Pros And Cons Of Moving From Miami To Fort Lauderdale

What is better than moving and starting a new life? Finding a perfect place to move to of course! Those who live in Miami may think that everything they need is right there and that there is no need to change their place of living. That is until you take a closer look at Fort Lauderdale! These two cities in Florida represent hot spots for everything good and entertaining, and they really can offer everything one person needs. But just like any relocation out there, there are certain pros and cons of moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, and here are some of them!

How often are people moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale?

This moving route is more than common and you can hear from a lot of people that they did it. City Movers constantly operate on this route and that itself says it all. The main reasons include all the similarities these cities share and the fact that both of them are huge. It is interesting to know that a lot of people who are not from Florida usually think that one of these two cities is the capital. That is not the case as only the popularity of these two places is what could make that happen.

empty beach
Fort Lauderdale has more subtle and quieter beaches

Back in 2019 around 17% of people who decided to leave Miami, went straight to Fort Lauderdale. That same year 22% did the same another way around. As you can see, numbers are more than enough to speak about how popular these two cities are among Florida residents.

Cons moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Let us begin with things that can make you change your mind or that will affect your lifestyle there. A lot of these things can be pros and cons depending on what you like and what are you looking for. What matters is that you are aware of them the entire time so that you can avoid some issues in the future. We will focus on some general cons that people usually mention and that are a part of the differences between these two places!

Moving to Fort Lauderdale includes Miami’s crowd

Miami is one of the most famous places in the entire world. This has a certain weight and as a resident of this city, you are probably aware of that. When movers Miami finally confirm the date of your move, they will surely include that factor. Traffic can be pretty messy and a lot of people who live there will avoid using their vehicles for daily tasks. On the other hand, Fort Lauderdale may be less popular but the situation is similar. Miami will attract the majority of tourists, especially from other countries and states but being so close to it Fort Lauderdale follows.

people walking down the street
One thing that will remain the same includes a lot of tourists and a crowd

Some people will find this not to be so good. A lot of people may think that after moving to Fort Lauderdale you will experience less of this and that is not the case. Fort Lauderdale is growing at an incredible speed and it seems like nothing will stop it. Each year more and more people are arriving and making it look pretty similar to Miami. If you are not a fan of this, you should look for more subtle neighborhoods in this city. This will help you deal with crowds much better.

More present wildlife

The city of Miami has been holding this under control for many years, while Fort Lauderdale still deals with local wildlife. And of course that there is nothing wrong with seeing an exotic animal in the zoo but the situation in Fort Lauderdale can be different. If you take some time to check out different reviews of the locals, you will see that some animals ls are more than likely to alligator your doorstep. Sometimes it will be a snake, a dangerous spider, or even an alligator. To some people that is more than enough to take precautions or to move to another area.

What you can do about this is pretty simple. Before you start looking for moving companies Fort Lauderdale FL you should get yourself all the essential phone numbers for this matter. Write down the numbers of all animal control services and make sure you keep them close. After moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale you should make sure that safety always comes first. Even if others get themselves in this situation, animal control services will help you and prevent others from happening. 

people putting hands together
Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale can skyrocket your business

Not all beaches in Fort Lauderdale organize parties

Those who are young and are looking for Miami No.2 may be a little disappointed. When it comes to beach parties Fort Lauderdale may be a little different than Miami. Back home almost every beach in the city has at least one DJ or live performance every day. These places are hot spots for tourists and everyone who comes to visit Miami will attend at least one. Throughout the year, people will organize all kinds of events at the beach including sports and holiday events. It is interesting to mention that a lot of bars and restaurants in Miami will organize a Christmas celebration as well.

On the other hand, after moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale you will get a chance to enjoy a nice and peaceful day at the beach. There are plenty of them where people come just to relax, swim and spend the entire day on the sand. Beaches in Fort Lauderdale are perfect for families with small kids, where they can safely play and enjoy the entire time. This is probably why a lot of people will turn to residential movers Fort Lauderdale and schedule their move.

Pros of moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

And now it is time to see all the good things this relocation will bring to you and your family. The list of pros this relocation carries is huge and you should be aware of the most important ones. Way before you make a final decision make sure you know what they are, for a much better experience. By the time you arrive in Fort Lauderdale, you will feel all the positive vibes you were counting on.

Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale can improve your business

Even though Miami is the biggest business center in this state, Fort Lauderdale is not far behind. If you have your own business or plan on starting one this city could be perfect for you. Not only you will get access to more clients, but a lot of them will be different. You will get a chance to even expand your services and products and give your company what it needs. A lot of companies did the same, especially smaller ones, and didn’t regret that decision at all. Office movers Fort Lauderdale can safely transport your inventory and make sure everything arrives on time.

elderly couple sitting on the bench
The good news is that you will get to keep all those wonderful habits you had back home

Those who only plan on finding a good job will have the same amount of luck. Fort Lauderdale is more than welcoming to new residents and will give them a chance to start a wonderful career. Before you move, you should look at some open positions and send out your job applications. By the time you settle in, you will be invited for your first job interview.

Cheaper housing

Both cities are way above average when it comes to living costs. Some areas are more expensive while others will fit your pocket perfectly. When it comes to Fort Lauderdale one of the main things you should know about pricing is housing. Unlike in Miami, there you will get a chance to find a lovely home and not spend a fortune on it. All you need to do is find a good real estate agency on time and provide all the details. After a while, some pretty cool offers will be in front of you. Make sure you have enough time to check them all out and make a final decision.

With the right moving services Fort Lauderdale, you will be in your new home before you know it. Keep in mind that if your new home needs some preparations, do it before you arrive. Ask someone to help you inspect the home in advance just in case you miss an important detail. Homes in Fort Lauderdale are modern, especially knowing that this city is growing at a great speed. Nevertheless, before you enter it, make a good plan of things you will need to do after moving. 

Lovely communities

One thing that Fort Lauderdale doesn’t lack is wonderful people. No matter what part of the city you decide to move to expect to meet amazing people and your new neighbors. Just like Miami, this city is also rich in diversity and you will get a chance to learn about different cultures all the time. As soon as you arrive expect to see new faces welcoming you and offering their help.

building in Fort Lauderdale you can visit after moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale
No matter what neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale you choose, make sure it suits your needs

This will be a wonderful opportunity to start building new friendships. When community members offer to help you, use it to start a conversation and find out more about them and the entire area. While you sort your items in moving supplies Fort Lauderdale, you can share your experiences and what brought you there. As time goes on you will see why the entire the of Florida thinks that there is no place like Fort Lauderdale in the whole world. At one point you may also become that lovely neighbor that will greet new residents who just moved in.

You will get to keep the best of both worlds

Probably the biggest con is that these two cities are not so different after all. Leaving your old home may not be so easy and it will take some time to adapt. There is no better way to do it than moving to a place that gets to keep the same qualities as your previous home. Since that is the case with Fort Lauderdale and Miami, you will not lose too many things. You will continue to see cool artists on the street, celebrate amazing holidays, and of course, be in the very heart of Florida.

And all those things you didn’t like about Miami, may change in Fort Lauderdale. After all, these two cities are 24 miles apart and in this case, distance matters a lot. Make sure you always put yourself and your needs first and always work on improving your life. Fort Lauderdale will surely help you with that.


It is good to know what may happen after you officially move and start living in Fort Lauderdale. You will still have a couple of important tasks waiting for you and those are not something you should ignore. Even with professional moving help, relocations can make you feel tired. Once you finish one, you must think of yourself the entire time. Try to balance your social life with setting up your new home. The weather in Fort Lauderdale is lovely most of the year and you don’t want to miss those afternoon and evening walks. Take your time setting everything up and once you feel like you need a break take it.

people jumping in the air
After moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale get ready to meet some amazing people

Those who decide that moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale is the best option should follow it and look forward to things that are about to happen. You will come across certain changes and you should embrace them as soon as possible. If you are moving for the first time, movers will be there to help you and provide only the best moving advice out there. Have fun exploring Fort Lauderdale and if you ever become nostalgic, make sure to take a trip and spend some time in wonderful Miami.

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