Creating an inventory list for your long-distance move

Long-distance relocation is usually the hardest among the residential moves. Due to its complexity, you have to be much more careful so that you could pull everything off. All of this requires time and many people make a mistake and do not start when they should. During this time, you have to make an inventory list for your long-distance move. It is very important so that you could keep track of all the items that you want to move. Also, it is important for you to hire reliable long-distance movers Miami. See what it takes to make the relocation perfect and how to make a list that will save you a ton of time and nerves!

Always create an inventory list for your long-distance move!

It is important that you handle this every time you have to move. It is a time-saving option that many people do not do. Here is what it takes to make an inventory list for your long-distance relocation!

  • Handle each room separately
  • Check each item’s condition
  • Take photos of your items

Handle each room separately

When making an inventory list, you should follow some basic rules. When doing this, you should handle each room separately. What we mean is that you have to avoid mixing items. There have to be some rules that you will follow. You should start with the bottom of the house and go all the way up. Or the other way around. No matter which direction you go, you should never continue if you did not finish a room before! Of course, there are some items you should leave behind when moving long-distance but once you get rid of them, everything else will be transported!

a living room - inventory list for your long-distance move
Do each room separately!

Check each item’s condition

You are making inventory for your long-distance relocation because you want to keep track of all your items. Besides writing them down, you want to see the conditions of each item. It is important because bad and unpredictable things can happen during transport. When you are having an interstate move, like moving from Florida to California, you are leaving your things in the hands of movers. You should know the condition of each item in the case that some things get damaged during the move. It is a precaution you should never avoid!

Take photos of your items

It is one thing to write all the items but another to actually document the current condition with a photo. It is always a question of whether you should take photos of your stuff prior to moving. Our advice is to always do this, for each item. It will be a part of your inventory list and you could use it in case something bad happens. For example, your item gets damaged during the move. This photo should be enough for your movers to understand that the items were damaged during the move. After that, it should be easier t make a deal with them about the compensation.

a camera
Take photos of your items before they are packed!


Long-distance relocations are full of unpredictable things. It is the reason you should do everything that you can in order to avoid this. The best course of action to ‘protect’ your items is to make an inventory list for your long-distance move. No matter you have reliable and experienced City Movers by your side, it is always wise to do as much as you can for yourself. Always do this step and you should be more relaxed after the move starts!

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