Living in Florida vs California – what’s more expensive?

There are many factors that influence people’s decisions on where to live. It is not easy when someone has to decide between two beautiful places. Deciding between California and Florida is making the decision even harder. Both states have beautiful beaches, a Mediterranean-like climate, a lot of sunshine. And both have a relaxed lifestyle. So, many are making decisions asking themselves: living in Florida vs California – what’s more expensive? California has a better economy and there are ample possibilities to get well-paid jobs. On the other side, in Florida, you are not paying the income tax. As well, housing costs are lower. First, consider all pros and cons and make a decision. Then contact the City Movers FL to safely relocate you to your new home.

A scene of Miami during the daytime, with a pier, waterfront, high condo buildings close to beach, and people on the beach who decided to come to Miami after considering living in Florida vs California.
Living in Florida vs California – people will not always think about what’s more expensive but will decide on the basis of other factors.

How to compare living in Florida vs California

When comparing similarities and differences of living in Florida and California, there are some questions to consider. Answers to these questions will give you a clear picture. You will become aware of the quality of living in each state. With so clear a picture, you will make decisions easier. So, questions to ask yourself are:

  • Cost of living – where the living is more expensive
  • Economy – where the economy is growing faster
  • Unemployment rate – which country is having a higher unemployment rate
  • Taxes – in which state taxes are lower and are there some tax exemption
  • Health care quality – is it more expensive in Florida or California
  • Crime rates – in which state is the crime rate lower
  • Education – where you can afford better education for your children
  • Weather – which state has the weather that better suits you
  • Beaches – where the beaches are nicer
  • Resident happiness – in which country are citizens more relaxed, satisfied, and happy
  • Natural disasters – which disasters pose a danger in which of the states

How climate differences can influence your decisions of Living in Florida vs California

Although both states have similar climates, with warm summers and mild winters, there are some differences. In both, due to the hot climate, the air conditioners are a must. So, inside your home, you will feel comfortable. However, going outside is different. Unlike California, Florida has very high humidity. Some people will get used to it easily. For some people, high humidity will create serious health problems. Despite the lower cost of living in Florida, they will prefer to move to California. If you have to move, talk to the cross-country movers Miami. They have the proper equipment and skilled manpower to make your move safe and comfortable.

The Goldengate Bridge at dusk.
Despite the lower cost of living in Florida, some people will prefer to move to California.

Costs of living in Florida vs California

In general, the costs of living in Florida are lower than those in California. Overall, California is about 30% more expensive. However, what makes this difference so high are the median home costs. If we compare for example Mami, FL (with median house prices $329,900) and Los Angelis, CA, where the median home price is $689,500), it shows us that the median home prices in LA are about 52% more expensive. However, we have also to take into consideration the other costs, like taxes, food, transportation, health care, utilities, etc. For example, the utilities, especially the cost of electricity, are much higher in Florida.

Are there some cheaper ways to live in California?

As in any other state, different towns have different living costs. While in Florida the most expensive town in Miami, living in some smaller places is more affordable. The difference is also that in Miami you are standing better chances to find high-paid jobs. And the job market there is much bigger than in the smaller communities.

The same goes for California. Towns like LA, San Diego, Santa Monica, or San Francisco are expensive for living in. Yet, there are many smaller towns in CA, or suburbs of the big cities. The housing there is more affordable. Usually, the commuting costs are also cheaper. And in such smaller places in CA, the overall living costs are more affordable. But also, the jobs in such smaller places are fewer, and the wages are lower. However, it gives you a choice, especially if you have to live on a tight budget. Whatever place you chose for a living when moving from Florida to California, be sure to take all these factors into consideration.

Man and woman with T-shirts, shorts, white hats and walking barefoot on the sandy beach with ocean on the left side.
Florida is one of the best states for retired persons.

What else you should know about California vs Florida cost of living

When you move to California, you will have some higher costs, apart from median housing cost, which is higher in California. In CA you will have to pay extra money for:

  • groceries
  • restaurants
  • transportation
  • childcare
  • clothing
  • entertainment
  • healthcare

According to the World Population Review, California is the second most expensive US state, just after Hawaii. By the same review, Florida is in 25th place.

What to do if you are moving to a smaller house in California due to living costs

To maintain a good living style, you may decide to buy a smaller home in California than the one you had in Florida. That way, you will get the property cheaper. And utility costs will be lesser. In such a case you can decide to leave some things behind. You can also sell them. That is a good way to increase your moving budget. For the things dear to you, find affordable storage when moving to California from Florida. That way, you will have your possessions stored until you find a better job and buy a larger home.

Is California a better place for you than Florida?

We have now all pros and cons of living in Florida vs California. Still, the final decision will be individual. We found out that California is overall more expensive for living than Florida. Still, many other factors will influence your final decision. Both places are famous for their more relaxed way of living than in other states. And both have beautiful beaches and a lot of sunny days. Both have a rich history and cultural diversity. And both are attractive in their own way.

However, we also have to remember people looking for a place to retire. Florida is one of the states best for retirement. With the excellent climate, a lot of sunny days, and low living costs, Florida is one of the best places for them. However, once you make tour final decision, we are sure you will be happy with your choice. Either living in Florida or California.

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