Moving Long Distance With Pets – Complete Guide

You have the idea of moving to another state and before you begin this journey you must know it won’t be easy at all. You are moving from Miami to Los Angeles and such relocation requires an impeccable moving plan. More so if you are moving long distance with pets, kids, and a big family. But do not worry, today we will explain how to do it right and focus on one of the hardest parts of this story. How to relocate your pet? Yes, we will make sure your pet is well taken care of and safely tucked in your new home. Let’s dive right in!

Learn all about the laws of the state you are moving to

Before you start preparing your pet for this journey, you must do some research. Obviously, you already know all the routines, requirements, and the way your pet behaves. And you will create the environment accordingly in order for your pet to feel comfortable during the entire moving process. But something you might not know is the laws in the state you are moving to. Simply because you are moving long distance with pets, you must know what the laws regarding the transportation of such animals are. And of course, if you are allowed to keep it in the first place. Some pets are restricted to an extent while more dangerous or exotic species can be banned completely. So, start by asking your interstate moving companies Miami if they know anything about it. If they are moving pets regularly, they should have the basic info.

a person using a computer
Browse online and learn all about laws in the state you are moving to.

To avoid this scenario completely, you should research online. Simply type in moving from Miami to California with pets and you’ll find a few articles. Also, you can visit the official website of the state you are moving to and read all about their laws. While you are at it, read a bit about neighborhoods, safety, infrastructure, transportation, taxes, real estate, etc. Get to know your new environment and avoid possible unpleasant situations.

Find movers and pack for the relocation

As you may know, some movers do not want to relocate any pets. More so if you have an exotic or fragile pet with you. Therefore, you must find pet-friendly Florida movers to help you out. You will find them in local papers, on the internet, or through the word of mouth. Whatever you choose, it is a viable option as long as you solve the problem. So, sit down and browse for a while. Compare prices, and services, and read moving reviews. Soon enough you’ll divide movers into categories and narrow down those that move pets in the first place. But if you intend on moving your pet in your personal vehicle, then you can hire any kind of moving company. But because moving long distance with pets is extremely hard and complicated, maybe it would be best to find a pet-friendly moving company.

While searching for movers, make sure they possess all the basic requirements to relocate your belongings and your entire family. Including your pet of course. They should have competitive prices, adequate moving services, licenses, tools, knowledge, and a good reputation. Once you have found such a company, check if they are accredited by FMCSA. This way you will check their work history and confirm they are a legit choice. Yes, the well-being of your pet is important but also are your family and your belongings. Therefore, cover each aspect of the moving industry, obtain enough knowledge, and find your moving team.

Maintain the routine when moving long distance with pets

At this point, you have all the knowledge about legalities and an adequate moving team by your side. Now just to prepare the budget and start packing for moving. If you have no time to cover packing by yourself, purchase packing services Florida from your movers. It is an amazing investment where your movers bring all the materials, pack, and unpack everything. You will love the fact that all your free time can be funneled into something else. With that being said, we will shift our focus completely on your pets. So, throughout the moving preparations, you must keep the routine your pet got used to. It depends on what kind of pet you have. For dogs it is easy. Play fetch, take enough walks and give them enough attention and love. Of course, all pets require attention. Some more some less.

maintain the routine when moving long distance with pets
Spend time with your pet and give them more attention than ever.

If you have exotic pets, keep up with all the requirements. The sleeping schedule should be intact, feeding on time, and spending time together are mandatory. At some point, you should visit your veterinarian to be sure your pet is up to date with vaccines and in good health.

Pet hotel can be a great solution

Moving long-distance can be quite hard for your pet. They must sit inside a vehicle for hours and in some cases, even days. So, to avoid unnecessary stress and to keep your pet calm, you should consider leaving them at the pet hotel. There they will be safe, well-fed, and taken care of. Most pet hotels have doctors and skilled technicians on-site 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about a thing. But if you can’t afford it, you can also leave your pet with a trusted friend, relative, coworker, or neighbor. They will surely help out by keeping your pet for a day or two. This way you will keep your pet safe and remove them from the chaotic moving environment. Then, you’ll be able to cover all relocation stages with your long distance movers Florida. More importantly, you’ll do it in peace.

How far you must travel before you reach your new home?

Now, if you decide on leaving your pet behind for a moment, then you’ll have a calm relocation for sure. The only downside is that you must go back later and relocate your pet by using your personal vehicle. But if you decide on bringing your pet with you right from the beginning, then you should know something. Some animals can’t stay for a longer period on the road. They must rest, eat, go to the bathroom, etc. So, depending on the distance between the two locations, you’ll have to make arrangements accordingly. If you are driving for more than four hours, try to make a stop and cover everything. For nocturnal pets, remember they shouldn’t mess up the sleeping schedule because it will affect their health and adaptation period.

orange tabby cat inside a carrier
Your pet must be comfortable while in transport.

As for the pets that are in aquariums, terrariums, cages, and similar crates, you should either keep them beside you or tuck them in nicely in the back of the truck. Although, the first option is more viable. Especially if you are sitting in the front and have enough room in your lap or between your feet. Small dogs and cats can be quite unsettled during the event so you better keep them beside you. They will take it much easier that way.

What about exotic pets?

As we have already mentioned, exotic pets are blacklisted in most countries. Hopefully, you are moving to one that is more open-minded than others. So, now that we have covered the laws, we must learn how to handle pets while moving. Some exotic pets are extremely difficult to handle while others can easily get hurt while moving. So, to prevent this, you should know how to handle each category. Let us begin with big farm animals. It is nothing new that people have pigs, goats, cows, and horses as pets. Yes, this is real and to move such an animal, you must have a proper trailer and enough room inside for your pet to move around freely. Next are the exotic cats. If you have something like that, they must be carried in special cages with enough room, air, and food inside.

Then, you must know how to pack and move your bird because they are the most fragile. Birds can be extremely unsettled and even die if conditions are not right. If they do not have enough air, room, and proper temperature, they can easily get sick. The same goes for small mammals like gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs. They are faint of heart and everything we have mentioned so far must be perfect for them. The only perk you have there is that they are small and easily carried inside a box or a similar holder. Lastly, we have amphibians and reptiles. Those are easy to transport because they will sleep most of the time. All you must do is leave a snack inside their box and set the right temperature. They will wake up in their new home well rested and ready to explore.

Moving long distance with pets requires you to prepare the adequate environment

Before you choose the right set of relocation services Florida, you must inspect your new home. If you need any special service you must prepare for it in advance. But the main reason for inspecting the environment is to adapt it for pets and kids. Grown-ups can adapt much easier so the goal is to make your new home pet, and family-friendly. Therefore, inspect all the rooms, attic, garage, basement, backyard, and all other places inside and outside of your new home. Decide where to make the perfect home for your pet and by doing this, you’ll realize if you have enough space to do it.

cat sleeping in her bed
Re-create their previous habitat. Your pet should feel at home.

Hence, inspect everything and create an inventory list. Figure out where to place their bed, feeding bowl, food supplies, toys, etc. And if you are missing something, you should visit the nearest hardware store or a pet store and purchase it. It would be much easier for your pet to adapt and feel at home if they have their old setup. Therefore, visit your new place at least a week before the relocation to bring the essentials for your pet and your family.

It is time to pack your things and hit the road

Ok, as you know, you will pack the “open first box” for you and your family. There you’ll stash items you might need the very first night and the day after. Those are usually a first aid kit, flashlight, utensils, a few dishes, coffee maker, bedding, toiletries, and medicine. But your pet should have their box as well. Unless you have already brought everything on your previous visit. Nevertheless, keep in mind you can pack food, toys, blankets, bedding, and other items for your pet as well. Place everything inside one cardboard box and label it adequately. This way you will find this box easily and as soon as you arrive you can unpack it and have all your pet’s items ready for them to use.

Moving long distance with pets and the safety measures behind it

You will surely have some kind of moving insurance for yourself and your belongings. But for your pet, there is no insurance that will mend the situation if anything goes wrong. You must prevent it and make sure your pet is safe during transport. Your pet must have a proper transport, enough food, a climate-controlled environment, and more. Especially if you are moving to Chicago from Florida. Changing climate drastically can have a huge impact on your pet. Think about it in advance and prepare your pet for the transition.

Do not leave them outside for too long but bring them inside your new home as soon as you arrive. As for the transport, we have already explained that you can keep pets in your lap, on the floor next to you, or in the back of a truck. It all depends on which animal is in question and how resilient they are to the moving environment.

Now you know what moving long distance with pets should look like. It won’t be easy for sure. But as long as you find skilled movers and prepare everything on time, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to have no problems at all. Good luck.

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