Using storage during military deployment

When we talk about military life, we always think of relocation. It can be both moving nearby and relocating overseas. Either way, you are always on the move. That means regularly hiring Florida movers to move your home, leaving your friends or family, changing the environment – everything can change so quickly and so often. Therefore, you have a lot of things to think about and plan. But using storage during military deployment can actually help lift some of that mental burden because storage can help you save space, time, and energy.

Why is using storage during military deployment a good idea?

There are many benefits to using storage during military deployment. Here are some of the most important and also the most common reasons why military families choose to take storage in those times:

You can protect your documents

If you move often, there are a lot of important documents that you need to keep track of. The best way to make sure you don’t lose them while you are on deployment is by using storage FL. You will know that your documents will be protected from damage, loss, and weather conditions.

Passport and plane tickets.
You never know when you might need your passport for an overseas deployment so keep your important documents safe.

Your car will be safe

While you’re away, maybe for a couple of months, your car can’t be simply left on a driveway. It will not be protected from weather conditions and thieves. Move it instead into a vehicle storage unit and you will be sure to find it safe and sound when you come back.

You won’t worry

When you are away serving your country, you really don’t need any more stress related to your household items. That’s why using storage during military deployment is a great idea – all your furniture, computers, TVs. hobby equipment, etc. will be safe and waiting for you to come back. In this case, be sure to take a climate-controlled storage unit, so your electronics are protected from heat and humidity.

What to look for when using storage during military deployment

When looking for a good Miami moving company to rent storage from, it is important to take a couple of things into consideration. With these tips, you will choose the perfect storage unit and never pay more than you actually need.

  • Size – Of course, you need to think about how much space you really need. First of all, think about the things you will store. You can even make a list. Then, decide if you need a smaller unit or a bigger one. Of course, storage units Miami come in different sizes, so be sure to contact your storage company to help you with your decision. Just remember it is important not to take a unit way too small because your items can easily get damaged. Of course, renting a big unit you don’t really need can be a waste of your money.
  • Insurance – Your items need to be insured while stored in a unit. You can find yourself an insurance plan or take one at the storage company.
  • Climate control – If you are wondering whether to take a climate-controlled storage unit, think about the belongings you are about to store. If you need a space that will control the temperature inside each unit and therefore protect your items from heat/cold/humidity. This is especially important for electronics and documents. However, if your items don’t require such a treatment, you don’t need to take a unit like that.
A door to a unit some is using as storage during military deployment
Choosing the right storage unit is key to using storage during military deployment safely.

Tips for using storage during military deployment


When you have a military life, moving is a common thing for your family. That’s why you need to keep only the things you really need. However, if you accumulated unnecessary items over the years, moving is the perfect chance to declutter your home. This way you will have fewer items to pack, but also reduce the moving and storage costs.

Make an inventory list

When using storage during deployment, it can mean that your items will be stored there for quite a while. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you left inside. It is very useful to make an inventory list and know what is where in your storage unit.

Labeling is important

It is crucial to label all the boxes you store in the unit. Write what’s inside each box and mark if a box contains fragile items. This way it will be easier for you to pack your boxes without risk of damage. Furthermore, it will be much easier to find an item after a long time, as you forget what you packed in each box. And if you end up with back-to-back assignments, you can easily decide which boxes, if any, to take with you on your next deployment when you know what’s in them.

Keep your valuables safe

Items that mean a lot to you need to be protected properly. Consider placing significant or valuable items in smaller, sturdier boxes, which are a safer option. Furthermore, important documents like birth certificates, tax returns, etc. should be placed in special files or a filing cabinet.

Woman in uniform hugging a little girl.
Whether your valuables are expensive gadgets or things that remind you of your family, you need to keep them safe during your deployment.

Protect your clothes

If you plan on storing clothes in your unit, be sure to protect them from moisture or bugs. Keep them in plastic bins for short-term storage or get special clothing bags for long-term storage.

Using storage during military deployment for electronics

If you enjoy playing games and having fun with your family, you probably possess valuable pieces of electronics such as video games, monitors, computers, etc. That’s why you should consider hiring a moving company that provides climate-controlled units, so your electronics are safe inside.

Lift your boxes from the ground

It is very unsafe to leave your furniture and cardboard boxes on the ground. You never know if melted ice can come under the door, or some water leakage happens nearby. The best way to keep your items off the ground is by using pallets. They are quite a cheap and simple way of precaution that is absolutely essential when using storage during military deployment. But be careful how you lift boxes, especially heavy ones. After all, you don’t want any injuries to occur right before you ship out.

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