Commercial relocation timeline

If you ever had a residential move you already know how big of a task it is. Then trying to compare that to a commercial move and you’ll find out it can get so much more stressful and complicated. But we have some good news. If you get some reliable movers Miami for the job, it will get so much easier. Obviously, besides some good movers, you’ll need some good planning. A well-planned move is usually planned 3-6 months in advance, but a commercial move is something you start thinking about even a year before. That’s why you need good planning and great execution to have your commercial relocation timeline going smoothly and as planned.

 9-12 months before your move

Some companies will need to think even a year in advance to get their office moved properly. Obviously, this depends on many things but it won’t hurt to do these things in the earlier stages of your commercial relocation.

calculator calculating the budget for the move
Having a budget is a good foundation for a successful move
  • Set your budget – The first thing you should make is a budget. Everything after that should be considered along with the budget. Everything that comes up needs to be calculated, so have a good budget planned out and stick to it until the end.
  • Do an assessment of your office – Take a good look at your old office and think about what you need and what can be discarded. Also if you already have found a potential new office try to compare it to your old one. How many of your supplies can fit in it? Think about the many possibilities when making a commercial move.
  • Talk with your movers – Your first priority should also be to establish contact with your moving company. Look through as many office movers as you can because it could help you get the best people for such an important job.

Commercial relocation timeline – 6-9 months before your move

This is the period where slowly things get rolling. You’ll need to check for some potential updates for your office furniture but also some updates on your security and communications department. Your organizing skills will be put to the test.

  • Review your furniture – This is the perfect time to make possible furniture changes. Look around and talk with your coworkers as some of them might have problems and wishes they would like to see. So even before office movers Boca Raton come to the job you’ll have a good idea of what to do with your office furniture.
  • Review communication lines and security – When moving your office at some point you’ll have to talk to the guys from IT. Tell them to check all the existing lines and ask for suggestions. An office that communicates well is a good office.

Commercial relocation timeline – 3-6 months before your move

Considering this is a commercial move, this is already deep into your moving schedule. The moving company should be only waiting for your call. The design of the new office should already be finished on paper and some important internal agreements should already have been made.

  • Update your movers – With such an important task on your hands, you should be on the phone with the movers regularly.  That’s why a good and reliable moving company like cross country movers Miami is always a good idea. Good communication with your movers is a thing that can facilitate a good move.
  • Call office suppliers – Your new office will need new supplies. For that reason call some suppliers as doing it so early will make it easier for them. But not only for them as you will have one less headache come moving time.
  • Check over the new office location – Scout the new area your office will be. The places you should check out our potential parking spots and bus stops. Transportation is a huge deal for a good working environment. Also, make sure there are some entertainment centers as they could be utilized for team building.
Business woman calling her office supplier
Getting everything ready will take a lot of phone calls

Commercial relocation timeline – 8-12 weeks before your move

Your moving date is nearly here. It’s time to spread the word around the office and get more people on the job. Slowly start to get people excited about their new office as that can only be motivating for them. But don’t forget that there are still tasks to finish.

  • Create an office day schedule – Start making plans for the near future already. Planning out everything this early will save you time and problems when it’s time to unload the truck. Obviously, this plan can slowly be spread among your coworkers and will be able to help you.
  • Hire commercial cleaning – Especially in these pandemic times hygiene is extremely important. For that reason, it’s important to hire a cleaning crew for both your old and the new office.
  • Start labeling boxes – This might seem a bit early to start labeling boxes but it really isn’t. Having everything in order is really a big plus before the actual move starts. Even if that is too much for you, you can always start labeling the most expensive items in the office.

Commercial relocation timeline – 2-8 weeks before your move

The smell of a new office can almost be smelt in the air. It’s time to get your packing rolling. Also what kind of office wouldn’t notice the clients of their move. So don’t forget to get that done. Old clients will stay loyal if you share information with them on time.

moving box
It’s never too early to start thinking about packing
  • Start packing –  The majority of items that aren’t in active use should now be packed in boxes. Plan with your coworkers as it makes it easier and creates a feeling of comradery inside the office.
  • Inform your clients – The most part of a business is having clients. For that reason, create an e-mail list or phone number list to call them up. Having clients that are willing to stay loyal to you is a huge deal in today’s time.

Commercial relocation timeline –  up to 2 weeks before your move

It’s almost time to cross the finishing line. Some smaller tasks, but nonetheless important, are remaining. Get your team around and get them together to make a last final push until the moving day.

  • Utilities – Before your move has started check that all the utilities have been canceled, Nobody likes unpleasant surprises so make sure everything is done before the office has moved.
  • Declutter – A move is always a nice chance to declutter. The same goes for offices. If you can there is also an option to donate office supplies and also create some good press for your business while decluttering.

Moving day

It’s here! If you’ve followed our tips then there isn’t really much to do on moving day. Your new and old office spaces are already cleaned, everything is labeled. The moving day tasks are already rolling and the only thing you need is to have good organization skills and everything will fall in its space.

Moving an office is a difficult task which our tips on how your commercial relocation timeline might have shown you. But taking everything step by step can really help you organize and execute the move easily. Talk with the people in the office when the time is right and it can really become a fun experience for everyone working in your business. And nothing is more for a business than having a good working environment. Happy moving and good luck!

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