Packing for a Christmas relocation: tips and tricks

It’s the holiday season, and the festive spirit is virtually palpable. While others are eagerly unpacking last year’s ornaments, you are stuck with the less than a jolly task of packing your household. And, whether you are moving across the country, or just down the street, moving during the holidays is not a simple task. Apart from all the seasonal distractions and festive allure, you will have to focus your attention on planning a relocation. However, the fact that you will be packing for a Christmas relocation does not have to turn you into a Grinch this holiday season. With the help of packing services Florida and our tips and trick, you will have a merry and bright relocation.

A great time to declutter

The biggest part of your relocation will be packing. This means that this chore will take the most of your time, as well as the majority of your budget. So, a great way to deduct your moving expenses is to simply have a lesser amount of items to pack. A great way to achieve this is to purge your household of all the redundancies. As you will have to go through your whole house anyways, we suggest that this task finds its place on the top of your list.

Four boxes in an empty room.
Having lesser items to pack will ensure you spend less time packing and unpacking.

Go through your whole place, and sort your belongings into three groups:

  1. keep
  2. toss
  3. donate

The first group should have all the items that serve a purpose in your life, and that you have used in the past 9 months. Everything else is simply taking up valuable space. Toss what is unusable, and donate items that you no longer need, but can make someone else rather happy. After all, it’s Christmas time, a time of giving. You can even pack some of these items, and gift them to your loved ones.

Set up your budget

When you take into consideration the time of the year and the fact that gift-buying and travel expenses are at its peak, it can be hard to stay on budget. Once you add in the moving expenses, from boxes to movers, you will probably going to have to start looking for other ways to tighten your belt. Still, this is no time to fret. If you are hiring a moving company, choosing the middle of the week for your relocation can save you some money. You see, the holiday season spreads all around the country, and just as you are celebrating, so are the movers. This means that moving companies are often short-staffed during this time of the year. Thus, moving on a holiday weekend can cost you a pretty penny.

Saving money while packing – is it possible?

Saving on packing material can be a good idea. However, using low-cost boxes can result in lowered safety for your belongings. So, we suggest that you spend some money on moving boxes Boca Raton, but be frugal when acquiring cushioning materials. Reuse your old newspaper, magazines, blankets, and towels to keep your belongings safe during transport. If necessary, do get some bubble sheets, but use only for the items that truly need it.

Bubble sheet
No need to spend a lot of money on packing supplies you can replace with the items you already have.

Packing for a Christmas relocation

The goal here is to be efficient and take as little as time as necessary to pack your household. You don’t want to be spending this time of the year stressing about relocation for weeks on end, so let’s try to shorten this process as much as it allows.

With the packing materials ready, start packing the room you use the least (as well as the items you don’t need on a daily basis). Pack certain kitchen utensils, summer clothes and shoes, books, and such. Designate one room where all the boxes will go. This ought to be the room that you do not visit so often. Doing so will help you avoid feeling like you are living in a warehouse. And who needs that during the Christmas season?

If you feel like you are struggling, and that packing is simply taking too much of your time and energy, do not restrain from asking for help. Whether it is your friends or a professional moving company, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have some helping hands on board, everything will be much easier. You can also make some refreshments to keep the spirits up since it is the holidays.

Keep up the holiday spirit when packing for a Christmas relocation

If you are one of those people who are living for the holiday spirit, it can be quite depressing to spend your time in an undecorated home during the festive months. In order to avoid this utterly bleak emotion, we suggest that you pack up your Christmas decor, gift wrap, presents, and holiday wardrobe last, and in separated and clearly labeled boxes.

You can also ask your movers to put them in your main living room in your new home once they arrive. This way you will be able to unpack your holiday treasures as soon as you arrive, and have that holiday spirit back with you in no time. You don’t even have to unpack every last belonging you have. Simply decorate your home, and have all the essentials out. It will enable you to have a normal life for the first couple of days, and enjoy the holidays as well.

A Christmas tree
Packing for a Christmas relocation does not have to mean giving up your Christmas.

As you can see, packing for a Christmas relocation does not have to bear bad sentiment. It’s all about the approach and planning. No one is preventing you from playing Christmas songs while you pack your closet, and make Christmas cakes for your friends who are helping. You don’t have to stop embracing the holiday spirit in order to pack. Simply adjust to the current situation and enjoy yourself.

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