Should you tip your Florida movers and how much

People are getting used to the fact that they have to tip at restaurants or hair salons, but they mostly forget how hard the job of one mover is. Working with the right team is more than half the job done, so it’s good to remember this fact for the next time. Still, if you’re not quite sure how much you should tip your Florida movers, let us clarify that in this article. City Movers are always at your service, and now it’s time to help them.

How much and when to tip your Florida movers?

It’s all about good timing, and you need to decide whether you’re ready to pay by looking at percent or per mover. To be honest, nobody expects you to tip movers, and it’s not a must, but it’s just an excellent act of kindness. Having in mind all the hard work they have to do while moving physically all your heavy and bulky furniture pieces, they deserve your tip.

When to tip them?

If you decided to give your South Point movers a tip, you can do it right after the move. Just because of the common situations in other public places, like restaurants where you have to give up to 20 percent of your total bill, this is a different scenario. Firstly, it’s entirely acceptable and appropriate if you decide to give them a tip. This will not only make their day but it will be the best feedback they can get. On the other side, they took out all your belongings including fragile ones. It’s not the easiest job to do, especially if they have already done the packing process.

A hand holding a dollar.
Tip is the best feedback they can get.

How much to tip them?

This is entirely individual, and the price itself dictates how much you’ll tip your Florida movers. Globally saying, it’s usual to look at the final price and then tip between 5 and 10 percent. It’s not too much or too little. Everything is on you, but this is an excellent way to respect these people and give them a reward. Movers Pompano Beach FL work too hard, so there is nothing wrong with tipping. Otherwise, they won’t know how satisfied you are with the service. On the other side, you can decide to tip every mover separately by giving a tip of around $5 per hour. This is more than enough and they will surely appreciate it a lot.

Giving a tip.
Have in mind their hard work and decide how much are you ready to tip your movers.


It is acceptable to include tipping after the service is done. You can help them realize they’re doing a great job, so don’t hesitate and give them a tip if you can. For those with a limited budget, there is surely some way you can thank them without spending too much money from your pocket. Think about it, and why not make someone happy after all? We know that local movers Pembroke Pines are always ready to help you relocate, and their team of professionals will transport all your belongings to the new address safely. In the end, you can tip your Florida movers and thank them for a great job.

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