Most popular destinations for those leaving Florida and moving interstate

Low taxes, sunny weather, and a relaxed lifestyle make Florida a favorite relocation destination, especially for people from the Northwest. The Sunshine State is the third most populous state in the US, after California and Texas. But, despite the reported annual growth of the population of almost 2%, there are many people leaving Florida and moving interstate. The reasons for this vary from economic to weather-related and anything in between. So, what are the most popular destinations for Florida transplants? What states offer perks that beat the white sandy beaches and a relaxed lifestyle that many people dream about? The moving specialists at City Movers share their pro experiences and shed light on where Floridians move when leaving the Sunny State and relocating interstate. This will surely come in handy if you’re planning to pull up your roots and plant them elsewhere. So, here’s what’s good to know.

Atlanta, GA
In recent times, the most popular destination among those leaving Florida and moving interstate is The Peach State

The main reasons for leaving Florida and moving interstate

The US is among the most mobile countries in the world. Millions of people move from one state to another annually. Departing from Florida and moving out of the state is common in the moving world. Despite the state’s popularity, and high numbers of people moving from Texas to Florida for instance, there are as many people swapping the Sunny State for the Lone Star state too.

While for many it could be difficult to imagine why would someone trade the perks of Florida for anything else, there are a number of reasons that motivate people to relocate elsewhere. If you wonder what those are, here are the most prominent ones:

  • The hot weather. That’s right, the fabulous sunny weather all year-round is not everyone’s cup of tea. Besides, the warm temperatures are accompanied by high humidity, which can be a downer for many, and especially for those who suffer certain health conditions.
  • Natural disasters. Among the main reasons for people and even businesses leaving Florida and moving interstate is the hurricanes and tornados that cause costly damages. Hurricane season in the state is between Jun 1st and the end of November each year, but it’s not rare to occur out of its predicted timeframe as well. Also, sinkholes in Florida are becoming more common with the growing population. As more drinking water is needed from the Florida Aquifer, this lowers its levels causing the limestone to cave in. As a result, random holes are opening in the ground, and these can swallow up even entire neighborhoods.
  • Animals and insects. Not everyone takes a random meeting with a bear or an alligator lightly. And in Florida, this is somewhat of a common occurrence. And not to even mention the huge roaches loving the hot weather.

What are the most popular destinations for Floridians moving interstate?

With the aforementioned downsides of living in Florida, it’s easy to imagine why many people opt for leaving the Sunshine State and see moving out of state as a favorable option. Of course, everyone’s new digs will depend on a range of different factors. 

Relocation to a different state is a big project and a life-changing event. Therefore, it should be preceded by thorough research in order to make an informed decision that you wouldn’t regret later on. Sure enough, you’ll need to make sure that your new home offers you a favorable climate for comfortable living. On the pragmatic side, you’d like to make sure that the housing market is convenient, your income will allow you to cover your expenses, etc. So, out of the 50 states making up the US, what are the favorite choices of people emigrating from Florida and moving interstate? Here are the top 3 most popular destinations for Florida transplants.

NYC aerial view
The Big Apple is an attractive destination for anyone looking to upgrade their career or overall expand their horizons

Leaving Florida and moving interstate to The Empire State

The Sunny State is the flattest in the nation. Despite the beautiful beaches and magnificent ocean views, there isn’t much diversity when it comes to the natural landscape. Besides, here it’s summer all year round. Although this might not be the main reason for moving from Florida to New York, definitely the four seasons and hilly terrain is a perk that most Floridians appreciate when upping sticks for the north.

There are several places in Upstate New York that attract those who are leaving Florida and moving out of state. However, the Big Apple remains the most sought-after destination in New York state. And this is not a surprise, considering all the great opportunities it offers. Statistic reports claim that about 4% of people moving interstate from Florida put their roots in The Empire State. And if you wonder what are the essential factors relevant to living in the Big Apple, below is a brief account for general orientation.

  • Cost of living: The estimated cost of living per individual in NYC sits at about $1,400 without rent. This is 180% higher than the national average.
  • Average salary: In the Big Apple you can expect to earn $5,000 per month, in an average-paying job. The low end dips down to $4000, while top-earners report a monthly income of $8,000 and above.
  • Housing prices: The median home price for purchasing is listed at $780,000. If you’re renting, expect to pay an average of $3,200, depending on the location.

The Golden State is a popular destination for those moving out of Florida

Leaving Florida behind and transferring all the way to the opposite coast is a popular choice for those moving. About 5% of Florida outbound moves to a different state are in fact to California. With its sunny weather all year round, The Golden State wouldn’t feel a whole world away from home either. What makes moving from Miami to California one of the most favorite relocation choices is the booming job market of The Golden State. Further, here is the basic data of what to expect as a Florida transplant in California:

  • Cost of living: The average monthly costs of living per individual in the Golden State are estimated at $1,100 without rent. This is 105% higher than the US national average.
  • Average salary: Leaving Florida and moving interstate to California means that you should expect an average pay of $5,200 per month. The lower 25th percentile is $4,000, while top-paying jobs will secure you $7,000 and above.
  • Housing prices: Purchasing a home in the Golden State will cost you $722,000 on average. Monthly rents are at about $1,500, again, depending on the exact location.
Los Angeles, CA
California with its booming economy and fantastic weather is a favorite destination among Florida transplants

Georgia is the state of choice for many who are leaving Florida and moving interstate

And last but certainly not least, on our list of most popular destinations for Florida transplants is The Peach State. While the Sunny State has been a popular retirement spot over the years, Georgia is slowly taking up its place. Fantastic weather, southern hospitality, and a relaxing atmosphere are among some of the major attractive factors that Georgia offers. But, what gives it an edge over Florida is the affordability it offers. Purchasing a home in the Sunny State, or in New York or California is an impossible dream for many. However, leaving Florida and moving to the state of Georgia may actually offer you the opportunity to bring your homeowners’ dream to life. Reportedly, 10% of Floridians who move put their roots in The Peach State. The following data may in part answer why is it so:

  • Cost of living: As a single individual, you’ll need about $1,000 per month without rent to live comfortably in Georgia. This is about 5% lower than the US average.
  • Average salary: The 75th percentile for individual monthly income in Georgia is $5,100.
  • Housing prices: In the Peach State the rents are 12% lower than the national average. Here it’s possible to purchase your own home for as little as $150,000. Monthly rents are less than $1000 on average. They are the highest in Atlanta, where you should expect to pay around $1,700 per month.

In summary, these are the most popular destinations among those leaving Florida and moving interstate. So, benefit from the info above, and take your lead to make an informed decision if you’re planning to move out of state. And, of course, coordinate your moving project with the most dependable interstate movers in Florida, to enjoy a happy and memorable transfer.

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