How to alleviate the cost of your local move?

Research suggests that moving can be one of the toughest challenges a person can experience. And no wonder, too. You need to pack and unpack your belongings, organize the whole move, plan it, and make sure it goes without hiccups. On top of all that you need to make sure that you alleviate the cost of your local move as much as possible. That is if you want to be optimal, efficient, and cost-effective. In other words, if you want to have the move of your dreams and not break the bank there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Let’s see what they are.

a person duc taped and placed in a moving box
Hiring a moving company can help you alleviate much of the moving stress.

How to alleviate the cost of your local move?

The single-handed best way to alleviate the cost of your local move is to hire a moving company. Wait, what? How is that cheaper, we hear you ask? Well, while it might sound counter-productive (i.e. giving money instead of saving it), the cost of hiring a professional moving company actually, in the long run, is cheaper.

If you take into consideration that if you don’t hire movers, you need to buy packing materials, rent a truck, ask friends for help, etc… You can see how quickly the costs of moving, even locally, can rake up. However, when you hire a moving company like movers in Hollywood FL you don’t need to worry about that. These people have the knowledge, experience, and tools to relocate your belongings safely and fast. You don’t need to buy packing materials, rent a truck, or even ask your friends for help. It really is as easy as that.

What if I don’t want to hire a moving company?

However, there are probably a lot of you reading this with one thought in mind. What if I don’t want to hire local movers Florida? What then? Is there a way to alleviate the cost of my local move without hiring a moving company? Well, while not the most ideal option, there is a way you can cut the costs of your moving budget without hiring a moving company… All that it takes are a few simple tricks. So, let’s see exactly what those are.

Packing supplies

a person duct taping a moving box
Don’t forget to make sure all your moving boxes are sealed shut and properly labeled.

One of the main things that can rake up the cost of your moving budget is buying packing supplies. From buying moving boxes, markers for labeling, duct tapes, and you might even have to invest in moving blankets and moving dollies if you have bulky furniture. Thankfully, there are ways you can get these items for half the price, and in some cases, even for free. So, let’s get started.

  • moving boxes. The best way of getting free moving boxes is to simply ask around at your local grocery shop. Most of these supermarkets and local shops have cardboard boxes just laying around that they have no use for. These moving boxes are actually made out of quite durable cardboard, and they have been only used once. So, they are the perfect choice for your next local move.
  • other packing supplies. You should ask your friends for items such as scissors, markers and duct tape. Especially, if you are going to need them in large quantities. While these things might seem benign, they can actually add up pretty quickly.

Alleviate the cost of your local move by renting a moving truck

Another thing that could rake up your moving budget is renting a moving truck. For example, a little known fact that people who rent moving trucks often forget is to add the cost of fuel to the cost of the truck. This is especially important if you are moving long distances or smaller distances that require traversing on uneven terrain. However, with that being said, you do have the option of getting a portable container. These hefty little boxes are quite optimal for not just local moving, but moving in general. They allow you to pack everything you need for your move and then not have to worry about the cost of fuel or the dangers of driving a big vehicle, such as a truck. However, they are a bit more expensive from the get-go, so you might need to take that into consideration as well.

Asking for help

Last, but not least another great option to alleviate the cost of your local move, is to ask your friends and family members for help. This is probably the single most cost-effective strategy for saving money when moving locally. The reasoning is quite simple. When you are moving small distances your friends are not only close by but are always willing to lend a helping hand. Moreover, unlike when you hire a moving company, you don’t have to pay your friends or family members any money. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them snacks and drinks to make the moving process a tad bit easier on them.

A couple moving boxes together
Moving is always easier with help!

Your only task is to make sure to notify your friends on time and give them enough leeway that they can organize their time properly.

Bonus tip – declutter

While decluttering will not alleviate the cost of your local move directly it can help discursively. What do we mean by that? Well, it’s rather simple. If you have fewer items to pack, you will have fewer items to transport. In turn, the cost of your move will drastically be lower. So, how do you approach decluttering? Well, there are a lot of guides on the internet you can find. However, the method we found out works best is the KonMari method.

Alleviate the cost of your local move by using The KonMari Method

So, what’s the KonMari method? Well, simply put, gather all your belongings that you have in one pile. And then, item by item, ask yourself whether or not this item sparks joy in you or not. If it doesn’t, you should gift that item or throw it away. By the end, you should be left with only the items that make you happy. Which is great for two reasons. First, you are going to wear and use only those items that make you happy. Secondly, you got rid of all the unnecessary belongings in a rather fun and exciting way.

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