How to handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time

Each type of relocation has its own difficulties. Thus, there’s no way you can go through a relocation without worries, stress, and hard work. Residential relocation is demanding in terms of planning, costs, packing, and so many other chores. As for cooperative relocation, the situation is pretty much the same, just a bit more complicated. Basically, the preparation is quite similar in both cases. But what happens when you realize you must handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time? A bit scary isn’t it? Still, have no worries. You can do it. As a matter of fact, what you can do is facilitate the whole process with the help of the best movers in Florida. Therefore, your new adventure may begin.

What will you undertake in order to handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time?

As we have already mentioned, taking care of each relocation is exhausting. So many details to consider and all with the same goal. You need your items safe at your new destination. However, imagine how ambitious it is to simultaneously deal with a corporate and residential relocation. Well, what you should do first is to prepare for a  variety of tasks and days without too much rest. Though you can hire two different companies to handle your relocation, we advise you to hire the same company. As a result, you’ll save time you would otherwise spend searching for the best long distance movers Florida. And we all know how tiresome the search for the movers can be. After all, you need to find true experts with enough skills and knowledge to execute both relocations meticulously. Moreover, you may get a discount when hiring the same company. You never know.

What relocation is easier to handle?

Well, we must say a residential move is definitely easier. You can execute it before the commercial one since you need not wait until the end of your working hours. Not to mention the items you are transporting and the costs. After all, your state to state movers Florida will have more things on its mind when moving your business. Also, it’s much quicker than a commercial one. Thus, we could continue finding the reasons why your movers and yourself will have more trouble relocating your business than your home. Still, when handling both relocations you need to focus on everything and, no matter how difficult the combination of the two moves is, give your best to reach success in every way possible.

Where to start from?

When moving from Florida to California you need to sit down and make a plan. What are the steps? What do you need? So many questions and you should provide the answers. Well, try to analyze the whole process through your plan. Make sure to consider both relocations and their requirements. Certain points will be the same.

Hiring movers is one of these points. Be thorough in your search. Search the internet. Ask others for recommendations. Read the reviews. After all, you need a company with enough expertise to take care of both commercial and residential relocation. Narrow down your choice to at least 3 moving companies. Then, you can ask for free moving estimates. Only after considering each estimate get a final decision. Remember, the quality should be in the first place. Thus, try to find a compromise between the price and quality. Surely, a good moving company will adjust to your possibilities.

a man and a woman shaking hands in an office
Find the most reliable moving company as soon as possible. You need genuine experts with skills, knowledge, equipment, staff, and experience to handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time.

Is residential relocation something you should fear of?

First of all, we must say that you should stay positive since your residential move will bring you many good things. You can set new goals, learn new things, and meet new people and places. A fresh start for the whole family. Not to mention new career and educational opportunities. Nevertheless, be ready to invest a lot of time, effort, and money in this endeavor. Starting all over again, a sense of insecurity, and distance from your dear friends creates a bit of stress and anxiety. However, think first of the benefits of your upcoming relocation and have faith your residential movers Florida will make sure you feel the least stress possible. As for you, there are certain things you should do to achieve satisfying results.

Resolve the question about your new home

What we can suggest when you prepare for residential relocation is to work on finding a new home. Will it be a house or an apartment? Will you rent or buy? It all depends on the actual place and its overall costs. Consider all the factors and determine what is most suitable for the whole family. In case you are moving with children bear in mind the educational opportunities. Safety is also one of the points to consider.

a person holding keys for a new home
Find a suitable neighborhood and home for the whole family. Make sure you also find the new office nearby.

Downsizing will be your advantage

Use this opportunity and clear up the mess. Downsize your home. Certainly, you have so many things you don’t actually need. Put your things in three piles. The first should be the things that are damaged or broken. Hence, they can’t be used again. Why keep them? Throw them away. The second pile should consist of the items you no longer need but are still in a good state. Think of the friends, relatives, or neighbors that would use them well. If you don’t know anyone you can donate them. Believe us, the feeling is really good. Finally, the third pile is things in good condition that you want to sell.  Why not earn some money? Organize a yard or garage sale. Or else use social networks and sell through the internet.

Pack your belongings the best you can

Pay special attention to one of the most important tasks and that is packing. Ensure the safety of your household items. Especially if you have valuable things. In case you decide to pack yourself, obtain the necessary packing supplies. Then, start packing on time taking care of the protection of your things. Still, if you can, a much better alternative would be to hire professional packers. They are the ones who have the experience, skills, and adequate packing materials and equipment. Thus, your belongings will be in good hands which is definitely your primary goal. Moreover, they could assemble and disassemble your furniture. Also, loading, unloading, and even unpacking is something you can count on. After the unpacking has been done, there are numerous empty boxes all around the house. Guess what, your movers will take them away. You will be left to sort your things out and enjoy the new place.

Are you ready for your commercial relocation?

Though you may fear many things concerning your future commercial move we strongly suggest you leave the fear behind. Especially when corporate relocation companies Florida stand by your side. Yes, it is expensive. Much more than your residential move. Also, the thought of disrupting your business and adapting to a new place may seem scary. However, think of the good sides like in the case of a residential move. Your productivity may increase and you will expand your earnings and your business. Not to mention the advancement of your office space.

Hence, as you can see all types of moves have their advantages and downsides. Still, what you should do is look at its positive sides and invest a lot of effort to reach success. While executing your residential relocation, you must take steps to handle your commercial move as well.

Finding a new office space is your starting point

In the beginning, you have double work coping with residential and corporate relocation at the same time. You are not searching for your home only but your new office as well. Hence, you must coordinate your Miami office relocation. First, decide whether it’s better to rent or buy office space. Remember, buying can cost you less and it’s a better option when you already have an established business with ample working capital. Thus, you would be able to renovate the space and adjust it to your particular needs. On the other hand, leasing is a better case with little extra working capital. Also, if you are uncertain about your future space needs go with the leasing.

Communicate with your employees

Your employees depend on you. Hence, they deserve to know your plans. Some of them surely have families and need to prepare for the relocation as well. Also, you can ask them to help you by packing their desks and other stuff in the office. What matters is to maintain productivity. Thus, your employees may be of great help in this case. For instance, they can start packing non-essential things long before the moving day.

You can also consider using storage services too. In case you need a safe place to keep your valuable documentation and files, your movers may offer excellent storage facilities. Moreover, your employees may update the company’s website and make sure your clients know you are about to move.

collegues at the meeting in an office talking to each other
Give directions to your staff. Each member of your personal team should do their part of the job.

Furthermore, think of the files and hardware during the relocation. Who knows what may happen to them? There’s a possibility of losing important documentation and damaging the servers or hard drives. Thus, you must be especially thorough with packing and your employees may be of significant help in a variety of tasks.

Choose the adequate time for the moving day

When running a business and trying to handle the commercial and residential moves at the same time you have one special concern – your business mustn’t suffer. Thus, you need a moving day that would have the least impact on your business and everyday tasks. What you can do is opt for overnight or weekend moves when moving your business. Though these options may be more expensive your job comes first. As for moving your home, your family will need to adjust to your business requirements. After all, timing is crucial.

Pay special attention to the packing process

You need specialized equipment and a lot of staff when moving your business. Of course, it all depends on the size and type of your company. What is sure is that packing is one of the most demanding aspects of relocation since you have a lot of sensitive equipment, documents, filing cabinets, records, furniture, and other valuable things. Therefore, you need true experts with skills and knowledge to adequately perform your business and residential relocation at the same time. While your residential movers take care of your household, your commercial movers will carefully handle your items. After all, you need some free time to handle other chores in both your home and office.

a man packing his desk in the office
Use the assistance of your employees when trying to handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time.

It is possible to successfully relocate both your home and your business

All in all, after detailed preparation you will be able to handle corporate and residential relocation at the same time. Make a plan, and an inventory list of your belongings both at home and your office and contact the most reliable movers. Rest assured that genuine experts are ready to execute both relocations without complications. Of course, this is a more demanding task and a more expensive one. Nevertheless, it’s practically impossible to handle everything on your own. Hence, let professionals do the job and be certain you’ll end up relocating into your new home successfully. Not to mention your business will flourish again and you’ll be able to devote your time to your business development.

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