Best places to buy a commercial space in Miami

Miami is one of the most famous cities in the USA. It is a beautiful coastal city in Florida and the second-largest city in Florida. Symbols of Miami are beautiful beaches, wild nightlife, clear sea, and blue sky. Miami is a known tourist destination, most commonly for younger travelers. However, its beauty also steals the hearts of older visitors. Other than tourism, Miami is famous for its business side. The headquarters of many companies such as Ups, Burger King, Motorola, and American Airlines are in the city of Miami. If you plan on buying a commercial space in this city, City Movers shows you the best places to buy a commercial space in Miami!

 Where to buy a commercial space in Miami?

Big cities are great for both big and small businesses. Every big city consists of different parts. Many parts of Miami are perfect for business owners. Before hiring commercial movers Miami, you should choose where to move. The location which will suit you the most depends on what kind of business you have. It might be the fashion industry, a gallery, or you might want to open a restaurant. However, the best commercial options in Miami for any type of business are:

  • Greater Downtown Miami
  • Brickell
  • Allapattah
  • Wynwood
A restaurant/ commercial space
There are more than 1000 companies whose headquarters are in Miami.

The Greater Downtown Miami

If you are buying a commercial space, Downtown Miami is the perfect option. It is the largest and most developed part of Miami- it is also the heart of Miami’s economy. It consists of many different districts, from Central Business District and Brickell to Art and Entertainment District. Downtown Miami has about 65 000 residents. However, that number will reach 90 000 residents in 2022. Most of the residents are Hispanic, White, and Black Americans. This district connects to other parts of Miami by bus and rail. Retail, food and accommodation, tourism, trade, transportation, and utilities are the most developed industries. 

Greater Downtown Miami has its website and program called “Miami DDA Small Business Support”. It supports small business owners and soon-to-be owners by giving professional economic and marketing advice. Its website also shows a map of all businesses, from shops to restaurants and shopping centers. It also shows the reviews, which helps owner promote their business. Costs of living in this area are a bit higher than average ones. However, unemployment is only 4%, which is way lower than the rest of the USA. Crime rates are also a bit higher, but they have lowered by about 20% in the last few years due to the economic boom. Therefore, if you want to relocate here, the best option is to hire Downtown Miami movers, one of the most reliable companies.

Brickell is one of the best places to buy a commercial space

The Brickell is a part of Greater Downtown Miami. Brickell was a financial district, but in the last years has become a residential neighborhood as well. Its most famous for Brickell Avenue, an area full of expensive apartments and skyscrapers. This neighborhood consists of 3 parts- South and West Brickell and the financial district. Brickell has about 35 000 residents, and they are mostly Hispanics and White Americans. It’s a relatively safe city, with a low crime rate. The unemployment is around 4,5 %, which is lower than USA’s average rate.

About 25% of its residents are self-employed, and about 65% work for private companies. That is great information for those who plan on being self-employed or are already self-employed. Retail, food and accommodation, transportation, and utilities are the most developed parts of its economy. Therefore, Brickell is one of the best spots to buy commercial space in Miami.

A van toy on sand
There are many spots to buy a commercial space in Miami.

Wynwood is for those with a tight budget

Wynwood is another Miami neighborhood. It is a smallish neighborhood with about 6000 or 7000 residents but is very famous due to its many districts. This neighborhood has been developing since the 2000s and is still developing. Wynwood has Fashion, Art, and Technology districtArt and Fashion districts are interesting to tourists. The fashion district consists of many retailers and distributors. The technology district is the fastest expanding district and has many technology-oriented companies. About 10% of residents are self-employed, and the rest work for private companies.

The unemployment rate is about 7%, and living costs are a bit pricier than in the rest of Miami. However, housing prices are average, which is perfect for those who work from home, or plan on becoming self-employed. If your business is technology-related, hiring top moving companies in Miami and relocating is the best business option. A good transportation system connects Wynwood with other parts of Miami.

The Allapthah

The Allapthah is a middle-sized neighborhood founded in 1856. It has circa 45 000 residents and is part of Miami and Metropolitan Miami. Most of the residents are Latin, White, and Black Americans. This neighborhood is known for its textile industry. However, it is also known for the trade industry, ranging from clothing manufacturers to auto repair, carpentry, etc. The unemployment rate is about 6%. However, housing and living expenses cost way less than in other parts of Miami.

Allapattah has a low rate of self-employed residents, only about 14%. About 70 % work in private companies. Even though Allapthah has some cons, it is a good commercial place, especially if your budget is tight or if you are looking for cheaper options in Miami. This neighborhood connects to others via bus and rail. Therefore it is close to potential clients. If you opt for this part of Miami, Liberty City movers will help you relocate in no time!

An engineer working
Wynwood is famous for its Technology district.

To sum it up, there are many places to buy a commercial space in Miami. If your business is already established and you don’t have a tight budget, we recommend Greater Downtown Miami and Brickell. However, if your business is new and has a very tight budget, the best locations in Miami are Wynwood and Allapthah. Whichever option you choose, we wish you good luck!

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