Which place is better for renters – North Palm Beach or Wellington

One of the biggest life questions is where are the best places to live in. This is a question we all will face at one point in our lives. But not all of us are so fortunate to own our own house. So now the problem arises where is the best place to live on rent. In this short article, we will go through some facts and compare North Palm Beach and Wellington. And give an honest opinion on which place is better for renters. Don’t forget that renting out a place is one thing but to rent you will first need to get there. That is why you should consider a  move to Miami.

Pros and cons of living as a renter in North Palm Beach or Wellington

When it comes down to it the biggest factor in choosing where to live is your personal preference. No one is going to live in a place he does not like. The year 2022 has a shocking influence on the economy and this shows in every aspect of life. It also had a drastic impact on rental prices everywhere.

Cost of living in North Palm Beach vs Wellington

Let’s get the biggest point out of the way first. North Palm Beach is a suburb of Miami that is notoriously known for its overly expensive living cost. A living cost that is 13% higher than the national average. And this living cost reflects in everything. Around 75% of the population in North Palm own their homes and 25% rent out their living space. The average home price reaches $550,000 which is one of the highest in the US. The average cost of a bedroom apartment goes up to $3,200. Whit an average flat size of  1700 square feet This is also reflected in the increased cost of the best moving companies in Florida.

Wellington is not in much better shape when it comes to renting with an annual rent increase of 8.2%. Its average home price is around $631,000, which is quite a hefty price increase when compared to North Palm Beach. But contrary to belief just because housing prices are more expensive this does not reflect the same when it comes to rental costs. It averages at $2500 which is a good chunk less expensive than North Palm Beach. This also makes most movers Wellington more expensive.

Aerial View of Green Trees Near Body of Water in North Palm Beach or Wellington
North Palm Beach has arguably more beautiful beaches than Wellington

Werther in North Palm Beach VS Wellington

The average summer temperature in Miami is a blistering 90°F. That coupled with an average of 248 sunny days per year makes this city a center of activity. It is perfect for extroverted people that enjoy communication and the company of others. And during the wither months the temperature drops to an average of 60°F.

Because Wellington is only 30 miles further inland than North Palm Beach there is not a big temperature difference. The only true difference between these two places is that Wellington has on average less humidity.

City Skyline Near Body of Water during Night Time
Wellington has some amazing nightlife and cuisine options

In conclusion what city is better to live in?

North Palm Beach is a suburb of Miami that is a big and fast-growing place and so is Wellington. When it comes down to it, both suburbs are very similar in scale and livability. Both have their pros and cons. It is up to the personality of the individual to decide which place is better suited for them if money is not a problem. But if you are on a tight budget and you have to pick to rent out a place the clear better option is Wellington. No matter where you decide to live most moving companies in North Palm Beach can help you get settled in.

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