What to pack before your movers arrive

Whether you’re moving interstate or just across the city, transporting your items takes a lot of preparation. Professional Florida movers can save you a lot of time and effort by doing all of the hard work. You may even hire them to help you out with packing and unpacking your belongings! However, you should know there are some things to pack before your movers arrive

There are some things movers should not deal with

Even though they’re always at your service, professional movers Miami Lakes won’t just transport anything. For safety reasons, many moving firms have a list of products they won’t transport, like household chemicals, paints, and liquids. Therefore, those are just some of the items you’ll need to pack before your movers arrive, and move on your own.

A moving professional looking at the list of items to transport
Since many moving companies have a list of things they won’t pack or transport, you should pack before your movers arrive.

Moving is a chaotic event, so it’s easy to forget where you put something. That’s why you should have an itemized inventory of all of your belongings. It will be easier to keep track of everything while you pack and unpack. Also, make the whole moving process easier for both yourself and your movers by photographing all valuable goods beforehand. That way, if you need to file a damage claim later, the visual evidence will be difficult to refute.

The first day essentials are some of the things to pack before your movers arrive

If you’re moving far away, you will most likely arrive at your new apartment before the rest of your belongings. However, even if that wasn’t the case, you’ll want to have your first-day essentials on board with you. You’ll probably be starving after moving, so pack some food and snacks to eat once you get home.  

Moreover, you’ll need to shower and brush your teeth, so it’s necessary to have toiletries and personal hygiene items nearby. You’ll probably need a spare set of clean clothes, but moving companies Aventura can’t be responsible for packing those. Therefore, you should pack these items and move them to your new residence yourself. Finally, it’s needless to say you should pack cash and credit cards on your own. 

Pack valuable and small items beforehand

Your movers should not handle confidential documents since they contain sensitive information. The same goes for anything incredibly valuable, like expensive jewelry or heirlooms. If any of these items get lost during the move, no amount of money will be able to replace them. For liability reasons, the best movers Miami won’t pack and transport items such as photographs and medicine either. 

A woman collecting things to pack before your movers arrive
Movers need a lot of space, so make sure to pack all small objects and ornaments before they arrive and get the boxes out of the way.

Keep track of little items by placing them in sealable bags so they don’t get lost or scattered during transport. In fact, any mementos, little decorations, desk organizers, or other knickknacks will simply slow down and obstruct your movers. So, it’s best if you pack them yourself and put them somewhere safe, like in a car. 

Get your pets ready before the moving day comes

Your animal companions are family members that require your loving care to help them cope with the moving stress. They’ll likely get nervous once movers arrive, so it’s important to pack pet food and toys beforehand. Also, make sure your pets don’t escape in all that moving chaos around them!

Woman comforting a cat during relocation
Pets are under a lot of stress during the relocation process, so make sure their needs are met before the movers arrive.

Keeping this in mind, it is preferable to transport your beloved pets yourself. That way, you can attend to their requirements and lavish them with the affection they deserve. If this isn’t possible, take advantage of the high-quality services of specialized animal shipping companies

Electronics are on the list of things to pack before your movers arrive

While movers arrive with adequate packing equipment, electronics should be packed before they come. That being said, it’d be best to place these items, like televisions, for example, in their original boxes. That is how the manufacturer intended for them to be carried, and for good reason. If there’s a bump in the road, the foam inserts keep the fragile screen in place and prevent damage.

Pack important pieces of technology, like laptops, tablets, and phone chargers, in advance as well. Don’t worry if you threw out the box after purchasing electronics because you’re not the only one. Your precious gadgets can still survive transport! You’ll just need to pack them using extra paddings like cardboard or bubble wrap and secure them with moving tape.

Try to pack without making a mess

When moving day comes, you don’t want your house to be full of half-packed boxes. That’s why it would be best to pack in your garage or basement. We know packing is a dull task, but once you start, finish the whole box and put it aside. When the movers arrive, they will begin by loading the big, bulky furniture, as well as your kitchen appliances. So, keep that in mind as you begin to arrange your boxes throughout the house. Make sure your movers have adequate room to maneuver heavy and large things, and clearing a path for them will help them load everything faster. 

Moving apartments is a much more complex process than just hiring movers and having everything done for you. Regardless of how professional the moving company is, you will still need to take certain steps beforehand. To ensure that the movers can work effectively, there are some things you need to pack before the movers arrive. Hopefully, this list will clear up your doubts about what those items are and help you relocate smoothly!





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