How to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton

Are you planning a move to South Florida? Is Boca Raton your next destination? If so, are you also planning on moving musical instruments with you? Then, you might be worried that the instruments could suffer damage during transport. Some instruments are quite large, such as pianos. Others are fragile and all of them require special care and attention. Your instruments are probably very dear to you, so you want to transport them safely to your new home To help you, we at City Movers have prepared a useful guide on how to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton.

What should you know about moving your instruments to Boca Raton?

To start with, let’s take a look at what we should know about moving to Boca Raton in general. The city is located in South Florida, so the weather is pleasant all year round. What is more, the summers can get hot and even humid. You might be moving from a colder place and the change in temperature can affect your instrument negatively. However, that is possible only if you do not properly prepare the instruments for the move. Some people choose to move on their own, but they may not have enough experience. This can also cause damage to the instruments as they may not know the best way to prepare and pack the instruments.

Get to know the weather in Florida to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton
Prepare your instruments for the hot weather in Boca Raton

Do you need to hire a moving company to move the instruments?

As we have said, improper packing and preparation could cause damage to the instruments. You need to think about many things, such as the temperature the instruments will be exposed to and the best way to protect them during transport. If you have little experience, you could forget about a step in the process due to stress and lack of time. So, it is much safer to hire a moving company. There are many moving companies Boca Raton FL has to offer that have a lot of experience moving specialty items, such as musical instruments. Still, not all moving companies want to move musical instruments. So, make sure you ask about all the services the company offers before you sign a contract with them.

Things to do if you want to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton

First of all, you should properly prepare all your instruments for the move. Each kind of instrument requires a different method of packing. Also, they may need different packing materials. Luckily, your local movers Boca Raton have all the necessary materials and know-how already. So, if you wish to save on some time and stress, you should consider getting a professional mover to pack your instruments. Still, there are some things we can do on our own as well. Let’s take a look at how we can prepare different types of instruments.

String instruments
Prepare each kind of instrument properly to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton

How to prepare musical instruments to safely move them to Boca Raton

  • String instruments – You should start by loosening the strings on the instrument. This will prevent any warping caused by sudden changes in temperature. Loosening the strings just a little will help reduce the stress caused by temperature changes. Also, do not use packing peanuts or shredded paper to pack these instruments. They could easily get lodged inside and you will have a very hard time removing the packing materials. Instead, opt for bubble wrap and wrap each instrument carefully before placing them in their hard case.
  • Pianos – Large instruments, such as pianos, are a bit trickier to move. The first reason why is the weight and size of the instrument. Big and heavy things are hard to move, and they can also be challenging to pack. You will need a sturdy case or box to pack the piano and a few extra sets of hands to move it out of your home and onto the moving truck. So, it would be easiest to let the best piano movers Boca Raton can offer do all the heavy lifting.
  • Wind instruments – When packing wind instruments, remember to first remove the mouthpiece. Pack the instrument and the mouthpiece separately to make sure they are both properly protected. Also, use bubble wrap instead of packing peanuts or shredded paper. Another good alternative to packing peanuts is crumpled-up packing paper.
  • Drums – Drums can also be large and cumbersome. So, if you want to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton, you should disassemble them when you prepare them for moving. Also, to save space, you can remove the rims and heads. Then, simply put them all inside each other. This will save you a lot of time and space on the moving truck.

Should you put your instruments in storage when moving to Boca Raton?

Putting some things in storage while you move could be a good idea. If you need extra space or extra time to unpack and settle in, then you should seriously consider renting a storage unit. Preparing your instruments for storage is similar to preparing them for transport. However, you should make sure the storage unit you rent is dry and ventilated enough to prevent your instruments from getting water damage or molding. There are many storage units Boca Raton has to offer, so try to do some research and find the best unit for you.

Woman preparing violin for storage
Remember to properly pack the instruments before you place them in storage

As we have seen, we can do some things to move our instruments safely. We should think about how we pack them and how we store them. Still, if you wish to safely move your musical instruments to Boca Raton, then your safest bet is to hire a professional moving company. They will be able to provide professional assistance and appropriate packing materials for every instrument. And, you will also protect your back because you will avoid all the heavy lifting.

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