palm Beach, we have a ten times smaller community than in Plantation. This place has only around 13k residents while North Palm Beach is sitting at almost 100k. And the difference in average age is huge as well. Plantation is at 41 and North Palm Beach is at 55. So, with a bit older and wiser residential group, you must have something viable to offer. Luckily, this place is diverse, welcoming, and open to businesses. There are quite a few successful businesses in North Palm Beach, and there is room for more.

We suggest you do a bit of research online before you start looking for corporate relocation companies Florida. Unless you do not care, and you just need a hub where you can run all your systems and work online. In that case, this is a perfect spot. Just find a nice property and relocate when you are ready.

Palm Beach County economy is the reason to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach

Florida has one of the most stable economies in general. After all, it is the state with the most employers in the US and the fourth-largest economy as well. In the past couple of years, Palm Beach Country had the highest GDP in Florida. This says a lot about product circulation, money exchange rates, and overall spending. Obviously, people are buying and investing more in this area which is a great opportunity for your business. You will surely have an easier time assembling your investment plan as well as the moving budget. Although, you must have a good contingency plan regardless of the state of the economy is in. You never know what can happen so better stay on the safe side.

a person pointing at graph
A strong and stable economy is a good reason to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach

Job opportunities in North Palm Beach

The job market in North Palm Beach is excellent. Even if you are not searching for a job, you are a job provider after all. It is good to know the state of the job market and it will tell you more about the availability for certain positions. More importantly, you will know what is desirable on the market. So, the first thing to know is that the unemployment rate is around 3% which is much lower than the 5.5% national average. And the positions that employers are offering are related to the following businesses:

  • School District of Palm Beach County
  • Aerospace industry
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Government
  • Finances

If you check the current state of the market, you’ll see many job offers related to financing, schools, business services, trade, transportation, etc. And of course, everything related to the coastal area is highly sought after.

Traffic is better for sure

There is almost no traffic in North Palm Beach. It is a small place and even if you are stuck in traffic for some reason, it won’t last longer than a couple of minutes. On the other hand, we have Plantation which has some serious traffic problems at the moment. There is a lot of residential construction going on which slows down traffic considerably. It may be a business opportunity in the future unless you are in the construction business already. But currently, you’ll have nothing of it but the dense traffic and more cars on the roads. This situation can affect transportation as well as create problems for your employees and clients. But again, it all depends on what kind of business you are running, and it can be a great reason to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach.

traffic in Miami
Heavy traffic in certain parts of Florida is a normal thing. Mentally prepare for it.

Fun activities are more accessible in North Palm Beach

Arguably, the overall accessibility to fun activities is the reason to move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach. There is more to choose from when you are in Plantation for sure. If you want to reach Miami, you’ll spend 20 minutes driving and enjoy all the fun you can dream of. However, if you are ok with the nasty traffic, as we have mentioned earlier then you’ll have a much bigger pool because Plantation is located in the very center of Broward County. This makes the location favorable for all kinds of fun activities.

On the other hand, fun activities are more accessible in North Palm Beach because they are clustered, and all located within a few miles radius. This makes it more convenient for your employees, and to organize team building. But one thing is clear. Both locations boast with some of the best restaurants and shopping places in the state. Hence, it is for you to decide if this is something worth considering when relocating a business.

Now you know why you should move your business from Plantation to North Palm Beach. Ultimately, you will decide what is best for your business. We hope we have shed some light on the subject and helped you make the right decision. Now all that is left is to start planning and call your City Movers. They will ensure you and your business are relocated safely and efficiently. Good luck.


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