Best nightlife in Florida

After a long time, you got a new job. Well done, great news! But why are you so concerned about that? Well, a job opportunity means that you will have to move to Florida. It does not matter if you are a student, young professional or couple with or without kids, we will help you. Since you have never been to Florida, you are a little bit afraid about this decision. But the good news is that you are invited to a birthday or wedding day ceremony in Miami next month. Great, this is a perfect way to explore this city and try to imagine your life there. On the other side, you must hear about not only advantages but also disadvantages of life in Florida. We are here to help you discover the pros and cons, the best nightlife in Florida and proven ways to move there.

Discover the best nightlife in Florida

Is moving to Florida a good choice? Well, every year, the famous Sunshine State attracts thousands of newcomers to its sandy shores. Obviously, it is not hard to see why that is. But the Sunshine State is not only made of pristine beaches and a long roster of theme parks. From the lack of state income taxes to the sunny weather, there are plenty of reasons why you should move to Florida.

You must be so excited about exploring the best nightlife in Florida.

Its diverse population, delicious food, and many theme parks and attractions also make it a particularly interesting place to visit and live. The Sunshine State is well known for its bustling nightlife scene. You will discover the best nightlife in Florida in cities like Miami Beach, Key West, Orlando, and many more. So you will look for the best movers in Florida and pack your bags very soon you will have a lot to look forward to.

Reasons to consider moving to Sunshine State besides the best nightlife in Florida

Are you wondering why so many people are moving to Florida? The right answer is for the weather! Well, the majority of the year is sunny and warm. Is there anything better than the fact that Florida offers newcomers exceptionally warm and sunny weather? Perhaps, those could be taxes. That is right, there’s no state income tax in Florida. While the majority of the United States requires residents to pay state income taxes, things here are different because the State of Florida does not.

Best nightlife in Florida
You will fall in love with Universal CityWalk in Orlando

Luckily, the lack of income tax allows its residents to save more of their hard-earned money for fun activities, vacations, and belongings. In case you are looking to save more money on a monthly basis, contact our movers in Fort Lauderdale and start preparing for the move. Once you request a moving quote from our team you will be pleasantly surprised when you get the answer.

Other essential reasons for moving to Florida

Florida beaches are fantastic. Moreover, the Sunshine State residents have access to some of the world’s best and most beautiful beaches right outside their doors. When it comes to the cultural diversity of Florida, there is no other state like the Sunshine State. Here you will find people from all around the globe. Unquestionably, the state’s diversity is one of the reasons why Florida is such an interesting place to live. Besides, locals used to receive discounts to a number of attractions.  There are many great ways to spend family time here, too. And of course, if you live in Florida, you will never have to travel for vacation again.

Soon you will call Florida home

As you can notice, the is just too many advantages of living in Florida. There are so many suitable cities in Florida for job seekers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the reasons why so many people want to live here. Of course, one of them is an amazing nightlife in the Sunshine State. Not only will we reveal some details about Florida’s best nightlife but also we have prepared the list of cities and clubs you can’t miss. 

Explore the bustling nightlife in Florida

Whatever brings you to explore Florida’s nightlife, you will enjoy it. But be sure to book reliable and efficient group transportation for your evening. What about multiple rideshare services and figuring out a way to effectively split the transit bill between a dozen or more people? The solution is a private minibus. With a private minibus, you can easily fit up to 25 passengers on board for your night out on the town. There is no better solution than having a personal minibus from Florida Charter Bus Company all night. A professional driver to man your charter bus all night! You could visit offbeat bars in one of Florida’s major cities. Otherwise, you could even make a dedicated trip to seeking out the state’s strangest hotspots. No matter if you are a club-life or adventure lover, Florida has it all.

Get ready for unforgettable nightlife in Florida

Some of the places in Florida you shouldn’t miss

  1. Drunken Dragon and Foxhole, Miami Beach
  2. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar
  3. Gaspar’s Grotto
  4. ICEBAR Orlando
  5. The Core in Jacksonville
  6. Church Street, Wall Street Plaza and Universal CityWalk in Orlando
  7. Seville Quarter in Pensacola
  8. Downtown St. Petersburg
  9. Bold New Venue for Dalí 

South Florida – Miami, Miami Beach, The Keys

This area has plenty of nightlife including its fair share of unique bars and lounges. The most amazing nightlife wait for you right here. One of the places you should visit is Basement Miami. This Miami Beach club is located in the Miami Beach Edition hotel and possesses some pretty interesting features.  Although the club is relatively small compared to other sprawling spaces, it includes entertainment options like an indoor bowling alley and an ice-skating arena.

Another place where you can taste the feel of the best nightlife in Florida is 1-800-Lucky. This amazing place is primarily an Asian food hall sprawling across 10,000 square feet, but this is not the end of the story. 1-800-Lucky has seven eateries, two full bars, a karaoke room, an expansive patio, and an attached record store. Great for groups of all ages, here you can catch live music and local DJs on the patio. Or you even could reserve the karaoke room for your own private party. The best nightlife in Florida waiting for you.

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