Relocating your music studio within Florida – what to pay attention to?

Relocations get complicated and tiring whether moving a small apartment or an entire household. However, preparing and moving complex electronic equipment requires extra attention. There are many special tasks to complete before you begin with relocating your music studio within Florida. It definitely isn’t easy to organize and pack bulky devices unless you hire a trusted and capable moving team to handle everything for you. So feel free t contact us at City Movers and learn more about our offer. Our crew will come to your aid whenever you say and take care of your studio equipment.

control board
You have to be careful with studio equipment.

Don’t rush with relocating your music studio within Florida

Moving goes smooth when done step by step. Therefore, there’s no need to rush with it. When it comes to music studio equipment, you won’t do much if you pack and move everything at once. The risk for damage is much higher than if you take time with the entire endeavor. In addition, hiring Miami moving services is your best solution if you want a stress-free relocation. Your studio won’t suffer any damage thanks to a professional and time-efficient moving crew.

a bunch of moving boxes
Get all the necessary moving supplies and make sure the boxes are different in size.

Proper preparation is key to every successful move. Once you put everything on paper, you will get a better idea of what to do:

  • Book a moving crew at least a month ahead. Moving a music studio within Florida requires professional moving help. Therefore, browse some of the best movers North Lauderdale FL has and check their availability.
  • Get enough moving supplies. Spend some extra dollars on quality moving supplies. You don’t have to pay too much for them, however, make sure the boxes are strong and durable. Don’t forget packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors, and multicolor permanent markers.
  • Plan your packing days and a moving day. This is especially important if you are juggling other duties with the move. Dedicate those hours only to your music studio.

Consider special moving services in Florida for music studio relocation

If you want to have an efficient and hassle-free relocation, browse piano movers Boca Raton has on offer. Find which ones are available at the time you would like to move your music studio. Piano movers will go the extra mile to properly secure your musical instruments and other bulky electronic equipment. Hiring such skilled movers will lessen your worries around the move. Plus, you will have more room in your schedule for rest or other obligations.

two movers relocating your music studio within Florida
Hire specialized piano movers to help you with relocating your music studio within Florida,

You will need boxes different in sizes

It’s useless to pack everything into several huge boxes. Not only it’s difficult to move the boxes, but also to unpack them later. In addition, stashing several different device parts or instruments can result in damage due to collision. Therefore, opt for small, medium, and big boxes.

Add extra safety to each box

Original packagings are the best solution. They are already designed to hold the instruments or electronic equipment parts. However, there are still safe ways to pack everything in case you don’t have the original boxes. Just use old towels or blankets for additional padding. Secure the edges before putting a layer of packing paper and bubble wrap. Seal the box lid criss-cross with packing tape.

Be careful with studio equipment when packing your music studio for Florida move

Take time to disassemble and pack your studio in the following order:

  1. Pack the musical instruments first
  2. Next, proceed with complex studio equipment. Make sure to remove flash drives, discs, and batteries. Take pictures of your studio setup and cords to know how to put everything back together after the move.
  3. Unplug the cords, carefully fold them and mark them with colored stickers. Write on a piece of paper what are the cords for (control board, DJ mixer and etc.).
  4. The studio furniture is the last to pack. Ask your movers to help you secure the edges and wrap the furniture pieces.
  5. Label each moving box with a different color. Be as specific as possible so you know which one to unpack first.
  6. Make sure not to leave garbage and dirt behind!

Storage rental is much-needed

Your music studio equipment must stay somewhere safe until the move is over. That’s why storage rental is your best choice, especially if unexpected delays or changes in schedule come up. Nowadays you can choose from a wide array of indoor storage units at different rates. Depending on the size of your studio, you can choose the storage size accordingly. Both short-term and long-term leases are possible. Most importantly, modern self-storage units are climate-controlled which is perfect for sensitive musical instruments and studio electronic devices.

Choose the best time for moving your music studio

The weather conditions in Florida will certainly affect your relocation. The best time of the year for the move is during spring temperature. It’s neither hot nor cold. On the other hand, a summer move might not be a good idea. However, it’s still possible to arrange a safe move if you have to move during hot Florida summer days.

Early morning hours are perfect for the move. The temperature cannot affect packed studio items that much. So make sure to schedule your move in the morning, load, and move everything to storage. Another benefit of morning relocation is less crowded traffic.

Be present during your Florida studio relocation

Keep in mind that moving is a big responsibility. You can never be too careful when relocating your music studio within Florida. That’s why you should be present during the preparation and packing process. Although your movers are professional and capable, it’s still your job to guide them and remind them to be careful with the boxes. As a result, you will feel less stressed and have peace of mind.

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