Florida’s real estate market – stats and trends for 2022

There has been a lot happening during the last few years. With a pandemic, inflation, and other stuff that affect the real estate market, people have decided to settle down in one place and wait for better opportunities. And in order to keep track of what is happening and when is the best time to relocate and to buy or rent some real estate, you must be focused all the time. However, there are some things you can explore now and plan your move for 2022. So, if you are looking for buying or renting a home in Florida, you should check Florida’s real estate market and make a wise decision. Although, there is one thing you do not need to worry about. Whenever and wherever you decide to relocate, you can always count on the best moving companies in Florida.


Speaking of 2022, there are several cities in Florida that are listed to be some of the best cities to invest in. Those are Spring Hill, Lehigh Acres, and Palm Bay. However, Florida is generally voted to be the most wanted place when it comes to investing in real estate. The main reason for this is that Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Alabama, the Gulf of Mexico, and Georgia. All of these states have a lot to offer and the commute between them has never been more developed.

Statistics about these places have been made based on the home value index, home price growth, and rent index. And based on the recent statistics, Florida is definitely a place where you can invest in 2022. So no matter what is the reason for your moving to Florida, being the international tourist destination, Florida will offer you a lot. If you are interested in investing here, check out these stats and trends in 2022 and book your best local movers Florida has to help you with the relocation.

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Follow the statistics about Florida’s real estate market

Population growth

One of the reasons to check Florida’s real estate market is to a population that is growing as we speak. Since 2010, there are over 2 million new residents. Which makes Florida the third most populated state after California and Texas. It is believed that in the next few years Florida will welcome 800 new residents per day. It might seem a little bit too much, but all of this has some benefits.

For example, you can find people of all ages living here. Therefore, no matter what is the reason for your moving with Miramar FL movers you will find someone with the same interest and someone you can spend time with. Meeting new people is not easy. But it makes it a little better knowing that someone else has trouble fitting in. However, fitting in in Florida should not be a problem, considering the fact that there is a high level of diversity. This is logical, based on the fact that many people come to Florida on a daily level to become new residents. 

The job market will give you a chance to invest in Florida’s real estate market

As we have said, Florida is growing as we speak. One more reason for this is that Florida is an ideal location for business. The government in Florida is an expert when it comes to attracting new professionals, both young and seniors. The job growth in Florida has increased 5 percent since the last September. This is way above the national level, where the job opportunities increased just 0.8 percent. And since the pandemic, the unemployment rate has significantly gotten lower in the health and software sector.

And speaking of young professionals, the reasons Millenials move to these Florida locations is because of the great education. How is it related to the job market? It is simple. A lot of great Universities, such as the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Miami are offering you jobs right after graduation. This is a great opportunity for young people to follow their path in the business world. There are tons of giant companies that are glad to accept people with zero or minimum experience, as long as they are willing t give their best and help the company grow.

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Choose the place in Florida that you can afford

Quality of life

Investing in Florida’s real estate market is pretty easy thanks to the ideal work-life balance. Especially when you live in a place with almost perfect weather, culture and recreation. Speaking of weather, Florida has annual summer highs of 79 degrees and really nice winter, with 60 degrees. Florida is also called the Sunshine State because of this. Most people are relocating here with moving companies Broward County just because they are able to enjoy some perfect time outdoors, though the whole year.

Another great thing why people decide to move is that the costs of living are 2 percent lower than the average living index of 100. This might not seem much but compare to other places that have a high level of diversity, and a lot of activities and festivals, Florida is winning here. 

Plus, do you remember when we said that Florida has something for everybody? This is also the case with sports fans. There are three NFL teams, two NBA teams, and two NHF teams. Which makes Florida a major destination for everyone who loves baseball. With some of the most amazing courts, you will have so much fun here watching and playing these sports.

Florida’s real estate market

According to some statistics from 2021, the single-family homes have increased by almost half, the inventory is going down and the home sales and prices are rising.

The median home value is about $320,000 and it has grown by 24 percent over the past year. So buying a home here can be pretty much. that is why you need to calculate your savings and possibilities wisely. One of the things that can help you in saving more money when investing in Florida’s real estate is checking current specials in moving companies that you have hired. This way you can still have the professionals deal with your relocation for less money.

However, the market value can vary from state to state and from city to city. That is why if you are choosing to move to Miami or Tampa, you should check the market there also. Another few cities that need to be double-checked are Orlando, Naples, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville.

Florida is in the 31st place when it comes to affordability. This means that out of the 50 states, Florida is one of the most expensive ones. Some of the most expensive places in Florida are Key West, Est Miami, Miami Beach, and Surfside. So if you are not sure about your savings and whether your budget cannot hold moving here, think about some other places in Florida.

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The prices are not the same everywhere

Renting a home in Florida

For those who are not looking in buying a home, there are even some statistics for renting a place. But before we jump into the statistics and the prices, you should know that rents have jumped 24 percent in just a few months. The reason for this is that Florida has become more and more popular for expanding businesses. That is why the landowners are giving their best to get as much money as they can from renting their places. The statistics show that 34 percent of housing units in Florida are occupied by renters. 70 percent of them is a single-family unit.

The median rent, for, let us say, 3 bedroom home in Miami is $4000 per month. This is the most expensive place you can find for rent. If you choose to move to Tampa or Orlando, you can rent a place for about $2500.

Most affordable places in Florida

There are 5 most affordable places in Florida. each and every single one of them has a lot to offer. You need to see which of them is more suitable for you and see if you are able to imagine your life there.

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Check the real estate market and see if you can afford the place you like

Coral Cape

With a population of 170.063, this place is the eighth largest city in Florida. It is a family-oriented community which will give you a lot. One of the great things you can enjoy here is 400 miles of navigable waterways. So you wl be able to watch a sunset every night. With a home price of $173.400 and renting price of $1.095, you can afford this place and have some of the best times ever.

The unemployment rate is not so big. It is under 5 percent and you will have only 2 miles to get to the beach. But with some nice trails and enjoyable views, you will never notice these 2 miles of walking to the sand and water. That is why people who have moved here do not waste their first days unpacking. One of the best solutions to avoid unpacking on your first day here and to enjoy this beautiful place is to get the best storage Miami has. Keep your items there until you are done enjoying your first days here.


Located just an hour west of Tampa, this place is really affordable. Event high Tampa has been voted to be among the most expensive cities, Dunedin is perfect for those who are looking to invest more money in a business than in real estate. The median purchase price of a home is $157,200 and to rent a place you will need around $980 per month. And knowing that Tapa is not so far away, you can enjoy living here without spending too much money. The best thing about Dunedin is that is safer than 78 percent of Florida. So if you are looking for a place to raise your children there, do not hesitate anymore, contact movers in Florida and set your movng date.

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Think about everybody’s needs before choosing to relocate somewhere

Florida’s real estate market – Fort Walton Beach

Living next to the ocean in Florida can be great. Especially when you find out something about the real estate market here. The median home price in Fort Walton Beach is around $164,100 and to rent a place where it will cost you $940 per month. Which makes this place one of the most affordable in Florida. Currently, there are 21,200 residents and all of them know how to have fun. The reason for this is that you can find so many festivals and activities that you will enjoy. That is why you should hire packing services and get ready for relocation as soon as possible.

Explore Florida’s real estate market in Lakeland

The reason people choose to move here is not just the home process and the rent prices. Although they are very affordable. According to statistics, the home price is around $109,300 and you can rent a place for $890 per month. But this is not the only greatest thing about Lakeland. It is in fact that this place is very well connected with Tampa and Orlando. You will need about an hour to get from Lakeland to these two cities. Therefore, you will be able to get more job opportunities, since the bigger places are not s far away. And if you are thinking about going to college here, Florida Southern College is located right here. Which will give you a chance to learn more about nursing and education.

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Find out what can a certain place offer you

Exploring Florida’s real estate market will give you a chance to choose the perfect place for your next home. Find out what are your possibilities. Discover what stuff can the place you like offers you. But one thing is for sure. Investing in real estate is an investment for a lifetime. So if you are looking to buy a place in Florida, no matter in which part of it, you will not make a mistake.





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