Living near downtown Miami or far from it – what’s better?

Miami is one of the most popular places to live. Many Americans dream about coming and living in this area of the Sunny State. Maybe you are looking for a warm climate with a never-ending summer. If you simply look for more fun in your life, Downtown Miami is a perfect place for it. Miami lifestyle has a little bit of everything and everyone can find something interesting here. Of course, just like every other place on Earth, it has its pros and cons for living there. Therefore, before you contact Florida movers to help you relocate here, you should discover everything about this area. The charm of living in a top vacation spot is certainly undeniable. There are plenty of great districts you can move to. In this article, discover about living near Downtown Miami or far from it.

Why is this one of the most popular areas in FL?

Downtown Miami is among the 10 ranked neighborhoods in Miami. This place in South Florida is full of history and culture. With only 3.8 square miles, this is one of the smallest areas in Florida. But this does not stop people from getting to move here. Both tourists and Floridians would like to experience this Downtown Miami lifestyle. The area is ever-growing and becoming one of America’s trendiest and most modern cities. Downtown Miami movers have a lot of work when it comes to relocating new residentials. This place has everything. Rich nightlife, great art scene, reach history with a focus on health. In addition, the city has a great balance of working conditions and fun times. Its endless sandy beaches are only a short drive away from the city’s bustle. After busy working hours, you can enjoy the culture of the Caribbean and Latin American influences.

sky scrapers and a blue sky
Discover whether living near downtown Miami or far from it is for you


Living near downtown Miami or far from it

You will certainly find much to do around Brickell, Brickell Key, Edgewater, and the Upper East Side. For all the newcomers to Miami, there is the  History Miami Museum. This kind of museum allows its visitors to get to know the city’s past and present. Apart from cultural spots, it is important to save time on commuting to and from work. Downtown Miami and Brickell combined hold about 90% of all the business activities that take place in Miami. So, if you think that living in Downtown Miami isn’t for you, but you would still like to be nearby, hire Brickell movers and arrange your relocation right away! However, prepare yourself for the high costs of living in this neighborhood. What you save on income tax, be ready to pay for the living costs. Also, renting or buying homes here is pretty expensive. But with great income, you can easily survive here.

Plenty of things to do in Downtown Miami

Still having doubts about living near downtown Miami or far from it? Then, you should know that here you can escape harsh winters.

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Just spending days on the beach is already a great reason to live here


Apart from tossing off your winter clothes, here you can have plenty of outdoor activities. It is already enough to just think about relaxing at the beach. But, there are so many more places to explore near and around Downtown Miami. After Miami local movers help you settle in your new place, you can also enjoy golf, water sports, or simply watch a beautiful sunset with your family members. This place has amazing beaches and most of them are open to the public.

Family-friendly area

Greater Downtown is a family-friendly part of town. While in Miami Beach you are more likely to find a party on every corner, this area is a bit quieter.

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There are plenty of things to do in Downtown Miami

Also, the area has a near-perfect transit score. That means that you can find many different kinds of transportation here. Before City Movers get your family here, you should know that you can live without a car here. However, the real estate market is the major issue driving up the average living cost in Miami. You should be aware of this fact since the home value is 30% more than in the rest of the states. On the other hand, if you do thorough research, you will be able to find some cheaper neighborhoods around here. Living on the waterfront certainly means paying more for living costs.

Other reasons for living near downtown Miami or far from it

Apart from great outdoor activities, you can also have a lot of indoor fun. This city has rich nightlife and a famous bar scene. There are numerous nightclubs and venues with great music on the water. Plenty of art galleries, museums, and independent movie theaters provide fun for art lovers. As you can see, there are plenty of places to explore in Downtown Miami. The culinary scene in Miami is exploding with a variety of different cultural flavors and dishes. Cuban food is one of the most famous and popular in the area. Also, you can find sandwiches in all the corners of the city area. Since the area has a rich tropical climate, you can interact with wildlife. There are plenty of exotic species to find out along the coast. Your kids will be happy to see turtles, unique bird species, and colorful fish.

Downtown Miami is a great area to move to. However, you may still have doubts about living near downtown Miami or far from it. For this reason, we also recommend researching on your own. Every person is different and has different needs. On one hand, you will have higher costs of living here. On the other hand, there are millions of fun activities that you can do around the area. After all, it is enough to only think about spending your free time on the beach with so many water activities. This fruitful area is full of life and worth considering for living.

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