Moving out of state during holidays: pros and cons

I bet you didn’t think you’d be spending holidays in the middle of the moving process! And I’m sure that being surrounded by boxes is not your ideal way to spend a holiday. And it sucks, I know. But moving out of state during holidays doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Sure, it has some cons. But it also has some pros. And if you can’t see those perks and you need someone to cheer you up then you’ve come to the right place! So read further to learn more about the pros and cons of moving out of state during holidays.

Looking for a fresh start?

Moving out of state provides you with a chance of a fresh start. And when you’re moving out of state during holidays you couldn’t get a fresher start than that even if you tried. Because what more can you possibly want? You’re entering a new year in a new state in your new home! So write down some New Year’s resolutions and enjoy your fresh start.

Road with "start" written on it
We could all use a fresh start sometimes so take advantage of yours.

Keep up the holiday spirit when you’re moving out of state during holidays

One thing that’s great about moving out of state during holidays is that everyone is in high spirits. From your family to your new neighbors. You can use this fact to your advantage by staying with your family instead of hotels when you’re in between moving in and moving out dates. This is especially useful when you are moving out of state and you are bound to spend a few nights somewhere that is not your home. Plus, that way you’ll be spending holidays with your family. And there’s no better way to spend holidays than with your family, is there?

And what about your new neighbors? Don’t you think it’s easier to meet people when everyone is in high spirits? Holidays are a time when everyone is more open, happy and friendly. Which is the perfect time to meet your new neighbors. Especially when you’re in a new state! Because your new neighbors will be more willing to lend you a hand. And the more helping hands the sooner you’ll be finished with settling in your new home.

A woman carrying gifts - Moving out of state during holidays
People tend to be more giving during holidays

Moving out of state during holidays and school

Do you have kids? If you do then moving out of state during holidays may actually be a good thing for you. The reason being that your kids won’t have to go to school as soon as you relocate. They’ll have a little time for themselves.  And more importantly, they’ll have time to adjust to their new home and new neighborhood.

What’s more, your kids will have a special treatment in school. Being a new kid in the middle of the year means that everyone will pay attention to you. Both students and teachers. And that is good because it can help with the transition of starting somewhere new. When it’s the start of the year everyone is new to teachers. But when your kids come in the middle of the school year teachers will surely take an active interest in them.

The worst cons of moving out of state during holidays

So one bad thing about moving out of state on holidays is that some interstate moving companies Florida will be booked and some won’t be working. And that means that you could have some trouble hiring a moving company. However, the chance of having trouble hiring a moving company during holidays will be far smaller if you were to book them on time. And here, on time means as early as you can! So as soon as you set a moving date or you know the approximate date when you could move you should dive into finding the right moving company for you.

How to find the right moving company

If you’re wondering what the right moving company for you means then let me tell you. First of all, the moving company you will hire must be reliable. Those movers you can find by taking recommendations. If you don’t find movers that way you can always go to the websites like Better Business Bureau and read other people’s reviews.

The right moving company also has to be professional and it has to provide a lot of services. Of course, you don’t have to use all of their services, but you also shouldn’t compromise. I’m sure that there are many moving companies that offer all the services that you want and need. So don’t settle. Once you have a few choices you should call them up and set up an on-site estimate. Then when you have all the information you need you can choose one moving company that suits you the best.

Saving money when moving out of state during holidays

Now, one good thing about moving out of state during holidays is that it can save you a lot of money. So if you’re on a thight budget you have nothing to worry about anymore! Winter is usually the least busy month for moving companies which makes it the cheapest time to move. And holidays are one of the main reasons. The other one is the cold weather. Knowing this, many moving companies offer discounts in order to attract new customers and they are more willing to bargain for the final price. So you can take advantage of this! Chances are that your perfect moving company will be cheaper than it would be in the summer.

Gifts - Moving out of state during holidays
Plus, if you save money on movers you’ll have more to buy some extra special gifts this year.

Prepare yourself for the weather

Moving out of state during holidays means that you’ll be moving during winter. And from the experience of long-distance movers Boca Raton when you’re moving during winter you should always be prepared for winter weather. Or in other words, you should be prepared for delays of various kinds. So have that in mind when you’re packing a duffel bag you’ll have with you. Think about packing additional:

  • food
  • snacks
  • warm clothes
  • towels
  • underwear
  • shoes

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