How to prepare for leaving Florida for other state this year

One of the most complex procedures that you can experience during your lifetime is moving. This particularly applies to long-distance routes. When you have to pack and prepare for a local move things can be a bit easier. Moving locally gives you the option to go back and forth and pick up your goods from the old apartment. However, in case you are leaving the state of Florida for another country, you will not have such options. That means that when your City movers arrive to pick up your goods, you have to pack and load everything on the truck. In addition, it is necessary to provide secure packing for your possessions for such a long way. It is not easy, but it is possible to make things work. Read this text and learn to prepare for leaving Florida for other state this year.

Where to start with your preparation

Let’s imagine that you have just found your dream home in another state. Although Florida is one of the most popular countries for living, sometimes people also move from here. Hardly anywhere can you find a state with an endless summer like here. Therefore, you will have to prepare for living in different seasons. That includes buying and packing additional items for your new home. But before you get to packing and sorting things out, it is necessary to contact interstate moving companies Florida. Deciding on your movers should be among the top priority tasks. And it is necessary to start looking for them as soon as you decide to move. Reliable movers have a tight schedule. Consider booking your movers at least two to three months in advance. Search the Internet or ask your friends and relatives who moved recently for any recommendations.

a yellow toy on the snow
Moving to another state means experiencing different weather

Narrow down your choice

Since this is going to be a long-distance move, check with every moving company if they do such long relocation tours. Cross over every company that only does local moving. In addition, you need to go around your home and check your inventory first. Only this way, you will be able to know what you will be packing. Once you write down everything, contact several long distance movers Florida and present them with your idea. In addition, every serious moving company will not just stick to a phone call estimation. Instead, they should send a representative to survey your possessions. This is one of the best ways to get precise moving quotes. This moving estimate should be precise and this should be the final price that you will pay your movers for relocation. Take your time to compare several different estimates before you reach a final decision on your movers.

Prepare for leaving Florida for other state this year

If you have lived in Florida for a long time, it can come as a great shock to leave the Sunny State for some other place. Not only is Florida one of the most attractive places to live in. In addition to great weather, Florida residents do not have to pay certain taxes. So, if for example, you are moving from Florida to New York, you will have to prepare a different kind of budget. This does not only include moving the budget. Costs of living in New York would definitely be higher.

New York city bird view
Prepare for higher living costs in New York

Therefore, carefully plan your moving budget and also make sure to have enough money for the first months after the relocation. Renting an apartment in Ney York can be quite expensive no matter which borough you choose. Transportation, renting costs, buying food, and paying for bills and taxes should be on your budget list.

Why is packing still so far away

For long-distance moves, the recommendation is to start packing as soon as you decide to move. But is that really smart? If you start putting everything your hand touches in your boxes, you will pack without any order. And having things in order is a crucial thing when packing for relocation. Therefore, start from the largest rooms in your home. The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are among the hardest to pack since they have so many different items. It is necessary to check every single piece that you have and then start classifying your goods. When moving from Florida to Seattle, imagine how hard it would be to wrap up every glass or ceramic piece that you have. What you really need is a great variety of different packing supplies which you should obtain before packing.

Basic packing supplies to prepare for leaving Florida for other state

Boxes, boxes, boxes. You will need moving boxes of different sizes and materials. Simple cardboard boxes are among the most popular and cheapest ones. You can buy them everywhere or even get some for free.

a couple packing and reading
You have to prepare for leaving Florida for other state

In addition, you probably have tones of these at home. Of course, you can use them. Only make sure that they are still in a good shape. Packing items in boxes that will start opening as soon as you lift them is not a good idea. When moving from Florida to California, it would be good to also have some firm plastic boxes. There are different ones on the market and you can use them to pack all your glassware and kitchenware. In addition, prepare kilometers of packing peanuts and tons of packing paper. Padding, blankets, stoppers, fillers, and duck tape should all be on your list.

For those who prefer green packing

When you have to prepare for leaving Florida for other state, it would be ideal to use environmentally-friendly packing supplies for many different reasons. Only imagine how many people move homes every day.

half green hand holding green leaves
It would be great to use green packing

Multiply that number at least ten times with moving boxes, and see how many will be ready for trashing after the relocation. Our planet already has millions of tons of trash. We need to raise awareness and reduce the amount of plastic and other clutter that damages the environment. When moving to Texas from Florida, use mushroom packing peanuts, and try to avoid plastic bubble wraps and bags as much as possible. In addition, plan to recycle all the paper and boxes after the relocation. Also, use special plastic boxes which you can also use long after the relocation for storing different kinds of possessions.

Enlist Family Members/Close Friends

Going out of Florida can turn out to be a complex process that you cannot handle only on your own. Your movers will certainly help you a lot. But this is a huge bite for everyone and if anyhow possible try to engage as many people as possible. In addition, bear in mind that having too many people around can create a greater mess. Getting ready for a long-distance move can be a major undertaking. Reach out to trusted family members and close friends for help with sorting and packing. Also, coordinate a moving plan so it can fit in with other people you plan to include in preparations. Inform people on time so they can also plan the time they would spend with you on this. Ask family members to assist in this process. Assign each family member their tasks and give them clear instructions.

Prepare for leaving Florida for other state with children

Moving is a complex task, let alone moving with kids. It can be pretty chaotic once you start thinking about packing all the toys you have. Moving with teenagers is somewhat easier in terms of packing.

a woman with two small kids playing with moving boxes
Let your children pack their toys

However, it can be hard for them to emotionally bear the relocation. No matter how small or big your kids are, they can certainly feel that something huge is coming up. First of all, sit down and inform them about the moving plan. Your kids need to get used to the idea of relocating to a new state. On your checklist for moving long distances with kids should be assigning them different tasks. Kids love to get something to do. If you give them pack toys, books, or clothes, you will show them trust. In addition, you will make this more fun and less stressful.

Moving to another state with pets

Moving with pets is almost the same as moving with kids. Or even worse. Packing and other preparations can be pretty stressful for your dogs, cats, or birds.

a dog standing at the door next to moving boxes
Be extra careful with your pet when preparing for moving

Pets can feel your energy and that you are under a great deal of stress. So do not get surprised if you see that your pet is acting strange while you prepare for leaving Florida for other state. Moving long distances with pets can be easier if you keep the same everyday routine. Take them for a walk during the regular time, and take care of them as much as possible. Also, stroke your pets even more. It would be great to keep their favorite toys or a blanket during the relocation process. This is not the time for changes so make sure to use the same crate for transporting your pet in your car.

Consider using short-term storage

Among the most useful things that you can use for everyday life is renting a storage unit. There are different kinds of units for renting and you can use them for different purposes. It can come in handy a great deal to rent a short-term storage unit while preparing for relocation. Once you start classifying your items, you will realize how little space you have at home for packing. You can put in storage items you plan to relocate. In addition, renting storage services can be useful for some items you do not plan to use in your new home. You certainly need to figure out what kind of storage you need. Then, make sure to contact a renting company and check whether they can offer the kind of storage you need. You can rent storage either for several days or as long as you want to.

Use the 4-Color Method when packing

To begin, set up four boxes in the area where you will be sorting your items. Create a Keep (Blue), Toss (Red), Sell (Green), and Donate (Yellow) box. No matter whether packing may seem simple at a first glance, once you start, will you realize how much time, energy, and thinking ahead it includes. Also, packing for local vs packing for cross-country relocation is a completely different thing. So try to stick to this method with four colors to make your life and packing easier. Remember that security should be the top priority when you need to prepare for leaving Florida for other state. Keep (Blue)-think about the size and shape of your new space when you start packing the blue category. Toss (Red)-all that you will not use. Sell (Green)-you can earn some money. Donate (Yellow)-give memorable items to friends or others in need.

Selling to prepare for leaving Florida for other state

One of the greatest concerns people have when they prepare for leaving Florida for other states is the items that they will no longer use. Ideally, you will donate most of the goods to your friends or relatives.

old items on a white surface
Organize a garage sale to earn some money

In addition, you can visit the local church, or charity shops and offer them your memorabilia. In case there are some items that none of your closest people want, organize a garage sale and earn some money on your relocation. Of course, you need to follow all the local regulations when you are trying to sell something. Also, get some grocery bags and boxes for shoppers. In case you have some items left behind after the sale, make sure to safely dispose of them. The best option would be to take it into recycling.

Long-distance relocation may not be easy. There are many things you need to prepare for leaving Florida for other state. Start making plans as soon as you figure out you are going to relocate. Include your family members in this long procedure. Very soon you will be leaving Florida and starting a new life in a new state.

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