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The piano is a musical instrument that, due to its weight, belongs in the moving field of special loading. You should not forget that, despite its sophisticated sound, it’s an instrument that can be heavy for almost a tone! The injuries that may occur during the attempt to move the piano are not naive and can be very dangerous. Just the transport of a piano is a complex job that usually requires up to three workers! So during the piano relocation, our professional moving company City Movers also uses special tools, platform, forklifts, etc. So you certainly should not try to carry or load the piano yourself. It’s best to call and let the piano move to professionals, such as our piano movers Boca Raton.

A moving truck that is going to be used when relocating a piano.
All you need to do is play. Our piano movers Boca Raton will do the rest.

Your precious instrument in the safe arms of piano movers Boca Raton

As the piano is a particularly sensitive instrument, and has a massive weight, moving the piano must be planned in advance. And behind our piano movers Boca Raton is a long transport and relocating experience. We at City Movers can proudly say that all the pianos we have been relocating have been delivered on time and without any damage.

The things that City Movers offer when it comes to piano moving

Free piano moving quote

All you need to do is contact our piano movers Boca Raton and we will make a completely free assessment of the move itself. In this step we decide which transport should we use, which material do we need and how many workers should come to your address depending on the piano size and model. Also, terms are different when it comes to local moving and interstate piano move.

Protection of the piano

If we do not have a clean and spacious passage from the place where the piano is being transported from or to, or if the piano is carried out of the building, it is necessary to protect it beforehand. To protect the piano we use a bubble wrap foil, edge cartons and transparent foil for the finish of the package. Only when your instrument is completely protected and safe, City Movers can start with the actual move.

Piano transfer and loading

Depending on the transfer terrain, we use canopies or skate-platforms for the piano move. Also, depending on the weight, we load the instrument manually or with a forklift. As you can see, we do everything not to damage your precious instrument in any way.

A movers handling other items as well as your piano.
We do everything not to damage your precious instrument in any way

Piano carriage

In most cases, the piano is transported by a van. We place the instrument in a van and set in a way that it cannot move during driving. If necessary, we make wooden crates, more precisely frames that hold the load during transportation. In this way, your piano is safe at all times, no matter if you are moving a piano across the state or across the street.

Unloading the piano

When we arrive at the destination, the piano is unloaded manually by a rope or forklift. We place the piano exactly where you want it to be. This goes without saying, but our business is finished only when the client is completely satisfied.

City Movers are reliable and experienced piano movers

City Movers specializes in the transport of heavy goods. Those are not only pianos but also safes, cash registers, ovens, and other heavy cargo. The transport of grand pianos, pianos or any other cargo is not an easy task, and always should be left to the professionals. Otherwise, due to negligence and inexperience, serious and permanent damage can occur. So leave the loading, transport, and unloading of the piano to our expert team of piano movers Boca Raton, who will make sure that your instrument is safely transported to the desired destination without any damage.

Piano moving has never been so affordable

One of the first questions we get is: how much does transportation of the piano cost? Well, the price of the piano move – or any other bulky cargo transport – depends on several factors. Here are the most important ones:

  • the weight of the piano (load),
  • the floor where our movers are loading and unloading the piano to
  • and of course, the distance at which the transport takes place to.

Surely, you can easily contact us by e-mail or phone, give us this information and we will tell you immediately the price of your piano’s transport. You may also need short term storage for your piano, so this can also be an additional factor that can impact the price.

A mover handling an item.
We will make sure your musical love is safe all throughout the relocation.

Tips for piano transport that can help you move

Before moving a piano, take the exact measurements in your apartment as well as the dimensions of the lifts and corridors and all narrow passages where it is necessary for the instrument to pass. The piano is an instrument that is sensitive to climate change. Ideally, it should be placed in a room where the temperature is approximately the same over a certain period of time. The room moisture where the piano is should not be greater than 60% and less than 40%. The piano should not be under the window, near the radiator or any other heating element.

In the end: cheap movers can cost you more than professional movers

These are all reasons why you should carefully select a moving company to entrust the transport of your valuable instrument. So let not very low prices attract you and then hire unskilled people to do the piano move. The last thing you should do is exposing your instrument to improper handling and unsuitable vehicles for transport. So if you need professional piano movers Boca Raton, you are at the right place! Just contact our City Movers today and we will give you the free estimate plus the reasonable price for your piano move.

Guys from this company have made a great job. I accumulated too many stuff till my last moving so it looked like endless packing and unpacking of my things. City movers worked professional and quick as possible. 7 hours is a really long move but it was with no incidents and nerves. Perfect job. And thanks for playing with my dog - Rex totally fall in love with you :)

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