Guide to moving to Miami on a budget

Moving can be fairly expensive. And it is not so fun. However, at some points in life, you might need to take this step. So, it is good to learn a bit about moving expenses and budgets. First, the longer distance you are moving, the more expenses you have to count on. In general, the expenses depend on moving distance and the weight of possessions you are transporting. The same goes for moving to Miami on a budget. In case you are not sure how to calculate the costs, City Movers can help you. And, they can help you with some useful advice. When you are moving on a budget, saving tips are very welcome.

Are you moving locally or long-distance?

In case you are already living in Florida and moving locally, your moving budget should not be less than $700. If you are coming from some other state, the costs will be much higher. For really long-distance moves, your budget can easily go over $5,000.

People sitting around the table, holding dollar bills and using calculator, pen and notebook, checking funds for moving to Miami on a budget.
For moving to Miami on a budget, it is important to set the moving budget correctly.

When you are moving to Miami on a budget, consider saving options

There are various ways for saving when moving. One of them is decluttering. It is also an important step in the preparation process. First, you will dispose of the things that you don’t need. That will automatically decrease the weight of the possessions that the best movers Miami will move for you. Thus, your moving costs will be lower.

The other benefit of decluttering is the possibility to sell the items which are still good. You can do it using some online selling platforms. Or you can organize the yard selling. In both ways, you will earn some money. That money you can add to your moving budget.

Avoid spending funds allocated to the moving budget to Miami

After decluttering, the Miami residential movers will be able to give you an accurate moving quote. Use that quote as a base for determining your moving budget. Adding the other costs you will know how much money you will need for relocation. Also, knowing the moving date will give you a frame for rising the moving funds. Even though collecting the funds may look easy, avoid using them for purchasing unnecessary things. Use them exclusively for moving purposes. That way you will ensure having sufficient funds on a moving day.

When you are drafting the moving budget, always allocate some contingency funds. They should usually be 10% of the moving budget. These funds are earmarked to cover some unexpected costs.

The period in which you move will influence your moving budget

We already mentioned that there are various ways for saving and thus increasing the moving budget. Some of them will help you save up more money than others. However, by adding them up, you can achieve considerable savings. Here are some tips related to the time of moving.

A moving box and other things on the window sims.
Some moving supplies you can get for free, like empty boxes from the office.

Moving locally or long-distance, avoid peak season

The peak season is the most expensive time to move, either locally or long-distance. Most people are trying to book their move in the period from April to October. This period is more comfortable and convenient than moving in other periods. However, the high demand is increasing the price of moving services. In case your moving day is flexible, you can do considerable savings moving off-season.

Time of the month and week are also influencing the moving costs

In case you are moving at the beginning or end of the month, expect higher moving costs. If you can, try to arrange the moving day in the mid-month period. Also, moving during the workdays will lower the moving costs. Besides, set the moving time in a period before or after the rush hour. The traffic will be lighter at that time. That will help the local moving companies Miami to move faster and save on moving time. For local moving, you are paying per hour. So, the moving time counts.

The other ways to help you save on moving costs

Besides the moving period, there are other ways to save up on your moving budget. Appling them all, or some of them can help you to achieve savings.

Instead of buying moving boxes, you can get them for free

There are different ways how you can get moving boxes free of charge. However, make sure that they are strong and well-preserved. Such boxes you can collect from:

  • Friends and family members
  • From your colleagues at work
  • Boxes from the office (boxes in which the stationary is packed and which are being disposed of anyway)
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Recycling centers

Some people who were recently moving are selling the moving boxes online. They are usually well preserved and inexpensive. In the same way, you can get some packing materials, such as styrofoam peanuts. Still, for packing some very fragile or valuable items, you will need really good moving supplies and boxes. Such, you can easily buy from a moving company.

Do packing yourself, or with the help of friends and family

This way, you will save on packing costs. Just be sure that your friends and you know how to properly wrap and pack various items. Also, you will have to disassemble your furniture. In case you don’t feel enough confident to properly pack some items, contact the long distance movers Miami. They can send over the crew to assist you with those demanding pieces.

Moving truck at the parking, with hills and sky at the back.
You may consider renting a moving truck for a DIY move.

In case of moving locally, you can consider renting a moving truck

When moving long-distance, it is much better to hire the services of a reputable moving company. However, moving locally, many people are opting for a DIY move. If you consider renting a moving truck and moving on your own, you should pay attention to several things.

  • You will have to load and unload the moving truck yourself
  • When renting a truck, inspect it thoroughly for possible molds
  • Make sure the truck rental is clean and well maintained
  • Discuss with the renters about the return time and charges in case of not returning the truck on time
  • Check with renting company what you are forbidden to drive in the moving truck
  • Make sure the items are loaded properly and fastened, so they will not move during transportation
  • Don’t forget to purchase the moving insurance for your belongings

Even moving on your own, avoid the peak season and move on weekends. It is important to reach your new place as faster as possible. That will give you time to unload it and return it before the deadline. Usually, when you are late returning the truck rental, you have to pay rental costs for one more day. 

Keep a record of your expenses when you are moving to Miami on a budget

When moving to Miami on a budget, you have to keep a record of spending. By avoiding doing so, you can easily face problems. The important is that the funds are sufficient for the moving day. You will certainly not be happy to discover that you can’t cover the costs. And, don’t worry about the surplus. Once you move to Miami, treat your family and yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant. Or with something else that will make you all happy.

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