The timeline of your move from Miami Lakes to Dania, FL

Getting ready for a relocation requires a lot of work. If you want to be well organized and for your relocation to go smoothly, you need to make a simple checklist and plan a timeline. Having a timeline of your move from Miami Lakes to Dania will definitely make your relocation easier. To avoid being late or even forgetting something to be done creating this type of help is a great solution. Another thing that will get a great solution to make your relocation smoothly is to have great and professional help. And according to the statistics, there is no better help than hiring City Movers.

Why should you think about moving from Miami Lakes to Dania?

Even though Miami Lakes has so much to offer, moving to Dania will bring you so much more. The job opportunities are pretty much the same and you will not be at a great loss when moving. Although Miami Lakes has a better educational system and post-school activities, you will find some amusing places in Dania that will fill this gap. For instance, Miami Lakes has plenty of businesses and restaurants, but they are not so famous for their quality. Dania, on the other side, has one of the most gorgeous beaches ever. Dania Beach is one of few that can offer you dining directly on the water. There is no better experience that having fun with your loved ones, dining, and dancing in the water. If this is enough for you to plan your move to Dania, hire movers Miami Lakes has on offer as soon as possible and arrange your relocation.

view of the lake
Both places have some of the best outdoor activities

Timeline of your move from Miami Lakes to Dania, FL

As we said, moving requires a lot of work. That is why in order to manage everything and be on time and prepared when residential movers Florida come to load their moving trucks, you should create a timeline. And starting early is one of the most valuable pieces of advice.

Starting three months before the move is perfect timing

Before you even plan on packing and getting everything ready for the relocation, it is important that you have hired help for the relocation. It does not matter whether you are moving long-distance or locally. The best thing to do is to hire professionals that will take good care of your items. Finding a reputable and reliable moving company has never been easier. Look for the license, insurance, and some of the best references. Like the movers Dania Beach FL has.

Start decluttering

Give yourself some time to declutter your home. There are just too many items that you are not even aware of having around. If you think that there is some stuff that is in good shape and good to be sold, organize a garage sale or even donate some items. If you organize a garage sale, you will even earn some extra cash and you can pay for some services that you have not planned on hiring. This is also the perfect chance for you to create a moving budget. After getting a free moving estimate, you can have a more vivid picture of how much the move will cost you.

Two months before your move from Miami Lakes to Dania

After you have done one of the most difficult jobs, decluttering, you are ready to get rid of some items that you are not in need of anymore. The best solution for items like this is to donate them. Find some donation centers near you and find out the ways you can donate and give away your stuff to someone in need. Being there for others is something that can make you feel better and satisfied. Take your time to divide piles of clothes, toys, and other stuff that you have prepared to donate, and even find more places to donate. Doing this will also make you relax a little bit before the next tasks that need to be done before the moving day.

donate sign
Donate stuff you do not need before your move from Miami Lakes to Dania

One month before moving

This is the perfect time for you to inform everyone that you are about to relocate. Be aware of the fact that this does not include family and friends only. You are supposed to inform your bank, notify utilities, your insurance provider, etc. Give them your new address.

Even if it is not still time to pack for moving, you should start preparing and collecting the boxes. Everyone who has experienced moving before knows, if you are not getting help from a professional, that it is quite hard to collect as many boxes as you need.

One of the tasks that you should do one month before your move from Miami Lakes to Dania and that is not stressful is actually choosing the furniture. If you are moving to a bigger home or you just need more furniture than you already have, it is time for you to search for the new one. This can be also one of the relaxing things you can be doing while getting ready for packing.

Three weeks before your move from Miami Lakes to Dania

This is a perfect time for you to start packing. Some of the best tips you can get are:

  1. Pack room by room. Start with the room that you do not use often and pack the things inside.
  2. Labeling the boxes is crucial. Make sure that every box that contains something breakable is labeled.
  3. Search for the specialized moving boxes that you will use for the mirrors or items like that.

One week before the relocation

It is time for you to start cleaning your home in Miami Lakes. Not just to be considered for the new residents. It will also help you see if there is anything left behind. If you think that you can not manage to get it all done, hire some cleaning services that will help you out. During the cleaning, you should also pack the essentials bag that you will bring along with you.

cleaning home before your move from Miami Lakes to Dania
Hire cleaning services on a day before the move

Moving day will come sooner than you think. Getting everything ready for that day is going to make you happy and satisfied. You can start enjoying and be excited when you enter your new home.

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