Should you change a storage unit when moving to a different city?

It is often very useful to put away your items in a storage unit. Especially when you are relocating to a new home. So, you can have more space in your home and more time to think about very you should put your belongings. This is especially useful if you want to store your big and bulky items, such as pieces of furniture, artwork, and carpets. However, in some situations, you might want to change a storage unit when moving to a different city. And City Movers can help you to decide if you need to change it.

What do you need in order to rent a storage unit?

Before we discuss wheater you should change your storage unit when you are moving, firstly you need to know what do you need for it. Hence you should prepare to show identification. So, you are supposed to give a valid, government-issued form of ID in order to rent your storage unit. And Boynton Beach movers require that you show some of these documents:

  • State ID
  • Driver’s ID
  • Passport

Additionally, you will need to sign a storage unit agreement or contract. And make sure to read from beginning to end.

A man is writing on a white paper
You will need to sign a storage unit contract

Is it a good idea to change a storage unit when moving to a different city?

When you are moving to a different city, it can be inconvenient to take some items with you. Hence the obvious solution is to put your items in a storage unit. However, if you find better conditions in a new storage facility, then you should definitely do so. The movers North Lauderdale FL propose you carefully consider the following facts if you are in doubt wheater to change a storage unit or not:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Costs
  • Availability
  • Reviews


In some cases, the storage facility offers 24-hour access and weekend availability. So, if you are storing some items that you will surely need to use often, then you should change your storage unit and move it to the city where you want to relocate. That way you will ensure that you can get to your goods when you need them most. This is especially important if you are storing some items that you will need for your job. For instance, you may want to make an office in your home. Hence you will need many items at the beginning of your job. However, if you put some belongings that you occasionally use, then it is not necessary to change your storage unit.

Security is an important factor to consider if you want to change a storage unit when moving to a different city

As you can already guess, security is one of the most important facts to consider when you are choosing storage units in any city! Hence, if you are storing your precious items, such as family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and important documents, it is crucial that your storage unit is well protected. Hence, you should always choose the storage unit (it doesn’t matter if it is in your previous city or a new one) with great locks, video monitoring, in-person surveillance, and security gates. Also, if you decide to relocate your belongings to a storage unit near your home, you can always use Miami moving services in order to make it easier for you!

A photo of a camera
Security is a very important factor to consider if you want to change a storage unit when moving to a different city


It is very important to know what will determine the cost of storing your items in a storage unit. Because the price you pay for your storage unit can vary based on many things. Such as the size of the unit, how long you plan to store your stuff and the amount of the items that you will store. Moreover, if you need special services, like a climate-controlled storage unit, will cost additionally. Many storage facilities offer month-to-month contracts. Yet you can definitely receive a discount by signing up for a longer term.

Photo of a coin lot
Think about the costs of using a storage unit

Costs are also affected by availability. Hence you will pay more if most nearby storage facilities are already booked. But, that means that you can also find bargains if there are lots of vacant units. Ask for specials and online discounts. And note if there are any pricing variability in the contract. These are all very important facts to consider if you want to change your storage unit. If all of these conditions are better in a storage unit near your home, then you should definitely use it.

Availability is also an important element when you are doubting whether you should change a storage unit when moving to a different city

This sounds very logical but it is worth mentioning. Because if you need a specific size or type of unit, you will surely pick one that will suit your needs. Also, your circumstances may change over time. Hence. if you are expecting some big changes in your life then it is recommendable to keep your items in a storage unit near your home. That way you may use it anytime you want or need.


It is not necessary to read reviews. However, we strongly recommend you do so. Because if you read reviews, you will know what current and former customers think. Hence, if you find reviews such as robbery reports and one-star reviews, that should definitely be a sign not to use that storage unit. In order to make it easier, you can make a list of potential storage facilities. Then you should read through reviews about each facility. Make sure to check their website. Because, if you notice that they don’t provide all the information, or that something seems suspicious, then cross them out of your list.

Finally, you need to think about all pros and cons of self storage in your previous city and of a storage unit near your new home. That way you will surely know if there is even a need to change a storage unit when moving to a different city. Make the decision based on your unique situation – there is no one right or wrong answer.

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