What to do with your possessions when preparing for a long-distance move?

A long-distance move is a special category of moving. It differs a lot from local moving regarding preparation, costs, and time needed. For many people, this is an overwhelming period. Sometimes they panic and do not know where to start. Usually, people move once or twice long-distance in a lifetime. That is why they do not have much experience regarding moving. But luckily there are some tips and tricks to follow in order to make this successful. In addition, it may happen that you will need additional storage when preparing your items. City Movers can provide you with help with moving preparations. With the help of reliable movers, moving can become less stressful. Also, the most important thing is to give yourself enough time to prepare. But even if you are in a hurry, movers can help you sort everything. In this article, read about preparing for a long-distance move.

creating an inventory list
Create the inventory list when preparing for a long-distance move

Preparing for a long-distance move to Seattle

Well in this case you will need to travel a long way cross-country. Therefore, give yourself enough time to get everything you need. Experts say that for such a long move people need about eight weeks to prepare. And if possible, even more. The first thing you need to do when preparing for a long-distance move is to create an inventory list. Moving from Florida to Seattle will be much easier without packing unnecessary items. The great rule is to write down all you possess. Then, go through everything once again. Whatever you think you will not use in your new home, try to toss away. This will save you a lot of time and money on packing materials. Plus, you will have space in your new home. Ask yourself why would you use so much space on something you will not use.

Get the right packing materials

Now you have figured out which possessions you will not bring. The next action on your list should be getting the right packing materials.

a couple holding bubble wrap
Get the right packing materials for your move

For some light items, you can get even some free cardboard boxes to save on your move. But, when you need to pack some sensitive possessions make sure to have firm boxes. As your items need to travel long0-way, you need stable boxes to transport them. For moving from Florida to New York you can consult with your movers as well. For such long transportation, you need durable packing materials. In this case, you can consider some more expensive materials which are biodegradable. It is better to invest a bit more in order to provide better protection for your items. Some ideas for materials you can find here:

  • metal packing boxes
  • biodegradable packing peanuts and boxes
  • boxes of different sizes
  • packing tape

Storage solutions when preparing for a long-distance move

When you finish packing, there will be lots of items which you need to store somewhere. There are many ways how you can take care of this.

a large storage unit
Use a storage unit to temporarily put away some possessions

You can either sell some of it. In addition, you can give them as a gift to your friends or relatives. But if you still want to keep them, you can decide to use storage units. In this case, you can rent a storage unit to store those items for some time. Also, the good thing is that you can rent it indefinitely. Check with the renting company on the renting conditions. In addition, make sure that the storage unit you rent is close to your home. You will be able to pop up quickly to take something from your storage. As a result, there will be a lot of free space in your new home.

Get additional insurance for your possessions

When relocating long-distance it is important to get insurance for your possessions. No matter how good packing materials you use, some damage can always happen. In addition, it is important to have experienced movers. However, it is a long way your items need to travel. Therefore inform yourself of different insurance options for your belongings. Bear in mind that it is never a waste of money. Of course, we all hope things will go well and your move will be smooth. But if your possessions suffer any kind of damage, the insurance policy will cover them. If you have some items of high value, then insuring those is a must. There are several types of moving insurance: basic (most movers offer it for free), declared value protection (it will cover 1.25% of your inventory), and full coverage insurance (full refund or replacement of your inventory).

More packing tips

There are always some useful DIY tips for moving preparations. That includes using something you already have in your home and improvising. You can turn the packing into a play. Especially if you have children, you can pack things together. Among some useful DIY packing tricks is using old towels, socks, and shirts to wrap up your breakable items. In addition, heavy-duty outdoor trash bags are very useful for packing clothing. Wrap up toilet bottles in kitchen foil to prevent them from leaking. Some more sensitive items you can put into the egg cartons and wrap them up. Try to cook as many perishables as possible before the moving day comes. It is not advisable to pack these and transport them all the way to your new home. Food in cans and jars should go into the moving truck.

Preparing for a long-distance move is a serious task for every person. Time management is a key to any preparation. That is why you should start with moving preparation as soon as possible. Preferably the moment you decide to move. It can be tricky thinking that you have enough time for everything so you can take things slowly. Also, there is no point in rushing as it can lead to making mistakes. That is why creating a moving calendar proves to be very useful. Then you can simply follow the schedule on the calendar to make sure everything goes by the plan. Therefore, look forward to packing and your new home.

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