Weapons transport guidelines and obstacles

When you want to ship weapons it can be difficult due to the many laws regarding this. There are different laws in different states and all of them have specific laws about weapons transport. You need to do your research about all the local rules and regulations anywhere you want to ship your weapons, especially if you want to do so internationally. This is the reason why we have created an article to tell you everything about transporting your weapons. We will not go in-depth about the laws of specific states but focus more on some general guidelines and possible obstacles. You should also keep in mind that most Florida movers don’t move guns or explosives; if you want professional help, you’ll need to find a specialist moving company.

What do you need to know about weapons transport?

Transporting your weapons is a tricky matter. Different laws in different states dictate what you can do and what you cannot if you are in this trade. Even many local moving companies Florida will refuse to move your weapons. So make sure you hire a company that actually can and will move weapons. Make sure to read the laws of the states your shipment is going to pass through, and know if there may be some obstacles.

Gun and ammo prepared for weapons transport.
Before you jump into transporting weapons, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Federal law does not prohibit the shipment of weapons. However, there are some guidelines. If you are a convicted felon or are going through the trial process, you will not be able to transport your weapons. It is the same for illegal immigrants, dishonorably discharged war veterans, drug users, the “mentally defective”, and people accused of domestic abuse. In all other cases, you will be able to transport your weapons if the state laws permit you.

State laws

Federal law is not the one that typically causes issues – state laws are the tricky ones. There may be some states on your journey that do not permit the transportation of weapons. That is why it is vital to do your research before doing so. Researching will help you learn what states allow you to ship your weapons. If you want to ship a package with guns, whether they are assembled or disassembled, you may be prosecuted depending on the state. Another factor to consider is the cost. The price of weapon transportation may be high even if you know that you can do so in your state. 

A map of the US with pins.
Research state and local laws to avoid issues.

This may lure you to go and find some shady ways to do weapons transport. This is highly illegal and may lead you to have trouble with the law. Do not attempt to hide your weapons in any way and try to trick law enforcement. The charges you may face will be a lot more expensive than the higher price a good moving company Miami that offers special services may request. 

Some guidelines for weapons transport

Whether you want to ship by land, air, or sea, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Even the long distance companies FL that transport weapons will refuse to move your shipment if you do not comply with the law. It is also the same case with air freight and land freight companies. So we will now go through some guidelines you need to follow.

Who makes the rules?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is dedicated to delivering the laws regarding weapons transport. Read their guidelines and follow them for an optimal weapons shipping process.

Transporting weapons guidelines

If you want to transport your weapons on a commercial flight or cruise, you need to tell that to the travel agency. Then, you will have to put it in your luggage, or inside the luggage. Under no circumstances should you pack your weapons inside your carry-on baggage. This also includes disassembled weapons or weapon parts. Weapon parts are the barrels, magazines, frames, or any other smaller part of a gun.

If you are a gun owner, you probably use some of your travel bags to transport weapons to the shooting range. When you later use those for traveling, you should double-check all of your bags just in case. There have been reported cases of people creating delays at checkpoints just because they forgot to double-check their bags and brought weapons where they shouldn’t have. If the security officers find a weapon part inside your bag, this may lead to fines and other civic or criminal charges. 

Unloaded gun.
Unload your weapon and pack it in its dedicated case for transportation.

Your weapon also needs to be in a hard-sided container. There are many ways to buy a container for your gun, but visiting your local gun store is probably the best one. So, do not use wooden crates for shipping your guns. Shipping companies and travel agencies will refuse to transport them this way. You also need to be the only person that has the key or combination for the said hard-sided container. In addition, your firearms need to be unloaded.

Keep track of announcements

There may be random check-ups and inspections during your trip. That is why you need to keep track of announcements regarding your shipment. You will then have to open the container where your weapon is and let them do their inspection. You should also prepare your license always and be ready to prove you’re following the rules. Pay attention to each step in the instructions on how to handle your guns when transporting them.

Prepare well to transport your weapons and it’ll go off without a hitch

When it comes to weapons transport, either interstate or internationally, you need to know as much as possible about the rules of all the states your weapons are passing through. If you follow those rules, there will be no issues. But make sure you’ve researched the regulations thoroughly to avoid problems.

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