Tips for downsizing your Broward County home

People hate relocations and packing. Even more so if there is a decluttering process involved. Downsizing a home can be quite complicated if you have many items stashed away, or if you haven’t done this in a while. So, whether you are relocating or simply covering the spring cleaning, one thing is certain. You must get rid of all the accumulated junk. Therefore, let us start downsizing your Broward County home together and make sure you are finally free of all the clutter we have to face in our lives daily. Also, let us explain how the best movers in Florida can assist you with this task. You will need a lot of help with this one. Let’s dive right in.

Have a plan in case you are moving

Whether you are moving or simply downsizing to have more space, it does not matter. The process is the same. And for the purposes of easier explanation, we will use the relocation as the best reference. Simply because people declutter and downsize mostly when moving their home. That being said, let us help you create a good downsizing plan. The first step is to go over your belongings and figure out how much stuff you have. Create an inventory list and include all furniture on it. This way it will be easier for everyone involved. Then, you must go through your items thoroughly and start dividing them into groups. Of course, focus on the pile with the decluttered items.

A woman making a plan for downsizing your Broward County home.
You must have a moving and decluttering plan if you want to complete this task successfully.

Simply set aside any items you do not have use for. Start with clothing, move on to the appliances and furniture, and lastly, cover the miscellaneous items. And expect to find more items along the way because you’ll probably at the same time pack for the relocation while decluttering. It is the most efficient way of doing it. Lastly, once you have all the numbers and know how much stuff you have and how complex your relocation is, contact your residential movers Fort Lauderdale and inform them about it. They need this info for further relocation planning.

Who can help you when downsizing your Broward County home?

Obviously, your friends, family, and neighbors can help a lot. Downsizing your Broward County home won’t come easily, and it will also take a lot of time. Therefore, do not be shy to ask your coworkers as well. It will mean a lot even if you have only one person helping you out. They can sort through stuff, take excess items away, or even keep something to themselves. The result will be amazing. You’ll end up with a decluttered home and they will have a few new items. Also, you’ll have a ton of fun which is a rarity when moving and decluttering.

Although, no matter how many helpers you have, you shouldn’t exclude the movers Broward County offers from it. Movers can help by bringing materials, packing, and sorting stuff out. They can even remove old furniture and other items from the site if you ask them nicely. All in all, it is just another helping hand. And an experienced one at that.

In-home storage solutions

You have probably wondered – what should I do with all the items I set aside? Well, you can dispose of them, which is something we shall explain a bit later. Or, you can keep most of it by rearranging your living space. You have plenty of in-home storage solutions and it is time to use them. As we have said before, your garage, attic, basement, and unused corners in each room can be utilized to perfection. Simply store everything inside cardboard boxes and stash it nicely in any of those places.

A nicely decorated living room and home office.
Rearrange things around the home to gain more storage space.

Stack boxes on top of each other to get more space but do not overstuff them. Heavier items should always go to the bottom of the tower. Once you have created a small storage space on a designated spot, cover it with a sheet, blanket, or tarp. It will be safe from the environment and more pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, if you have spare furniture to use as a shelving system, then go for it. Although, this is probably a solution for the loft, garage, and basement. There is simply more space, and you go there rarely which is more convenient for sure. Lastly, when moving, simply apply this technique to your new home. If you do this from the start, you won’t have clutter building up so easily. Simple as that.

Using proper packing materials is important when downsizing your Broward County home

Yes, this one is highly important. Using proper packing materials will keep your items safe during transport and when being stored. The better the box, the longer it can withstand the test of time. Therefore, run to the nearest Home Depot and purchase the following:

  • Plastic bins and cardboard boxes.
  • Packing tape and packing paper.
  • Labels and markers.
  • Blister packs and packing peanuts.

These packing materials are used well when relocating home. But, you will also use them if you decide to store some of the clutter you have set aside. Rearranging is important but you must keep those items you saved safe as well. So, according to your needs, purchase packing materials and sort the packing out.

A storage unit might be the answer to all your troubles

In case you have no space in your home but want to keep all the excess items, renting a storage unit is the answer. You can find one easily online. Just check some moving services Fort Lauderdale has and figure out which local moving company offers the best units. You can choose between various shapes and perks. Some units are designed to keep fragile and delicate items safe, while others are there for commercial purposes. And of course, there are simple and cheap units where you can keep old stuff you do not care much about. So, call your movers and figure out what is best for your needs and your budget. It will surely help a lot when downsizing your Broward County home.

Storage units with red doors.
Additional storage space can solve all your problems, so consider a storage unit!

How to get rid of excess items?

We have talked a lot about keeping items. But what if you want to get rid of it all? How to do it right? Luckily, there are several solutions to your situation. One is to simply give stuff away as gifts to your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You never know what they need and how they will use it. Then, you can sell everything online. Or at the garage sale. Whatever you prefer is better. Keep in mind that you can easily sell antiques, artwork, and similar valuable pieces.

And of course, you can always donate all your items to the local church or a charity organization. And most people do so. Lastly, you can throw it all away. But if you choose this route, you can’t simply throw everything in the dumpster. Furniture must be recycled, and chemicals and hazardous materials must be disposed of safely as well. Just contact the nearest recycling center and they will tell you all about it. Some even schedule a free of charge pickups. Amazing, right?

In Conclusion

Now you know what downsizing your Broward County home should look like. It is a time-consuming and tiring process for sure. But if you do it slowly and patiently, accompanied by friends and family, you can even enjoy it. And if you hire professional movers to assist, you will enjoy it for sure. Good luck.

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