5 things people love about Palm Springs, Florida

Thinking about moving to Palm Springs in Florida? You are in the right place. In this article, you will read about five things people love about Palm Springs. And even if you are here by accident, after reading this you just might change your moving destination and move to Palm Springs instead. Don’t forget to reserve your moving date with the best moving company in town – City Movers. Choosing us will make your move go smoothly. Plus, we offer a free estimate of the moving costs, who does not love that?

things people love about Palm Springs - palm tree over a pool
Palm Springs is waiting for you, come and relax under palm trees

The things people love about Palm Springs are all the fun activities

Most people who consider hiring Palm Springs movers are probably doing so because they love the beach, hot weather, and water. You are in luck because Palm Springs is very famous for its “Shark Wake Park”. It is a family-friendly water sports park where all the family members can have fun! Some of the water sports you can take part in are:

  • Floating obstacle courses
  • Wakeboarding
  • Kneeboarding,
  • Water skiing
  • Floating playground with monkey bars, climbing towers, and slippery slides for kids.

Food Tour

If you are a food enthusiast you will love the food tour that West Palm Beach Food Tours provides. You will try different types of food. And the best part is that all the restaurants included in this tour are locally owned. This means that you will try food prepared with love. 

Necklace classes

Moreover, if you like arts and crafts especially if you like making them then Mala Necklace Class is for you. You will be making a great variety of necklaces with gemstones which you can bring to your home. Because of their bright colors, they would be great as a decorative piece on your piano. And if you think that you can not move your piano to your new home in Palm Springs, FL rest assured that piano movers in Miami will be there to move your piano with no difficulty.

hand made necklaces
Let your imagination flow and make beautiful necklaces


If you love the outdoors and you love adventure then after your move you should definitely try parasailing. You will be taken up into the sky with a parachute and you can watch the beautiful coast of Florida and you will also see Miami. Beautiful beaches are also a plus! And if you are interested in moving to Miami then our moving company in Miami can definitely help!

River guided tour

No matter where you choose to move on Florida’s east coast. For example, if you move to Miami or Palm Springs you can enjoy the beautiful river tour. You will experience the wilderness located near big cities like never before. The tour lasts approximately two hours and it starts at Riverbend Park and continues toward the Atlantic Ocean.

An exotic bird drinking river water
On these tours, you can see many wild creatures you have never seen before


After reading these things people love about Palm Springs you will definitely experience the city in a unique way. But it is not only these five things mentioned above that you can do. There are many more interesting activities you and your whole family can take part in.

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