How to move a bar long-distance

The relocation of a business is a good sign. Not only do you get a whole lot of business opportunities, but also a chance for a fresh start. However, keep in mind that relocations are often logistically challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, to move a bar long-distance, you have to come up with a solid plan and find a professional moving team. At City Movers, you will find only high-quality service offer and help from well-trained movers. Even long-distance relocations become fun endeavors when you have us at your disposal. We operate as one of the top-level moving and storage Boca Raton companies, so wait no more and book a free estimate today!

Moving a bar long-distance takes time to organize

Long-distance journeys such as moving to Chicago from Florida will consume the majority of your schedule.  The good news is – it’s possible to effortlessly relocate your bar if you stick to your moving schedule. There are so many tasks to be done, therefore you must be on time.

a woman planning to move a bar long-distance
Make a plan before you move a bar long-distance.

First, make a list of upcoming duties that await you:

  • Moving budget
  • Hiring movers  
  • Additional services (storage, professional packing help)
  • Relocation supplies
  • Decluttering
  • Packing for the move

The list will give you a clear idea of how your long-distance bar relocation should look like. When you know what to do, you won’t have any further issues. Also, keep in mind there are various special moving services on the market. Therefore, take time to write down instruments or music equipment you have in your bar. Next, research piano movers Boca Raton has on offer. Piano movers go the extra mile to additionally secure bulky instruments before storage and relocation.

Organize your moving expenses and hire professional movers in advance

A capable team of movers is necessary for a decent relocation journey. Moving is already exhausting and the last you need is additional stress. On the other hand, searching for the moving company can take time. So try not to rush the search process and instead do a background check on movers that seem appealing. Also, you shouldn’t ignore the reviews left on the company’s website and various other forums and platforms. Testimonials often tell a lot more about the company you want to hire. In addition, don’t hesitate to contact company representatives and ask them anything you want to know. Their duty is to remove any doubts and be transparent about services, additional fees, and etc. On the other hand, any company that seems suspicious isn’t worth your time and coin. Usually, fraudulent schemes don’t have the license and don’t offer free estimation.

a woman working on her laptop
Take time to plan a budget and the rest of the move.

Many professional moving companies offer consultations regarding the moving budget. If this is your first time moving, it’s better to discuss the budget with professionals. They will give you a clear idea of your approximate moving expenses. However, keep in mind the total relocation cost may go up a bit, depending on additional services.

Moving a bar long-distance will require storage rental and packing help

Depending on the size of your bar, rent a suitable indoor storage unit. Make sure it’s spacious enough for a pub inventory. All items will wait there for an extended period of time. In addition, you never know if possible delays might occur. So make sure to communicate with your storage provider and ask whether it’s possible to prolong the lease if necessary.

Storage units don’t have to be astronomically expensive. Luckily, it’s possible to find a multitude of quality yet affordable storage units on the market. Modern indoor units are not just climate-controlled but sanitized as well. For these reasons, it’s possible to keep the items stored until you decide to move them out. However, don’t forget to make sure the company that provides storage services is legit and verifies. Request to see the units yourself before you make a final decision.

Make sure to pack smart

Get rid of clutter and garbage first. After that, begin with the packing process. The best way to complete the packing properly is to start with smaller items. Collect the ornaments, cups, glasses and etc. Add extra padding inside the boxes with a clean cloth, packing paper, and sponges. Next, wrap each item with packing paper and place it carefully inside the box. Seal the boxes cross-wise up to several times for extra protection. Don’t forget personal documents and important paperwork. Use waterproof zipper cases to protect the documents from damage. Keep them with you at all times and avoid keeping them in storage,

a bunch of moving boxes
Pack each item properly.

Leave chairs and heavier furniture pieces to the movers. Professional packing services truly come in handy when moving long-distance. Not only the service ends up cost-effective, but you also save the money you would otherwise invest in additional repairs. That’s why professional packers are there to complete the work for you quickly and efficiently. Packing isn’t as simple as it seems. Each item has a perfect packing method that professionals know very well. For these reasons, it’s not a surprise that any long-distance move goes faster. What normally takes a week to pack, pro packers can complete it within a couple of days.

Let your customers know about the upcoming changes before the long-distance bar relocation

Keep in mind that your business will be on hold for the duration of the move. Therefore, announce the upcoming relocation on social media and/or the official website. Your faithful customers deserve to know about the new location. Try not to worry whether your business will be equally successful after you move a bar long-distance. Downtime is a normal stage of any business expansion and doesn’t necessarily mean business stagnation. Furthermore, relocation is usually the start of a new chapter. So have faith that your bar will slowly build a fresh new reputation and attract some new people. In the meantime, enjoy your moving journey!

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